New Nikon Z6III specs

The Nikon Z6III could be announced as early as next week. And here is the latest rumored spec list:

  • The Nikon ℤ6 III is expected to be the best camera in its category
  • Nikon model N2214
  • New 24.5 MP BSI sensor specialized for low light and high dynamic range
  • New processing engine (EXPEED 7?)
  • 6k size 6048 x 4032 full-frame 12-bit NRAW
  • 4k60 full ProRes RAW
  • Full HD movie at 240fps (8-bit crop)
  • New higher resolution EVF: 5.76m dot
  • Improved vari-angle LCD screen
  • 14 fps mechanical, 20 fps electronic shooting (RAW, 14 bit)
  • 120fps stills jpeg
  • 37-120min record time
  • 1/16000 shutter speed
  • Mechanical & electronic shutter
  • 293/297 AF points
  • Updated focus algorithm (better than ℤ8/ℤ9?)
  • Near 100% AF coverage of the frame
  • 7 or 8-stop VR (same system as the Nikon ℤf)
  • Pixel-shift (previously reported here)
  • CFexpress+SD memory cards
  • PSAM Dial
  • Hybrid body design between the ℤ6 and ℤ8 (bigger than the current ℤ6/7 but smaller than the ℤ8) – see this post
  • The playback button is in the same place as ℤ8 (bottom right), as opposed to ℤ6II, which is on the top left side of the camera
  • Camera body size and overall dimension are similar to the Nikon ℤ6II: 3-5mm longer width becuase of the LCD hinge and a few mm thicker
  • The overall height (bottom to the EVF) remains the same but the actual camera is 2-3mm taller
  • The grip button layouts and design look similar to the Nikon ℤ8 apart from the command dial which is the same as the ℤ6II
  • All other button layouts are the same as the ℤ6II
  • The ℤ6III logo is on the top, just like on the ℤ8/ℤ9
  • ℤ logo in the front is also like the ℤ8 but below the current ℤ6II focus sensor
  • The ℤ6III body overall is about 30-40g heavier than the Z6II
  • The ℤ6III body inherits the design from the ℤ8 – this is why a few months ago I reported it as a mini-ℤ8 (the Nikon ℤ6III is a mini ℤ8, the Nikon ℤ8 was a mini ℤ9)
  • USB-C 3.0 (SuperSpeed)
  • HDMI A version 2.1 (full-size HDMI)
  • WiFi 2.4/5 GHz, Bluetooth LE Connect support
  • Better ergonomics compared to the ℤ6
  • New cooling design
  • Weight: 700-750g
  • Battery EN-EL15
  • Nikon MB-N14 battery pack
  • Several new features not seen in other Nikon cameras, including online firmware updates
  • Price: around €3,000 in Europe (less in the US)
  • Official announcement: next week (June 10-12 )
  • Shipping is expected to start in mid-July.
  • The current Nikon ℤ6II will be in production until the end of the year (heavily discounted)
  • A new version of Nikon NX Studio with support for the ℤ6 III is expected to be released soon
  • The new ℤ6III will be available as a body only or in a kit with the 24-70mm f/4, 24-120mm f/4, and a third unknown lens

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LEAKED GH7 specs and images: 25MP, 4k120p, C2C, ProRes internal RAW…

Today at 10pm London time Panasonic will announce the new Lumix GH7. This is the updated Panasonic Lumix GH7 spec list:

  • 25.2MP sames (seems to be the same Lumix G9II sensor)
  • Phase detection AF
  • 4k 120/100p 5.8k 30/25p Open gate
  • Internal ProResRAW
  • C2C (Instantly connect production with post-production over the cloud)
  • Lumix LAB app support
  • New XLR unit will be announced along the GH7. It has 32bit float recording
  • in Stock in July
  • $2200 launch price for the GH7

Here are the preorder links for the GH7 that will go online soon:
GH7 at Amazon, Bhphoto, Adorama, FotoErhardt, Calumet, WexUk.

Panasonic officially teases a product launch for June 5. We are getting the Lumix GH7!

Panasonic posted a teaser video for a new product launch on June 5. I am pretty sure we will get the new Lumix GH7.

This is the updates Panasonic Lumix GH7 spec list:

  • Most features of the Lumix G9II – >I guess this means same 25Mp G9II sensor?
  • Phase detection AF
  • Prores internal Raw recording
  • New XLR unit will be announced along the GH7. It has 32bit float recording
  • has large fan
  • Lumix LAB app support
  • in Stock in July
  • $2200 launch price for the GH7

Good to hear that Panasonic is keeping their MFT commitment alive and kicking with this new high end camera!

Sigma announced thew world’s first f/1.8 autofocus Full Frame zoom lens

Never before has there been an f/1.8 autofocus full-frame zoom lens. Sigma had the courage to develop such a lens that could become a bestseller in the video community. My compliments!

Sigma 28-45mm f/1.8 preorders links:
In USA at Amazon, Bhphoto, Adorama.
in EU at FotoErhardt, Calumet, WexUK.

Review at Explora. Review at SonyAlphaBlog. French review at Alphadxd. Product page at Sigma. Test by Yuichiro Fujishiro. Test by Jack Redgate.

Youtube reviews:

Mounting evidence speak in favor of a new Panasonic announcement this week!

LA Expo kicks off on June 7

There are many different indications supporting the rumors of a Panasonic camera announcement on June 5:

1) Taz Frase wrote on Threads:

Spoke to a LUMIX rep at NAB and they said Panasonic is announcing something at cine gear aimed at the high end cinematographer and that it would hint at what’s happening with the Varicam line 👀 v interested to see what happens next weekend.

2) 43rumors got two still to be confirmed rumors about a possible new GH7 announcement.

3) Asobinet reports that some Japanese stores now officially marked the Panasonic GH6 as discontinued. this might be one more sign that indeed the GH7 is coming soon?

Recap: There is still no leak or 100% solid evidence, but the odds of a new camera announcement this week are increasing.

Super busy week coming: Sigma, Tamron, Canon and maybe Panasonic announcement!

This is going to be a busy announcement week:

  • On Monday June 3 Sigma will announce the new 28-45mm f/1.8 FF lens
  • On Wednesday June 5 Canon will announce a new CIne camera
  • On Thursday June 6 Tamron will announce a new 50-300mm f/4.5-6.3 E-mount lens

And maybe on June 5 Panasonic will also announce a new NON-FF camera (this one to be confirmed)

The week after Nikon will announce the Z6III while Sony should announce the ZV-E10II sometimes in late June.


Unexpected: One mew new Panasonic camera announcement on June 5?

Now, I surely dind’t expect Panasonic to announce a new camera just weeks after the big Lumix S9 launch. But according to a leaked info this is what we can expect:

  • On 5 June Panasonic will announce a new camera.
  • This camera will NOT be Full Frame

I see three options:

  • It will be a new MFT camera
  • A compact fixed-lens camera (possibly the successor to the LX100).
  • It is an APS-C L-mount (I think this is very unlikely).

What’s your guess?