Leaked images of the new GH5II…GH6 coming too don’t worry!

Nokishita leaked the front image of the upcoming Panasonic GH5II. They write:

Front image of Panasonic “DC-GH5M2”. It is unconfirmed whether it will be announced on the same day as the GH5II, but it seems that the “LUMIX S 50mm F1.8” will be announced within a few weeks

The announcement will take place on May 25. And don’t worry, there is a GH6 development announcement too!

via nokishita

Small hope to get a GH6 and no hope to get a decent APS-C camera from Sony

There is good and some bad rumors today:

  1. 43rumors reports that Panasonic might announce the GH6 development along tomorrows GH5II official launch. If this is true it will bring back some big energy in the MFT system. If it’s not true…well…than it sucks.
  2. SonyAlphaRumors reports that the new APS-C E-mount camera will be vlogger oriented camera and not really a super high end model. Once again Sony shows no real love for APS-C


Olympic postponement accelerated the push towards professional mirrorless sports camera development

DankeiBZ talked to Canon-Nikon-Sony managers. All three companies basically share the same vision:

– Mirrorless cameras can now do everything that high end DSRL cameras were capable of doing
– The Olympic postponement accelerated the push to create mirrorless cameras for sports photographers
– “Nikon will proceed with product development for medium- and high-end models, and plans to release the corresponding super-telephoto lens.

Darren Miles: Does SIZE Matter?!? Sensor Size Shootout! – M43 vs APS-C vs Full Frame vs. Medium Format

Darren write:

I always wanted to compare the same subject at the same field of view on multiple camera systems – well, I finally did it and I’m sharing with you. Does the size of the sensor matter? Or is the right camera in the skilled hands of a creative professional more important? I think you already know the answer, but the image quality results surprised me.