What if…Sony will launch a $999 Sony A5 in Summer?

SAR reports that there might be a chance Sony introducing a new entry level Full Frame camera that competes with the $899 Canon EOS-RP. This camera will cost under $999 and could be named “Sony A5”.

There is no rumored specs, so we don0t know if it looks like an A6xxx or more like an A7 series camera. I would love this camera to have an unexpected and completely new kind of design but I cost savings are the main philosophy at Sony right now and I fear this will not happen :(


Thew selfie mania is continuing: Panasonic says it will announce the new vlogger camera on June 24

To satisfy the ego of all people on youtube telling their stories camera manufacturers will keep launching cameras branded for “vloggers”. Next in line is the Panasonic G100 that will be announced on June 24!

Nokishita writes:

The North American price of the Panasonic “LUMIX DC-G100 12-32mm kit” announced next week seems to be $747.99. The resolution of the sample image (aspect ratio 3:2, original size) is [5184 x 3456]. #rumor

Olympus refuses to give up and will release a new MFT lens soon :)

You stubborn Olympus! You refuse to listen those reputable rumor sites narrating back in autumn that by January-March 2020 you would close the camera division. You should listen to the holy voice of the sacred Internet, the land of the rightful trolls and anonymous salvation army.

Olympus ignores these apocalyptic calls for the end of MFT and yesterday they registered a new MFT lens in Russia (the land of fake news so there might be hope MFT is dead for real?). The new lens is coded “IM022” and will be announced soon. It might be a new 100-400mm MFT but who knows, maybe Olympus will shut down the camera division next week right before the lens gets announced. In Youtubers-Influencers we trust this might be the case.

This sarcastic post is dedicated to all those influencers, youtubers, bloggers making their clickbait living by narrating the death of Olympus during the past five years :)

via Nokishita

Canon EOS-R5 will be announced on July 9

The Canon EOS-R5 will be announced on July 9. And we will finally get the full price info which for now is rumored to be something around $4,000.  Sony will announce their A7sII successor a couple of days earlier. But while the EOS-R5 will definitely record 8K it’s not sure if the Sony will do the same!

Stay tuned…this is going to be an exciting time :)

via CR twitter

Tokina updated their 2020-2021 lens roadmap

Press text via Tokina:

Dear customers. Thank you all for supporting Tokina brand.

On March 6, 2020 in commemoration of the 70th Tokina anniversary we made a development announcement of Tokina new lens line-up 2020 that thankfully attracted great attention of amateur and professional photographers. We received a lot of supportive messages from all around the world that is greatly appreciated.

The development process is constantly changing, so here we would like to update the lens roadmap as below. We are doing our best to introduce our new products to the market as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.