New “old” Sigma lenses for the Sony FE system

Sigma announced a list of new Sony FE lenses. But the big disappointment is that these are actually based on currently existing DSLR lenses. What Sigma did is “glue” a MC-11 adapter on them :)

The only real advantage seems to be that you don’t have to spend extra $$$ on the adapter and that these lenses can do AF-C on Sony cameras. All lenses are now listed at BHphoto with no info on pricing and shipment date.

Brace for impact: Sony will announce a new Alpha camera on Monday!

With Nikon and Canon NOT announcing a Full Frame camera at the CP+ show it will be Sony taking once more the lead: They will announce a new Alpha camera on Monday afternoon in Las Vegas. It’s still a secret what could be announced but we know the choice is between the new A7III and a new A6xxx model.

A major announcement will be made next week by Sigma: They will show their first FE lens prototypes at the CP+ show!