Canon EOS R vs Sony a7 III Review by Tony Northrup


We review the Sony a7 III vs the Canon EOS R. We discuss the design differences, the controls (buttons, dials), card slots (1 vs 2), battery life (and USB charging), native lenses, adapted Canon EF lenses, image quality (including dynamic range and banding), lens and sensor image stabilization, autofocus for stills and video, EYE AF, silent shooting, frames per second, and video quality. Finally I recommend one camera over the other for casual shooters, sports shooters, photographers who own lots of Canon lenses, wedding photographers, vloggers, and videographers.


Panasonic says L-mount alliance formed just a couple of months ago and Olympus didn’t want to be part of it

Well Panasonic manager Yosuke Yamane just spilled out some beans at an interview with Lesnumeriques:

  • Eight years ago Panasonic had the idea to go Full Frame but at the time there were technical and commercial challenges
  • Two years ago they started to look for an alliance around a Full Frame platform. At the beginning of 2018 they approached Leica and Sigma.
  • Why is Olympus not on board with this? Yosuke said “we do not really have the same vision. Our directions are different now, on this format
  • The new AI autofocus system works on the question of “where to focus”. For example we use deep learning to track flying birds or human eyes
  • Panasonic has abandoned the smart phone project and there will be no follow-up of the CM1 (here on Amazon).
  • Panasonic does not think the smart phone market is a threat for MFT

Will Olympus regret this decision???

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The next Zenit M lenses will be the 50mm f/1.0 and 21mm f/2.8 reports that Zenit will release two more M-mount lenses

Zenitar 50mm f/1 (a future lens, hinted at but without any mock-up or prototype being showcased)
Zenitar 21mm f/2.8, a prototype of which was showcased.

They give a few specifications of this Zenitar 21mm f/2.8 :
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Minimum focusing distance: 50cm
  • Available in 2019
  • Price around €800

Thanks Mistral!


Sony spills out some info on the future A7sIII : No 8k, not coming soon, but will go beyond expectations!

Sony Senior Manager Yutaka Iwatsuki just spilled out some bits about the future Sony A7sIII:

1) Mr. Yutaka said that “for time frame, it may require longer than you probably imagine”
2) This long waiting time is necessary because Sony wants to “go beyond the customers expectations”
3) A7sIII will not have 8K recording

Sony also made it clear they want to focus on FF and APS-C and they have no plan to go MF yet.

via Cinema5D