Yes, the Panasonic GH6 is coming….but are those the right specs?

Panasonic has been long quiet on the MFT front. But I think the time is now coming closer when we will finally get some GH6 news. And because of this rumors are starting to heat up.

This Spanish Facebook Group posted a first of rumored specs that might as well end up to be total BS:

Rumors …
Announcement of the arrival of the Lumix GH6 at the end of the year. It was planned to be announced at photokina 2020, but for what we are living these days, CP + 2021 is possibly postponed until the release date. Of the new GH6 it is commented that there will be three models, depending on their orientation. These will be GH6, GH6V and GH6X.
Some specifications would be in the absence of official public confirmation:
– Longer battery life.
– New IBIS stabilization system.
– Sensor, Attention !! Of 41 Mpx. Exactly the Sony IMX594CQR.
– Faster new generation AF system.
– It will record in RAW at 4K, 6K and Panasonic will incorporate depending on the 8K model.
It will most likely be announced in August – September 2020, to be released in early 2021.

Would love for the MFT world to see finally a high resolution sensor on a MFT camera!

The giant is awakening: Sony will have major announcements within 1-2 months!

As reported on SonyAlphaRumors we finally got clear evidence that the Sony empire is now ready to strike back. Today Sony registered a new high end camera with the code “WW271448” (via Nokishita). We know it’s a high end camera because:

1) it has advanced Wifi capabilities and
2) because our sources called us in the middle of the night to share important news that we will post soon :)

In fact, I already know that the surprise will be even bigger than you can imagine. You will read the first rumors starting from next week on SonyAlphaRumors!