What’s coming this October: Leica SL2, Canon M200, Sony A9II, Fuji X-PRO3 and Olympus E-M5III

It’s pretty clear what we should get from companies for the PhotoPlus  show in late October:

Leica SL2 (47MP L-mount camera)
Sony A9II (36MP E-mount camera)
Canon M200 (APS-C camera)
Fuji X-PRO3
Olympus E-M5III

Moreover those camera should start to  be  available for preorder:

Sigma FP
Zeiss ZX1

Of course there is always room for some surprise…


The Sigma FP is already in production and will be released in autumn

Cinema5D interviewed Sigma CEO Yamaki San. Some info:

– The camera is already in production
– The firmware is now  close to the BETA version
– Sigma hopes to ship the camera in autumn
– Sigma hopes third party manufacturers will make a  headphone accessory for the FP
– Sigma FP will not have flat profiles at start. But they may add it with a future firmware update
– There is no plan to make L-mount pancake lenses yet.

via L-rumors.com

Telecentric Lens Design – Did Canon RF and Nikon Z Adopt Similar Approach as Micro Four Thirds?

Robin Wong writes:

This actually refers to telecentric lens design, meaning having the optics designed in a way that the light will hit the sensor more linearly without too much straying off, and this was already adopted by Four Thirds system lens mount in 2003! Yes, Olympus and Panasonic that started the Four Thirds DSLR system, with Olympus releasing their first DSLR Olympus E-1 in 2003 alongside their first fully realized telecentric design lens, Zuiko Digital 14-54mm F2.8-3.5. These technical concerns and approach to optimize lens mount and subsequent optical design have been fully implemented by Olympus and Panasonic’s Four Thirds system 16 years ago. 16!

Leica looks at the bright side of life: Camera sales are stronger than back in the film era :)

Mizuwari interviewed Stefan Daniel from Leica. There is a lot of talk about the M-series but there are also some interesting statements about the status of the market:

“If we look at the market in the long term, the number of devices sold today is higher than the best times for film.”

we are seeing growth, and even, very strong growth in 24 x 36 mm hybrid, and a decline in SLR cameras.

Even if the 24 x 36 mm is the fastest growing segment, I’m not sure it will sign the death of smaller formats such as APS-C and Micro 4/3. Because a 24 x 36 mm autofocus camera, be it SLR or hybrid, will necessarily be larger in terms of optics than a device using a smaller sensor.

Interesting he also talked about some people’s fear that Panasonic would abandon Micro Four Thirds:

I can not speak for Panasonic, of course. I do not know their plans either. But I can tell you that at the level of use, formats smaller than the 24 x 36 mm still have good days in front of them, with very strong assets in terms of size. This is why we also offer CL and TL in APS-C …

Always look at the bright side of live :)

Possible specs of the new Canon EOS-R High 83MP camera

Patent describing the Canon 83MP FF sensor


There is still no reliable info about the new Canon EOS-R High resolution camera. This is a summary of possible specs (to take with a grain of salt):

  • A slightly larger body and grip than the EOS R
  • 80mp full-frame image sensor
  • A “new style” of joystick
  • Larger LCD than the EOS R
  • Larger viewfinder than the EOS R
  • The “viewfinder” can be tilted up and down
  • Dual SD card slots
  • No video specifications are known

via CanonWatch via CR