New Japanese sales rankings show Canon and Sony on top

Above you ssee the May sales rankings from BCN (units sold). Below you see the Mapcamera store ranking (value sold):

1st place: Sony α7 III 
2nd place: Canon IXY 200 
3rd place: Nikon Z 6 
4th place: Sony α6400 
5th place: Fujifilm X-T30 
6th place: Olympus Tough TG-5 
7th place: Sony α7R III 
8th place: Canon EOS R 
9th: Nikon Z 7 
10th: Ricoh GR III

In summary: Interms of units sold the Canon EOS-M has a clear lead. While in terms of value the Sony A7III is the winner.

Photographer bag with lifetime warranty and quick accesss raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter in just on day

The new DUO photographers bag just raised over $250,000 in one day on Kickstarter (Click here to see the project). It has a lifetime warranty and an innovative system for quick access:

With our radical, new InfiniteZip™ system, you get the opening of your choice – which means no more digging for what you need, no matter where it’s located

See how it works on their Kickstarter page!

More Kickstarter projects:

  1. You can now preorder the new Kamlan 50mm f/1.1 lens for $199 on Kickstarter.
  2. New Peak Design superlight tripod on Kickstarter.

Fuji invents new scale to value the different mounts

At the Fujifilm X summit Fujifilm introduced the new term “Value Angle” to value the different mounts. In short: The Greater the value angle, the more precise and easier a lens can send light to the sensor. A wider value angle gives more flexibility for lens design and allows for more light and less digital correction.

It will surprise no one that Sony FE ends up last:

via Profitoto via Fujirumors