Nikon interview at Dpreview: “Our goal is to become number one in the full-frame market”

Dpreview posted the content of their interview with Nikon managers:

1) Nikon said “Our goal is to become number one in the full-frame market. We believe that we can achieve the number one position maybe quite soon”

2) At the moment NIkon is not thinking about making an APS-C Z-mount camera. But they will not rule out the possibility to make such a camera in the future.

3) Smartphone competition: “Maybe smartphones will be be able to produce images that are as good as interchangeable lens cameras. If this happens, it will be a real challenge.”

So Nikon wants to become Number One. Last week Canon forecasted in their financial strategies that they will increase their share in this market. And Sony keeps pushing to become number one too. Who will be the leade in 2020? What’s your guess?

Just for fun: Google Trend comparison between the Canon EOS-R, Nikon Z7 and Sony A7III

This is a Google Trend comparison between the new EOS-R, Z7 and A7III. Of course you have to keep in mind that this isn’t a very accurate tool. People for example also do search for “Nikon Z” or “Canon EOS-R”. But I did compare the terms that were the most used. Maybe the only trend we can learn from this is that there is no clear winner yet…

I repeat, this is not a scientific comparison. Still, interesting to look at!

First great pre Black Friday deals on the Sony A6000 and A7II

Sony did NOT announce any new camera at Photokina and PhotoPlus (and this is weird). But to make up for this they are offering some super deals on current gear:

Sony A7II with 28-70mm FE and ton of free extras for $998 at Adorama, Amazon, BHphoto, FocusCamera and BuyDig.
Sony A6000 with two E-mount lenses and free extras for $598 at FocusCamera, Amazon, Adorama, BuyDig and Bhphoto.

The big news here is that the A7II basically cost less than $500 if you subtract the single value of the lens and extras you get in the superkit. How Sony can still make money with this remains a mystery to me :)