KIPON start to deliver 8 models new Baveyes/focal reducer for new Nikon Z mount &Canon R mount cameras

Press text:

KIPON start to deliver 8 models new 0.7x Baveyes/focal reducer for new Nikon Z mount &Canon R mount cameras, increased Baveyes lineup for using medium format lenses on full frame cameras from 24 to 32 models.

Baveyes Pentax645-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes Pentax67-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes MAMIYA645-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes Hasselblad V-Nikon Z 0.7x

Baveyes Hasselblad V-EOS R 0.7x

Baveyes MAMIYA645-EOS R 0.7x

Baveyes Pentax67-EOS R 0.7x

Baveyes Pentax645-EOS R 0.7x

KIPON Baveyes introduces a lineup of the world’s first lens adapters that bring the famous medium format optics to Sony E, Leica SL and Leica M ,Nikon Z, Canon R 35mm full frame cameras, virtually eliminating any crop factor image loss and maintaining diagonal angle of view.
The transformation results in a 0.7x factor to theoriginal lens focal length with a gain of one stop in lens speed. Foremost in the advanced adapters, is the custom designed five element multicoated formula by German optics research institution, with the ability to use full frame SLR lenses on crop sensor camera bodies and mirrorless cameras.

Many medium format lenses are legendary for contrast, flare resistance, color saturation, bokeh and are in a class of theirown compared to even the best 35mm format glass. And the Sony, Leica ,Nikon, Canon image sensors, in the heart of their robust camera bodies, give new life to these medium format legendary lenses.
The retailer price for these optic focal reducer is 695USD,can order from Amazon Japan and Tmall China and Ebay factory shop from this week.

These could be the first leaked images of the new SUPERHEAVY Olympus E-M1X :)

If these images are legit than get ready for a first supersized MFT camera! The new E-M1X is huge and solid like a tank. I still cannot figure out if this makes sense or not…

E-M1X specs:

Name: E-M1X OMD camera
Sensor: 20MP (not global shutter)

Frame rate: 18fps
7.5+ EV stabilization
2x the processing speed of the E-m1X
Autofocus: Adaptive and expandable focal points. Two examples. If you are shooting a person, then shift to shooting a car, the number of focal points will automatically expand. If you are shooting a basketball player, you will get a vertical series of 5 focal points.

Body Size: 144.37 x 146.765 x 75.345mm (body with a built in vertical grip)
High Res: Can shoot handheld High Resolution images (around 80MP) at 1/60s
Photography focus: Sports and Wildlife shooters
Same batteries as E-M1 Mk II
Larger EVF

Launch: January 2019 along “2 tele zooms, 1 wide angle zoom. speedlight. zuiko binoculars”
Availability: February

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Fuji Panasonic lovers rejoice: This is your first camera with organic sensor and this ight change everything?

Nearly all companies (expect Canon and maybe Leica) are totally dependant from Sony sensors. Well this might change soon for Panasonic and Fuji. Years ago both companies have announced a partnership to work on their own new organic sensors. And finally they are ready to launch their first cameras using this new sensor!

What you see here is a Panasonic 8k camcorder using the new organic sensor. Iw ill be officially released in late 2019. And I seriously cannot wait to see this sensor be used on Panasonic and Fuji cameras too!

Panasonic said that this sensor can achieve a high sensitivity and dynamic range that CANNOT be matched by current inorganic (silicon) sensors. The camcorder you see here has these specs:

  • Global Shutter (exposes all pixels at the same time and read the data all at once). This will at last kill the distortion caused by rolling shutters.
  • 88 at 60fps
  • Panasonic said the sensor has “high sensitivity” and “wide dynamic range” but did not share exact numbers
  • It has a step less electronic ND filter (Panasonic said it does NOT change color balance when using it)
  • Sensor can switch between “high-sensitivity” mode and “high-saturation” mode

I am loving that!


More info about that sensor on this previous 43rumors article.

KIPON releases world-first full-frame lenses for new Nikon Z & Canon R mount cameras from third-party manufacturer

Today Kipon announced their first five new manual focusing lenses for Canon EOS-R and Nikon Z cameras. Those lenses are already available as E-mount version at Amazon US, Amazon DE, Amazon UK.

Press text:

KIPON announced ELEGANT series lenses, world-first full-frame lenses for new Nikon Z mount and Canon R mount cameras from third-party.

After 6 years non-stop learning for how to make high quality lenses, KIPON accumulated rich experience now, The reason why we use ELEGANT to name this lineup is because we want to transfer exactly how we develop these lenses from design to manufacture.They are consistent with our inertial thinking and philosophy about developing products in our company.

Lenses would be available before the end of Dec 2018,price as below,
24mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 499USD
35mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 468USD
50mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 325USD
75mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 355USD
90mm/f2.4 (For Nikon Z&Canon RF) 386USD


Thanks Mistral!

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Fuji says the GFX-100s will have better noise level than their current 50MP medium format cameras

Fujirumors posted this super roundup of all the info you get in a new Fuji Thailand interview:


  • Fujifilm compares Full Frame Size/Weight vs Medium Format, showing that medium format is lighter. But they cheat on lens equivalency (min 06:01). C’mon Fuji, no need for that
  • 3 advantages of Medium Format are Depth of Field, Compression effect and Resolution/Dynamic Range (min 08:08)
  • Fujifilm discovers sensor equivalency and this time they get also the lenses (almost) right (min 08:54)
  • Mirrorless G Mount has a flange distance of 26,7mm, but Fujifilm can design lenses that go inside the mount, allowing a minimum focus distance of 16,7mm (min. 11:45)
  • sensor wants to get the light straight from the lens, so shorter flange distance is better
  • large sensor allows more stereoscopic effect bokeh (min 15:34)


  • Fujinon GF 100-200 will be compatible with 1.4x teleconverter. He goes over lens specs at min 17:29
  • Fujinon GF 50mm specs and details at min 18:09. He says it is not pancake, but “small prime”
  • Fujinon GF45-100mmF4 coming 2020. He goes over specs and details at min 19:03

Fujifilm GFX50R

  • Fujifilm “respects” the rangefinder style lovers, so they made the Fujifilm GFX50R
  • Smaller and lighter for street photography

Fujifilm GFX100 (mainly starting from min 23:53)

  • Fujiflm GFX100 will have faster sensor readout. They don’t know how Full Frame will develop in future and if they can make medium format just as fast
  • Fujifilm GFX100 focal plane shutter is big and hence not fast enough for 10 fps (min 13:11)
  • Fujiflm GFX 100 has a backside illuminated sensor with customized photodiods
  • 100 Megapixel are sensible to shocks, so, although challenging to develop, they put IBIS into the Fuji GFX100
  • OIS – IBIS combo should work also on Fujifilm GFX 100, like it will do on Fujifilm X-H1 via firmware update in December
  • Another challenge is to make it a Medium Format 4K cinema camera.
  • 100% phase detection coverage
  • Despite the higher pixel count, Fujifilm wants to keep sensitivity and dynamic range like GFX 50S and GFX 50R. The Manager adds that on GFX100 “noise is actually smaller” (min 25:12)
  • The Fujifilm X-T3 autofocus algorithm will be implemented in Fujifilm GFX100
  • Launch in first half of 2019 (already at the Fuji GFX100S announcement, Fujifilm Manager Toshi said it will come in “early 2019”)

Additional Fujifilm GFX 100 Information

The following information comes from older manager statements, rumors and articles on FujiRumors, and I add them here so that you guys can have a more complete overview.

  • Read here – Fujifilm GFX 100 sensor information published by Sony
  • Read here – Fujifilm manager says Fujifilm GFX100S will cost $9,995
  • Read here – Size Comparison: Fujifilm GFX 100S vs Sony A7III, Nikon D5, Canon 1DX, Canon EOS R, Nikon Z7, Nikon D850, Fuji GFX 50R
  • Read here – RUMOR: Fujifilm GFX 100 with Pixel Shift Multishot
  • Read here – Fujifilm Manager: GFX 100 Full Sensor PDAF, no Crop 4K@30p
  • Read here – Fuji Guys Billy Hopes IBIS will be Implemented in Future Fujifilm GFX 50 version of GFX 100


  • No plans currently to make a compact medium format camera like the X100 series. Currently focus on making lenses and bodies, but not compact X100 alike camera. It’s up to user request (min 27:22)
  • Phase detection pixels on Fujifilm cameras never damage image quality
  • Sometimes contrast detection autofocus is better. Fujifilm should balance both, depending on the subject/conditions

X Series, GFX Series and Why no Full Frame

  • Fujifilm considers balance. APS-C has right sizing, system weight. So it’s the best balanced system
  • APS-C already covers so many photography fields
  • X-Series can not cover the high megapixel it sometimes needs for fashion, commercials, landscapes, studio, so they went medium format, which allows even higher resolution than full frame
  • Fujifilm has almost 70 years of medium format camera/lens experience