Sony announced the new “updated” A7rIIIa and A7rIVa cameras

In a surprising move Sony announced two small updated version of their current A7rIII and A7rIV cameras. In both cases the cameras get a small “a” suffix.

So what’s new?

  1. LCD resolution has changed from 1.44 million dots to 2,359,296 dots
  2. They both support USB 3.2.
  3. There are also small changes in their battery life

via Nokishita

OM Digital says it will not join the L-mount

There was a time it looked like Panasonic and Olympus would be no more close friends. Well, today they made a joint live stream to strengthen their commitment to the Micro Four Thirds system. And OM Digital clearly said they will not join the L-mount system nor do any other kind of Full Frame camera.

Some more info

OM digital:

  • We’ve tried designing an f/1.0 lens, but it’s hard to deal with the autofocus system.
  • We are developing a new kind of product family
  • There will be a product something worth the wait
  • PEN-F didn’t sell well…but a successor isn’t excluded yet
  • We will not go into the Full Frame market
  • We will not join the L-mount system


  • We are developing both MFT cameras and lenses
  • Lenses with 800+ range are being discussed internally