This is the new Canon EOS-M200 !

It’s already listed on the Canon US page:

Create limitless memories with the EOS M200 interchangeable lens camera. Equipped with a 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, Eye Detection AF and enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the EOS M200 makes it easy to capture high-quality images and videos, all in a compact, mirrorless design. Perfect for social media sharing, the EOS M200 camera boasts 4K 24p/25p video capability, vertical video* support and built-in Wi-Fi®** and Bluetooth®*** technology — helping you relive your favorite moments. Designed for ultimate creativity, the EOS M200 camera offers simple-to-use features that let your personality shine. Explore the camera’s creative filters to add a splash of color and special effects to your images, or use the Creative Assist function to easily adjust brightness and color tone. The EOS M200 camera’s Visual Guide also provides helpful tips and tricks that make navigating the camera a breeze. For selfie-enthusiasts, this camera is on point, featuring a Self Portrait Mode and a 3.0-inch tilt-type LCD that rotates 180°, helping you capture every angle with ease. With the EOS M200 interchangeable lens camera, inspiration will always be at hand.

via Nokishita

Fuji interview: New Lens roadmap to be released in 2019

Newsswitch interviewed Fujifilm Manager Toshihisa Iida. Here is a summary of the interview I blatantly copied from  :)

Fujifilm GFX System

  • Fujifilm GFX100 orders in the first month were more than twice than expected
  • GFX100 got attention of high-end amateurs
  • The GFX100 has features such as high-pixel, high-sensitivity, and wide-gamut video shooting that can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Weight and slowness are the challenges of cameras equipped with medium-sized or larger image sensors
  • The GFX100 is also valued for its improvement

How to revitalize the market

  • Expanding the APS-C X System
  • evolve the existing models
  • market demand for high-performance products is increasing
  • High end gear is becoming more expensive and heavier
  • It is important to meet the expectations of the high-end customers
  • demand for video will grow
  • smartphones are evolving with computational photography, but for background blur or shooting in a dark place, interchangeable lens cameras are still superior
  • Toshihisa Iida thinks that struggling digital camera sales it is not only because of the popularity of smartphones, but also because there are no products that are more attractive than smartphones. He would like to revitalize the market by creating a popular type of camera that can attractive for smartphone users

How to Overcome Challenges

  • Proceed with efforts to improve production efficiency and reduce costs
  • it is difficult to increase the efficiency of lens production
  • Automation technology is incorporated into the Miyagi factory. Some interchangeable lenses are also automated, but the human eye is absolutely neccessary for the adjustment process

Future Roadmap

  • The roadmap is updated once a year. To date, we have announced an average of 5 or 6 new products each year. We are not going to slow that pace

Leica, Nikon and Olympus cancelled their pariticipation to the 2020 Photokina show

Photokina issued an official press release about the 2020 show. And there is some surprising news:

“We look forward to strong demand and applications from both the new and the classic segments of companies like Canon, CEWE, GoPro, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak Alaris, Sigma, Tamron, Carl Zeiss, Hasselblad, Hahnemühle, Arri, Rode Mikrophones, DJI and Insta360”, says Christoph Werner, Vice President of Koelnmesse. These are contrasted by cancellations, including from Leica, Nikon and Olympus

I  am very surprised that a  giant like Nikon will not show their products at Photokina. And even more surprised that a German company like Leica will not be at a German show!


The Sigma FP is already in production and will be released in autumn

Cinema5D interviewed Sigma CEO Yamaki San. Some info:

– The camera is already in production
– The firmware is now  close to the BETA version
– Sigma hopes to ship the camera in autumn
– Sigma hopes third party manufacturers will make a  headphone accessory for the FP
– Sigma FP will not have flat profiles at start. But they may add it with a future firmware update
– There is no plan to make L-mount pancake lenses yet.