This impressive rendered image of Australia burning did go viral…

Anthony Hearsay posted this image he created to visualize all Australian Fires that happened the last month. While the data he took is accurate (Source: Firms) it is important to underline that this is a rendering and the glow exaggerated.

A more accurate image is todays image from the Japanese Himawari satellite:

Still, what matters is that this is a big disaster for Australia and I corss my fingers everything will be over soon for them!

Engadget: In 2019 cameras got much better, but the market still crashed

Steve Dent from Engadget writes:

For cameras and photographers, 2019 was another banner year… but for manufacturers? Not so much. Sales were down in all categories as of mid-year because everyone just uses their smartphones now. If the market keeps falling, however, not every manufacturer might last until 2021. Olympus has become a forgotten manufacturer as it failed to create any excitement with its latest 2019 products, the OM-D E-M5 III and E-M1X cameras. However, the company has denied that it’s in any kind of trouble.

Here are Steve Ideas to improve camera sales:

So what can manufacturers do to keep consumers interested? They could try to make them easier to use, with AI and other tricks — much as smartphones have. Fujifilm, for one, introduced a smartphone-like auto HDR feature that should be standard on every camera. Frustratingly, Sony has incredible face-tracking and other technology, but it’s still complicated to use.

If buyers figured they could easily take much better photos with a mirrorless camera or DSLR, they might be more tempted to buy. But frankly, it seems more and more that manufacturers will only be selling to enthusiasts and pro users, or to older buyers who still prefer cameras over smartphones. As it stands right now, it’s simply easier to shoot and share photos on a smartphone, and it’s not likely we’re going to see anything to change that.

Can you still make money as a Photographer?

Ted Forbes:

I got a DM this week that I want to share with everyone. Excellent question on the state of commercial photography. Is it possible to actually make a career as a photographer? Well it certainly is. Its not easy but can be done. Here’s my take on the current field of commercial work. There’s freelance work and there’s stock (rights managed). Here’s my take on both.