Surprise: Panasonic announced the new Lumix FZ80D superzoom compact camera

You can preorder the camera now at BHphoto (Click here). This is good news, because I thought the market for this type of superzoom compact camera was dying out. The other important news is that this is the third camera announced by Panasonic in the last 6 weeks. As you know, they registered three cameras in China in the spring. This means that there will be no more camera announcements for at least the next 2-3 months.

Chinese company Yes!Star officially released the new S1 film camera!

Yes!Star officially released the new S1 film camera and held a new product launch conference in Shanghai. The film camera is made of all metal, with replaceable film, equipped with a 31mm lens, a maximum aperture of F11, a built-in flash, and is compact and light, weighing only about 280 grams.

There is no info yet about pricing and launch in countries outside of China. My take on this is that film is on surge and I hope that aside of Pentax (with the great Pentax 17) also other manufacturers will launch new film cameras.

Two more Nikon cameras coming soon!

Chinese tracker E8M spotted a total of two Nikon cameras officially registered in China with the following codes:

  • N2216
  • N2312

Both should be new Z cameras that will be announced within 2-3 months. You can guess what models those are: Z5, Z30 or Z7II successor?

Blackmagic owns Adobe and promises no “AI training” will be ever done on your media

Blackmagic updated their Cloud Login page with this note about “No AI training”:

We acknowledge that you own your uploaded media. Blackmagic Cloud is not a trick to access your media for AI training. Your media is private and won’t be used to train AI. So you can work with security, knowing your ideas won’t leak publicly via AI.

Game Set Match for Blackmagic against Adobe!

via Diyphotography Tip by Hugh Brownstone Thanks!

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