Oh yes it’s real! This is the new Sony A7sIII which might be announced at the CES show?

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Sony really took a long time before to get ready for the new A7sII successor. In fact it took so long we wonder if it will skip the A7sIII naming and go straight to A7sIV :)

That said the long wait will be over soon as SonyAlphaRumors just leaked the first image of the new camera. Easy to see on the picture that the camera is much thicker than current A7 models as it incorporates the same vent mechanism of the Panasonic S1H. What’s not so good from this image is that it seems like the new A7sIV will not have a fully articulating screen.

So when will we get the A7sIV? My crystal ball says there is a good chance we will get it at the CES show in early January…

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The first new MFT product we should get is the new Olympus 150-400mm lens…what’s after that?

The next new MFT product we shall get is the Olympus 150-400mm lens  in January-February. But what’s coming after that one?

Olympus officially stated that they plan to release at minimum of two new cameras and two new lenses every year. While it’s easy to  guess that  we will have a new E-M1III in 2020 I don’t know  what other MFT cameras we should expect to get in 2020. The PEN-F line has been axed and the E-PL and OMD line was just updated.

Panasonic on the other hand might  announce their new flagship camera in late 2020…the GH6! If it has 8K video it surely would be a stunner!

All this doesn’t sound too bad for a system that has been called “death” so many times in the past years :)

Tamron will announce up to six E-mount lenses in 2020?

Tamron is fully committed to the E-mount system. And that’s certainly a good news for Alpha shooters and not so good news for the expensive Sony made lenses :)

Here are  two rumors:

1) SAR confirmed the Tamron 70-180mm FE lens will ship out in Spring.
2) Tamron will announce up to six more FE lenses in  2020. Most of them will be pancake f/2.8 lenses and zooms. All affordable but still high quality glass!

And I bet Sigma will release a large number of new E-mount lenses too..

And here comes the next Canon EOS-R high rez camera specs rumors…

Sooner or later that long rumored High Resolution EOS-R camera will be released. We still got no solid info but here is the next bunch of specs floating on the web today:

  • 75mp full-frame CMOS
  • Sensor “focused on the dynamic range”
  • Frames per second “… Sounded similar to the EOS R”
  • DIGIC 9
  • Dual Card Slots
  • Joystick the same as the EOS-1D X Mark III
  • Larger and higher resolution EVF than the EOS R
  • Fully articulating LCD screen
  • Fully weather-sealed
  • Similar ergonomics as the EOS R (No touch bar)

Source CR via CanonWatch