Next announcements: Today Sony A6400, on Jan 17 the Fuji 100-400mm GF and on Jan 24 the Olympus E-M1X

We have three announcements coming up:

Sony will announce a new A6400 today (more info at SonyAlphaRumors).
Fuji will announce the 100-400mm GF on January 17 (more info at Fujirumors).
Olympus will announce the E-M1X on January 24 (more info at 43rumors).
Panasonic is likely to announce the full S1-S1R specs the end of January too (more info at L-rumors).

At last a Sony announcement! New mid level APS-C camera to be announced within 24 hours!

Sony’s last camera announcement happened 11 months ago with the A7III launch. This is AGES for a company like Sony that used to unveil a plethora of new cameras every year. I guess the A7III success did delay the launch of other models. And maybe they wanted to check out the new Canon and Nikon FF mirrorless cameras to see what they will fight against in the near future.

Anyway, we are finally there and tomorrow Sony is rumored to launch a new APS-C “medium-level” camera. Not the A7sIII and not the A7000 we were waiting for but at least finally something more affordable for the masses :)

UPDATE: these are the Sony A6400 specs:

Sony A6400 recap (ILCE6400):
– Sony A6400 will be announced on Jan 15 between 4-5pm London time.
– It’s going to become the new mid-level camera replacing both the A5100 and entry level A6xxx cameras
– It has a classic A6xxx design but it has the A5100 selfie screen (SAR note: That’s why for a short moment I thought this was an A5xxx camera…but it’s not).
– new APS-C sensor

– Made for vloggers
– 4K30p (it has NOT 4k60p)

– No Z-battery and no dual SD card slot
– But has some new “exciting” features

Damn, that new Olympus E-M1X is really going to be priced at $3,000!

43rumors leaked new images of the E-M1X. But what’s not so good news the previously rumored price tag of $3,000 got confirmed. This will be by far the most expensive MFT camera on the market. This is a price in the realm of top mirroless cameras like the Nikon Z7 and Sony A7rIII. It’s also close to the (now expired) holiday price of the Sony A9 which was $3500.

I have no idea if at that price Olympus will sell any meaningful numbers of this camera. Still, we have to wait and see some real testing to see if indeed the E-M1X has some impressive features that can justify the price.


Canon says “8K video capable camera is already in our EOS R-series roadmap”

Imaging Resource interviewed Canon manager Mr. Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi. Here is a summary made by CanonWatch:

[…] sales performance of EOS R camera and RF lenses is almost in line with our original expectation. We have gotten a huge amount of positive feedback on the RF lenses. Everyone who has tried the RF 50mm F1.2 has loved it.

We developed the EOS R System for the next 30 years, and started by introducing higher-end RF lenses. Yes, we are very serious about mirrorless. But please do not get the wrong impression, we will continue to enhance DSLR technology and products as well.

Video will play a huge role in the EOS R System for sure. For example, an 8K video capable camera is already in our EOS R-series roadmap

Panasonic and Sony already confirmed they are working on 8K cameras. Happy to hear Canon is in the basket too :)