Confirmed once more: Leica’s next medium format camera will be mirrorless and retain the S-mount

Over a year ago Leica posted this cool Easter egg image teasing a new mirrorless medium format camera. Phototrend now got an official confirmation from Leica that the medium format camera will be mirrorless. Phototrend also writes that the this camera will “retain the S-mount and remain compatible with SLR lenses”. I am surprised it keeps the S-mount. I would have expected it to have a new mount with shorter flange distance and just add a free adapter for S-mount lenses!

TTArtisan is considering making a CAMERA

The TTartisan CEo talked to Richard Wong and was very open about their future roadmap. There will be new 35mm and 55mm f/1.8 FF autofocus lenses, new MFT autofocus lenses…but what’s a lot more intriguing is that they are working on a new CAMERA too! I would love to know what mount they will sues as I suspect they will not launch new mount.

There is finally new life in the Micro Four thirds World: Lumix G9II will be announced on September 12

Panasonic launched this teaser for a September 12 announcement. And the teaser is super clear with their hints:

  • This is a Micro Four Thirds “G” camera
  • the “new phase” means this will be Panasonic first MFT camera with phase detection AF
  • Announcement on September 12 at 22:00 Peking time (That’s 3pm London time).

I am pretty certain we will get a new G9II. Hopefully this will revive some enthusiasm in the MFT realm!