New Sony A9III camera will have a new 50MP sensor and record 8K30p to compete with the Canon

Looks like Canon did piss off Sony with their EOS-R5 launch. Who cares if 8K is really needed and who cares if you can use it only to heat up your food…Sony really didn’t like the fact that Canon got the full spotlight. That’s why Sony will rather quickly answer with the new A9III in very early 2021. This camera will do exactly what the EOS-R5 can do (8K) but without the overheating and a heavy extra price tag of +$1500 compared to the Canon.

Here are the rumored specs:

  • Sony will launch a new High End camera in Q1 2021
  • It will be named as an A9x series camera and not A7x (not sure if it’s “A9s” or “A9III”)
  • It has a new ~50 megapixel sensor
  • 8k30p video confirmed with no overheating. It’s still an “infant” 8k mode…meaning it’s not 8k60 which would be crazy and there will be limitations in the quality you can record internally.
  • Other specs similar to A7sIII (EVF, autofocus, and so forth)
  • At least $1,500 more expensive than the EOS-R5 (but price hasn’t be finalized yet) Expect something like $4,999-$5,499

My two cent: Sony should focus on launching the A7IV instead….

Panasonic want’s to “vloggify” the Micro Four Thirds system

43rumors reports that Panasonic wants the entire MFT system to become a tool for vloggers:

  • They will change strategy here. MFT will focus on the V-Logging segment. They don’t see a huge market for a GH6 anymore as most people are moving to Full Frame. So the upcoming GH6 may be more a “Pro Grade” G100. It’s more of an upgraded GH5 in a new body with enhanced mobile integration. Or to make it short – a GH6 may not come with the desired specs and the story of the Pro Video MFT will end with the GH5.
  • G9 is now selling well in India. There are discussions about a Mark II which then also the successor of the GH5 with an additional Video Package to buy (similar of what Nikon is doing). But do not expect a “Big Bang” here.
  • The future of MFT is not yet decided – they are very careful because of the Olympus Imaging Carve out happening soon.  And again to mention – Sigma wants them to focus on L-Mount

My comment? Crazy :(

New Canon and Panasonic Cine cameras

Two Cine cameras news/rumors:

Canon announced the new EOS C70 cine camera (info here).

And this is the new Panasonic MFT Cine camera:


43rumors reports:

Leaked new Panasonic M4/3 body from XXX Panasonic User.
He is a user operating video shoots with Panasonic and Sony, and Panasonic gave him the opportunity to try out the product before released it. He has also worked with Panasonic on S1H.
He claims: This is a product aimed at the pro, not for everyone, but for a few.
He says that there seems to be no one feature he desperately wants to get into this camera.