What’s up next? Sony, Canon, Panasonic announcements at NAB show in April

The next wave of product announcements is coming in one month at the NAB show. There are no reliable rumors yet but this is what we can hope to get:

The easy guess is that Sony will announce the new Sony A7sIII. This is really long due for an announcement. The Panasonic GH5s and Fuji X-H1 might not be Full Frame cameras but it’s time to get an upgraded Sony competitor.

Don’t think they will announce anything MFT related. Although some folks still hope there will be a new AGF100 styled MFT camcorder.

Canon will announce a new EOS Cinema camera.

It’s unlikely Fuji-Nikon-Olympus will announce anything at NAB.

Canon manager confirms: Company shifts focus from SLR to mirrorless cameras!

Asian Review posted an interesting article. Seems like Canon is finally aware the focus must go on mirrorless system cameras. Canon manager Sakata reported:

1) they must “actively roll out products for a growth market even if there is some cannibalization”.

2) Sakata did not say much about the possibility of Canon releasing a high-end mirrorless camera. “We will look at the timing and consider it”

I think that at Photokina both Canon and Nikon will show their FF mirrorless system cameras. It may be just a prototype or roadmap announcement. But still, the war ar Sony will begin soon!