Impossible? Canon EOS-R with 85MP, global shutter, Quad-Pixel AF

CanonWatch posted these near impossible rumor of a new EOS-R High End camera. They were found on Weibo:

  • Approx. 85MP global shutter CMOS imaging sensor
  • Approx. 85MP at 20fps, 21MP at 40fps unlimited continued shooting
  • Full Sensor Large Quad Pixel Auto-focus technology
  • 15.5 EV+ wide dynamic range
  • ISO 160-1638400
  • 5-axis IBIS up to 9 stop
  • 3.5” 9.33MP 1280nit 10-bit WCG RGB-OLED touch screen with 120Hz AE-AF
  • 9.44MP 120Hz SuperSpeed AE-AF electronic viewfinder
  • Price $8,500 in USA


Speculations going wild in Japan about Nikon exiting the camera business

And here comes the next Japanese journal speculating about a possible Nikon exit from the camera business. They base their guess on this fact: Techno System Research analyzed the mirrorless market share and that’s the result:

Sony … 35%
Canon … 30%
Olympus… 8%
Nikon … 7.5%

At the end that’s all just wild rumors btu it’s interesting that it’s lasting for quite some time now in Japan…

via DClife

Nikon says “We plan to release many new products this year as well”

Nikon published this CP+ talk video. wrote this short summary:

  • We are still challengers at Mirrorless, so we would like to take on various challenges.
  • Among them, the Z mount system is considered to be a system with great potential for new creation because it is a large diameter short flange back.
  • Taking advantage of this mount system, we would like to evolve the body and lens and develop products that will impress our customers.
  • We plan to release many new products this year as well.
  • I want you to look forward to it
  • I would like you to pick it up and experience it.
  • Thank you for today