Tamron will launch another new FE zoom lens soon!

Tamron is teasing the launch of a new travel zoom lens for the Sony FE system!

I believe Tamron is making the Sony E mount great again by offering som excellent, affordable and compact zooms: It’s something neither the Canon RF nor the Nikon Z systems can offer. Sony managers should send a ton of wine battles to the Tamron Headquarter as a sign of gratitude :)

The giants battle is happening in June: Canon EOS-R5 rumored to be priced below $4,000. Sony A7sII successor priced the same?

In June we will have the final showdown! Canon is se to announced the pricing of the EOS-R5 and Sony will finally unveil the A7sII successor. According to new rumors the EOS-R5 will be priced just below $4,000 and I bet the Sony A7sII successor will have a very similar price.

The EOS-R5 is going to have 8K while the Sony is rumored to be a video workhorse with cooling vent which may make it more suitable for serious (and longer) video work.

One thing seems to be certain: While Fuji-Panasonic-Nikon are making a big pause all the spotlight will be on Canon and Sony from now on!

This is the leaked Sony ZV1: Has big REC button, Tally Light and finally that fully articulating screen on the side every Sony A7 camera should have

It took seven years of complains for Sony to realize that you need to have a fully articulating screen on the side to appeal vloggers. This leaked image of the ZV1 shows that it’s finally coming on May 26!

SAR reports those specs:

  • Looks like an RX100VII
  • Has a fully articulating screen on the side similar to the Canon EOS-RP
  • Better grip than current RX100 cameras
  • Very big Video record button
  • integrated ND filter
  • 20MP 1 inch sensor
  • 24-70mm F1.8 – 2.8 lens
  • All the autofocus features like: EyeAf and so forth
  • One touch Bokeh feature
  • Auto Object detect
  • Announcement May 26

Now we can hope the Sony A7sII successor will have exactly the same screen…just bigger!