This is the new Canon ZV-123 instant camera

Well Canon is trying to emulate Fuji by announcing their first Instant camera which uses the Canon own Zink paper tech. Here are the leaked images and specs:

Photo resolution: 8 million pixels
Focal length: 25.4 mm
F value: F2.2
Minimum shooting distance: 30 cm
ISO sensitivity: Auto (ISO 100-1600)
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: Built-in (700 mAh, 7.4 V), USB charging (micro USB)
Media: micro SD card
Size: 121 mm (W) x 80.3 mm (H) x 21.5 mm (D)
Weight: 188g
Printing Technology: ZINK
Printing resolution: 314 x 600 dpi
Aspect ratio: 2 ” x 2 ” or 2 ” x 3 ”

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New Fuji, Sony and Samyang rumors…

We got a bunch of new rumors to report:
Sony A7sIII will be announced this fall and not at the NAB show. And it will have a new innovative sensor (SonyAlphaRumors).
New leaked images of the new Samyang 85mm f/1.4 FE lens (SonyAlphaRumors).
Fujifilm GFX100 Pixel Shift Multishot not Available at Launch, but Coming Later via Firmware Update (FujiRumors).
Also Olympus Spain debunks the rumors about their possible rethreat from the camera market (43rumors).

Canon officially confirms IBIS is coming in future R cameras

Amateur Photographer interviewed Canon managers and here are some highlights:

About the future of the EOS-M:
That’s a product development for the future so I can’t go into detail, and the market will dictate what sort of direction we should take. If the customers do want a small size, lightweight mount I believe there is room for that, so as we said […] we will continue to work with the M mount.

About IBIS on the EOS-R:
In terms of IBIS, we are looking into it for the future. We believe IBIS will work together hand in hand with optical IS lenses, such as the ones you see in front of you, to offer better features.

Canon EOS-R High End camera:
yes, we are considering a higher-end premium body, as you mention.

About the future of the digital camera market:
The pace of the shift to mirrorless has slowed down a bit here in Japan and the mirrorless market share for cameras stands at about 60%. As you may know, Canon has a history of not always being first in the market with new technology, but we are very good at catching up, going beyond and becoming the leader.

To me it doesn’t sound like the M system has a real future :)

via CanonWatch

Canon’s next mirrorless camera will have 70+ Megapixels?

That Canon’s next R model will be a High Megapixel camera is 100% certain. Latest unconfirmed rumor is that this camera will be announce in late 2019 and feature a new 70+ megapixel sensor and IBIS.

I am pretty sure both Nikon and Sony will have such a model release too. We are getting slowly closer to the 100 megapixel barrier. Get ready to buy a ton of external hard drives :)

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