OM Digital registered a new cameras: Likely to be this new “wow” camera that hopefully isn’t overhyped :)

The camera body with the code “IM027” has been registered in Asia by OM Digital Solutions. The registration says it is equipped with Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) and Bluetooth.

OM Digital has talked big things about a surprise model that is likely to hit the market in early 2022. All we know so far is that this is obviously a MFT model and that it will have the size of the classic E-M1 body. I don’t know if the registered IM027 code is for this camera. But I hope OM Digital will share some details in autumn to get us really excited about this new thing…

via Nokishita

Sigma launches official teaser for the September 9 announcement (90mm f/2.8 and 24mm f/2.0 L and E lenses coming)

Sigma officially launched their teaser for a September 9 announcement. We already know they will unveil the new 24mm f/2.0 and 90mm f/2.8 L and E lenses :)

Nokishita leaked both lens specs:

90mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary
11 lenses in 10 groups
9 diaphragm blades (circular diaphragm)
minimum shooting distance 0.5m
maximum shooting magnification 1: 5
filter diameter 55mm
Size φ64×59.7mm
weight 295g
uggested retail price in Japan the same as the 35mm F2

Sigma 24mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary
13 lenses in 11 groups
9 diaphragm blades (circular diaphragm)
minimum shooting distance 24.5cm
maximum shooting magnification 1: 6.7
filter diameter 62mm
It is φ70x72mm
weighs 365g
compatible with magnetic caps.

Suggested retail price in Japan the same as the 35mm F2

Latest OM Digital rumors: Name rebranding, new lenses and WOW camera

OM Digital has to do a lot to gain some trust from the customers. And they have some plans:

Plan 1: OM Digital will slowly fade out the Olympus name. And there will be rebranding from OM-D E-M to OM 1D, OM 5D, OM 10D etc.

Plan 2: there will be 40-150 f/4 next year, a new 20mm f/1.4,

Plan 3: Olympus to make camera phones with Samsung! (article here).

Plan 4: Launch a WOW camera with classic E-m1 size. Maybe with the new Sony 45MP micro 4/3 with Quad Pixel AF??? (article here).

Canon EOS-R3 is coming in September and the Sony A7IV (33MP) is coming in October

image on top is a mockup

Summer will soon be over and the big autumn Canon-Sony fighting is about to start. First we will get the full new EOS-R3 unveiling around mid September. And in October Sony will launch their A7IV beast which is rumored to have the following specs:

  • Newly developed 33MP sensor
  • 5.5 stops of IBIS (+ AS)

Also Nikon will unveil the Z9 but I don’t know if they will make a meaningful impact with this camera…

via SonyAlphaRumors, via CanonWatch via CR.

Two products to be announced soon: Panasonic 24mm f/1.8 lens and Fuji GFX50s II

Nokishita confirmed the announcement of two new products. First he spotted the Fuji GFX50sII at the indian sertificasi agency.

And next Panasonic will very soon announce the new LUMIX S 24mm F1.8″ lens:

  • 12 elements in 11 groups (3 aspherical lenses, 1 UED lens, 3 ED lenses)
  • minimum shooting distance 0.24m
  • maximum shooting magnification 0.15x
  • filter diameter. 67mm
  • Size is 73.6×82.0mm
  • Weight is 310g.