Leaked specs of the new Panasonic GH5 Mark II

Panasonic long promised a GH5 successor. And I was hoping it would be a major step forward including a mandatory 8K video capability. Instead it looks like we will get a minor upgrade only :(

Nokishita leaked the specs of the new camera that will be named GH5II:

  • Name: Panasonic “LUMIX DC-GH5M2”
  • 20.33 million effective pixels
  • 4K60p video
  • 3.68 million dots 120fps compatible EVF
  • DMW-BLK22 battery
  • size 138.5x 98.1×87.4mm
  • weight 647g (main unit only)
  • US price It will cost $ 1697 ($ 2297 for the 12-60mm kit).

I think this is rather disappointing!

And so the Sony A6700 (or A6900) is coming in late May with new 32MP sensor

Image on top shows the A6600. The new camera will replace it.

SAR posted the specs of the upcoming A6700 (or A6900):

99% near certain rumor info:

  • Announcement late May
  • A6600 replacement
  • same general body form factor but wit many smaller improvements they took from the ZV-1 and A7c
  • Will be branded as “Vlogger” camera

65% chance those specs are right:

  • Name: A6700
  • 32MP sensor
  • 4k 60p 10 bit video
  • Fully articulated screen
  • Readout at 12bit is 17ms.
  • Form factor is identical to a7c
  • better lcd and evf minor tweeks to the body.

Sony is going to announce a new High End APS-C camera in May…but will it be as good as a Fuji X-T? Unlikely…

There has been a long call for Sony to get serious with their APS-C cameras. Don’t get me wrong, the A6600 (image on top) is a good camera filled with tech. But ergonomically and also feature wise it cannot match the also very beautiful Fuji X-T4.

SAR now reports that Sony will announce the A6600 successor in late May. Question: Will Sony have learned and make a nice handling high end camera? I bet they didn’t :(

There are no rumored specs other than a new 30MP sensor. I guess it will record 4k60p like any higher end camera nowadays…