List of cameras and lenses to be announced next week at the CES show

Here is the gear we can expect to be announced next week at the CES show:

Canon 1D X Mark III
– Nikon D780
– AF-S NIKKOR 120-300mm f/2.8E FL ED SR VR
– NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S
– Nikon COOLPIX P950
– Panasonic announces professional style 4K camcorders “HC-X1500” “HC-X2000”
– Insta360 ONE-R modular action cam & 360 degree system

As you can see there is no mirrorless camera at all :(

via Nokishita

The first new MFT product we should get is the new Olympus 150-400mm lens…what’s after that?

The next new MFT product we shall get is the Olympus 150-400mm lens  in January-February. But what’s coming after that one?

Olympus officially stated that they plan to release at minimum of two new cameras and two new lenses every year. While it’s easy to  guess that  we will have a new E-M1III in 2020 I don’t know  what other MFT cameras we should expect to get in 2020. The PEN-F line has been axed and the E-PL and OMD line was just updated.

Panasonic on the other hand might  announce their new flagship camera in late 2020…the GH6! If it has 8K video it surely would be a stunner!

All this doesn’t sound too bad for a system that has been called “death” so many times in the past years :)