New leaked Sony ZV-E10 images (announcement postponed)

In a very last minute move Sony delayed the launch of the new ZV-E10. PetaPixel reports:

Sony has postponed a camera launch that was originally planned for Wednesday, July 7, after Chinese citizens expressed anger over the date, which is also the 84th anniversary of Japan’s invasion of China that sparked the Sino-Japanese War and World War Two in Asia.

Nevertheless today we got those new leaked images of the Sony ZV-E10:


Leaked image of the new Sony ZV-E10

Today Sony officially launched a teaser for a new camera that will be launched on July 7th. Rumor has it the name will be Sony ZV-E10 and this might be the first leaked image of the new camera. The specs we got so far are:

  • 24MP APS-C Sensor
  • Kit lens will be a Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6
  • XAVC-S 4k 25p 100mbps
  • FHD 100p
  • Standard and Active stabilization
  • Auto exposure with face priority
  • Product feature autofocus mode (will lock focus on faces unless there is a product shown closer to the camera)
  • Button for Bokeh mode (priotitizes lowest aperture)
  • Dedicated button to swap between S&Q/Photo/Video
  • USB-c tether direct streaming to pc. (Plug and play)
  • fully articulating screen
  • Sony A5xxx body with no EVF
  • Price around $899 (900 Euro)

Leaked Nikon Z-fc image and info. It will be announced tomorrow (June 29)

Nokishita leaked this image of the Z-FC camera that will be announced on June 29:

The Nikon “Z fc” kit will be the “Z fc body”, “Z fc 16-50 SL lens kit”, and “Z fc 28mm Special Edition kit” in Japan. The artificial leather part can be replaced with white, natural gray, sand beige, coral pink, mint green, and amber brown (free during the sales campaign)