Panasonic’s superfast 10-25mm f/1.7 zoom lens will be announced in September and cost close to $2,500

Micro Four Thirds had quite a turbulent year. Olympus is again making losses in their business and Panasonic’s focus shifted on the new Full Frame System.

But this new Panasonic f/1.7 zoom certainly has the potential to breathe some life in this system. The lens is rumored to be announced in September and cost something between $2,000 and $2,500.

Next Fuji announcement on May 23….for a $10,000 camera ;)

The Fujirumors  teaser image

Fujirumors spoiled the announcement date for the GFX-100..May 23!

I don’t think this will be the mirrorless endgame but more of your savings endgame :)¬† This camera will cost $10,000 but you will also get some stunning features like:

  • First ever IBIS on a medium format camera
  • 4k30p
  • High Resolution mode (likely via future firmware update)


Sony’s next Full Frame camera will be the A9II followed by the A7sIII

Sony is really giving themselves a lot of time to develop the A7sIII Indeed rumor has it that the next Full Frame camera we will get is the A9II in September and the A7sIII will be launched later. This should be the Sony roadmap for 2019:

Sony A6500 successor might be announced before June: Nokishita has reported one more E-mount camera will be announced within June. If indeed the A9 and A7sIII will be announced this autumn the A6500 successor is likely yo be the one camera coming soon. The A65000 successor is said to look more like a mini A9 with EVF in the center..

Sony A9II in September: It makes sense for Sony to release a new A9 successor as early as possible to make the camera widely available and tested for PRO’s who want to use this camera at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. No specs are rumored yet but the sensor is said to be a “revolution” rather than an evolution.

Sony A7sIII in autumn: This camera will exceed customers expectations (so said Sony). I don’t expect it to have 8K. It will have a higher resolution sensor and 4k60p for sure.

NIkon Z and Canon R camera rumors…

Time to make a quick roundup of Canon and Nikon mirrorless rumors:

Canon will surely announce a new High megapixel monster this autumn. It’s rumored to have a 75MP sensor and IBIS.
Canon also said a very low-end Canon EOS-R could be made (probably for around $999). But I don’t see this happening in 2019. Maybe in 2020?
And finally there might be a new 32 APS-C Canon mirrorless too.
Nikon is also working on two new Z-mount cameras. A new Z5 to compete against the RP and a new Z8 for professionals. Both to be announced in 2020.

Sony has still not released a new FF model since the BIG Canon-Nikon autumn announcements. I hope they will take note of what the new competition has to offer like better ergonomics and better weather sealing….


Lot of new fast glass for Sony E-mount from Samyang, Tokina, Mitakon, Zenit and Yongnuo

Sony E-mount camera owners will enjoy a bunch of new fast third party lenses:

1) Yongnuo will soon launch the new 50mm f/1.8 E-mount lenses which will come in two version for Full Frame and for APS-C (more on SAR)
2) Zenit will soon launch the new 50mm f/0,95 lens which should offer much higher quality than the chinese competition (more on SAR)
3) Mitakon has just launched the new 50mm f/095 III (Adorama).
4) Tokina has just announced the new 100mm f/2.8 FE macro (BHphoto).
5) Samyang 45mm f/1.8 FE autofocus lens will be announced shortly (more on SAR).