Imaging Resource Nikon interview: “will keep launching surprising and exciting products one after another”

Imaging Resource interviewed five Nikon mansgers and engeneeers. There is little news to report. They repeated the advanatge of their larger mount. They also made this bold statement:

– Nikon will keep launching surprising and exciting products one after another

Good to see both Canon and Nikon going seriously into FF mirrorless. But I expect Sony to bring the biggest innovation in 2019. My bet? Sony global shutter sensor cameras will be the next big thing!

New rumors: Fujifilm X-Pro3 made in Japan, Olympus sticks with camera business and Sigma MC-21 shipping on April 19

Quick mention of some new smaller rumors:
The Fuji X-PRO3 is coming this year and will be made in Japan (Fujirumors).
New Olympus president Yasuo Takeuchi says they will surely NOT sell the camera business (43rumors).
Sigma MC-21 adapter preorders will open on April 19 (L-rumors).

One more news:
Canon Celebrates 16th Consecutive Year of Number 1 Share of Global Interchangeable-lens Digital Camera Market (CanonWatch).

Nikon talks with Dpreview: APS-C Z-mount cameras might coming in the near future

Dpreview posted their interview with Nikon. A couple of interesting statements from Nikon:

1) Nikon still believes optical viewfinder is superior and that high end sports DSLR cameras are still needed
2) Nikon admits that there is the request for mirrorless APS-C cameras. But they cannot disclose yet if they will do such cameras

I think having APS-C cameras with such a large Z-mount are a bit nonsensical. It would make more sense to have a new smaller mount to allow the design for smaller cameras…don’t you think?