First leaked Fuji X-H2 specs

On September 8th Fuji will announce the new X-H2. Fujirumors leaked the first specs:

  • 40MP
  • 8K/30p 4K/60p and 1080/120p
  • 13 stops of video dynamic range
  • ISO 125
  • fastest electronic shutter will be 1/180,000 sec.
  • Pixel Shift Multishot for 160 Megapixel Images

This rumor is now more likely to be true: Nikon Z8 coming in September for a very competitive pricing

How2Fly predicted two rumors lately: That this week Tamron would announce a new wide angle lens and that Nikon would announce the Z8 in September. Well, today Tamron announced the new 20-40mm f/2.8 FE lens (all info here). So I guess this means this Nikon Z 8 rumors has a good chance to be correct too. This is what he wrote:

No Z7 III or Z6 III this year, but Z8 will arrive in September, no later than October. And The pricing of Z 8 is quite appealing(lower than expected).

How2fly also added the screenshot above showing the Z 8 name within the Nikon USA HTML code…