Yongnuo announces the development of a new mirrorless system camera!

Well what a surprise! A chinese manufacturer is attempting what current “classic” camera makers are NOT doing. Yongnuo is developing a mirrorless system camera running on Android and with integrated 4G capability.

Yongnuo posted the image of this camera with a contest on Facebook. The contest ends in January which means that at CES we are likely to learn all details about it. It’s unclear what mount they will use and I guess the Canon 14mm EF lens is attached with an adapter on the camera.

Nice! What do you think about this concept? And what mount do you hope it has?

via ePhotozine.


The latest news about the new Panasonic S1 and S1R cameras: Will have RAW video recording?

Let’s catch up with some Panasonic S1-S1R camera news and rumors:

  1. New features: L-rumors reports that both cameras should be able to output RAW video. Moreover the S1R should have a High Resolution mode of 168MP.
  2. New partners: Leica is the one company that will decide if other companies can join the L-mount or not (L-rumors).
  3. Curious: According to a poll on L-rumors most people wish Olympus to join the L-mount system.

And here is the first hands-on with the actual prototypes:

Sony says they knew about the Nikon-Canon and Panasonic plan to go FF mirrorless!

Dpreview had a chat with Mister Kenji Tanaka from Sony. And I am actually surprised hear them talking openly about their future plans. But first read this statement from Mister Tanaka.

I already predicted that Canon and Nikon would join the market, and even Panasonic. It wasn’t a surprise to me.

Tanaka also said they are focused on expanding the market and they are not focused on the competition.

Tanaka also clearly gave us info about the Sony next products:

1) Sony APS-C professional camera is coming
2) Sony A7sIII will have 4k60p 4:2:2 10bit
3) There will be new APS-C E-mount lenses too
4) They do not plan to go medium format yet
5) Future Artificial Intelligence features will be implemented on current cameras

The APS-C camera is expected to be released as next while Sony said it will still take some time for the A7sIII.

Pentax is coming with a “Big surprise” next year!

Well known and very reliable Pentax source “Asahi Man” just shared this on the Dpreview forum:

It’s time to put this senseless speculation to an end…
Nope,Pentax will not going out of photo business…
There is a very, very internal roadmap…. Cameras and lenses…
A nice fullframe line up is in sight, no sign for going out of business.
Next year is the big anniversary,don’t forget this point.
I know,the most forum users here, will be surprised.

My speculation is that also Pentax will launch a new Full Frame Mirrorless next year. I hope they will noin one of the existing FF mirrorless systems. I really cannot see them competiting all alone against the big giants.