Olympus kills the PEN-F line. First victim of a shrinking market…

Olympus Japan market the cameras as discontinued

Just like any other company also Olympus cannot ignore the effects of a shrinking market. The first victim of the MFT line is actually the one camera I like most: The PEN-F. The camera sales of this tiny style jewel were lower than the company’s target. And it therefore got axed.

From what I heard the entire PEN line isn’t selling well with the exception of some models sold in Asia. I guess Olympus focus from now on will be on the OMD line.


Canon says yes…Full Frame R camera priced lower than the RP is possible!

EOS Magazine interviewed Michael Burnhill (European Technical Support Manager at Canon Europe). When they asked him if even cheaper Canon EOS-R camera could be introduced in the future he said this:

Do you see a full-frame camera coming in at a price below the RP?

MB: Yes.

I think this shouldn’t come as surprise. The Sony A7II just got a $600 price drop at Buydig, BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama and Focuscamera. You get camera plus lens for under $1,000!!!


via CanonWatch


Canon EOS-R High Resolution model coming in late 2019

CanonWatch reports:

We’re told that the next Canon EOS R camera is already field tested by a small group of selected photographers.
The next Canon EOS R camera will have a high resolution sensor. We expect Canon to announced the high resolution EOS R somewhen in Fall 2019. We still have no reliable information about the resolution but you can expect a sensor between 50MP and 70MP.

The question is if Canon will finally make a new generation sensor that can be nearly as good as Sony. And no crop in 4k would be nice too…but I guess I am dreaming :(

First leaked image of the new Zeiss Otus 100mm f/1.4

Zeiss will soon launch the next Otus lens. The 100mm f/1.4! It will be available for EF anf F mount only but as usual you can adapt this manual lens on any mirrorless system camera:

Lens constitution: 11 groups 14 pieces
Minimum shooting distance: 1.0 m
Maximum shooting magnification: 1: 8.6
Filter diameter: 86 mm
Maximum diameter: 100.7 mm
Focus ring diameter: 90.0 mm
Total length (including the lens cap): ZE: 152.3 mm ZF. 2: 150.1 mm
Total length (excluding the lens cap): ZE: 128.8 mm ZF. 2: 126.5 mm
Weight: ZE: 1405g ZF. 2: 1336g

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Rumors roundup: Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 FE, Fuji 33mm, Sony A7sIII, New Olympus MFT cameras…

New rumors and news recap:

1) (Image on top) Yongnuo will announce a new 50mm f/1.8 FE autofocus lens in mid April and price at $100 (SonyAlphaRumors).
2) Sony interview at DPreview: Sony A7s alike APS-C camera is a possibility…and yes A7sIII will exceed expectations! (SonyAlphaRumors).
3) (Image below) Fujifilm X Photographer Shares Fujinon XF 33mm f/1.0 Image on Instagram. Beta Testing Started? (Fujirumors).
4) TowerJazz Announces Signing Three-Year Agreement Extension with Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions (L-rumors).
5) Olympus interview at Phototrend: More MFT cameras will be announced in 2019! (43rumors).