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Mounting evidence speak in favor of a new Panasonic announcement this week!

LA Expo kicks off on June 7

There are many different indications supporting the rumors of a Panasonic camera announcement on June 5:

1) Taz Frase wrote on Threads:

Spoke to a LUMIX rep at NAB and they said Panasonic is announcing something at cine gear aimed at the high end cinematographer and that it would hint at what’s happening with the Varicam line 👀 v interested to see what happens next weekend.

2) 43rumors got two still to be confirmed rumors about a possible new GH7 announcement.

3) Asobinet reports that some Japanese stores now officially marked the Panasonic GH6 as discontinued. this might be one more sign that indeed the GH7 is coming soon?

Recap: There is still no leak or 100% solid evidence, but the odds of a new camera announcement this week are increasing.

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