Review – The Epson R-D1 – A budget friendly Leica MD alternative

You probably forgot that once Epson made a digital M-mount camera named R-D1. Mattias Burling tested it:

This is the Epson RD1, the first digital range finder with a Leica-m mount. It was released back in 2004 but still cost a pretty penny on the used market. I decided to review it after you, my viewers, decided I should via one of my polls here on youtube.

Also Casey tested the Epson:

This is by far the most interesting camera I have ever used. Its a digital camera from 2004 that STILL costs around $900 used. Is it worth the price in 2018? I think so.

also via ThePhoBlographer

Sony a7 III, The GOOD, the BAD and the MEH! Two week review.


I have been enjoying my new Sony a7 mk3 for two weeks now, and have come to a few conclusions. Mostly good, a few bad, and some a bit… ‘meh’. There is a lot to love about this camera, but also a few niggles with Sony’s new full frame camera. I focus here on the video functionality of the Sony a73. *I don’t want to cover the stills performance until the RAW files are accessible to Photoshop or Lightroom. To skip to some pretty shots (which are end) click here- 30:19 My previous a7 III vids/tests- (many comparing to GH5, or other Sony models.) Sharpness tests – Dynamic range – First impressions and high ISO- Full HD test- Sensor glitch problem- Slow motion looky – Sony/Panasonic colour –