New reviews: Fuji X-T3 by Max Yuryev, Hugh Brownstone and Tony Northrup

I know Photokina was all about the new Full Frame mirrorless cameras. But to me the best camera on the market in terms of price-value balance is the new Fuji X-T3. It can do what most Full Frame cameras cannot do and does cost less. So unless you really need Full Frame for some very specific reasons I would really consider buying this gem!

And I wish one day Fuji will make a GF camera with exactly the same design for $4000. I now feel free to laugh at me in the comment system for wishing the impossible :)

X-T3 at Bhphoto, Adorama and Amazon. In Europe at ParkCameras, In Australia at CameraPro.

New DPreview and Kai Wong tests of the Fuji X-T3

On top you can watch the new review of the Fuji X-T3. At the same time Dpreview also posted a preview of the new Canon EOS-R:

I suspect that most users that will invest in an EOS R will be mid-level enthusiasts (i.e. Rebel and EOS 80D upgraders) that are most interested in the larger sensor and the fact that it says ‘Canon’ on the front; I also suspect they’ll not be terribly interested in the fact that it’s Canon’s first ‘serious’ mirrorless offering. Unfortunately for those users, if you come to the EOS R with expectation of how a Canon camera ‘should work,’ you’re likely to be frustrated for a bit. You’ll be much better off approaching it with an open mind.
All that said, we’re not meaning to let Canon off easy on this one. There are definitely some aspects of the EOS R that need to be refined or reworked (the default out-of-box action for the M-Fn Bar is to cryptically flash ‘not available’ at you), even for a less demanding audience. We’ll of course be addressing those when we complete our full review. In the meantime, for those of us waiting for Canon to usher in a truly revolutionary camera built around the new RF mount, one aimed at more demanding users and more demanding use cases, I think we’ll just have to wait a little longer.

X-T3 preorders are now open at Bhphoto, Adorama and Amazon. In Europe at ParkCameras, In Australia at CameraPro.

And here is Kai Won’gs take on the camera: