Ted Forbes: What I learned from COPYING a MASTER Photograph

Ted Forbes:

In our latest photo assignment, we’ve been studying the still life photographs of Josef Sudek. I’ve been working on a few of these myself and I want to share the results here. The key to think about when recreating these still life images is what is the intent? Once you start executing the details will tell you even more. This is a great way to learn how to see as well as understand the intention of the photographer.

There Are No Bad Cameras, Only Bad Photographers – And Some Other Harsh Camera Truths

Robin Wong:

There have been a lot of complains about how recent camera releases are not good enough and some even claimed a camera being “dead on arrival”. The chase for camera perfection is getting out of hand and honestly, quite pointless. The camera is just a tool, and seriously, the cameras we have today are so much more powerful and capable than any other cameras released more than 10 years ago. We should shift our focus away from demanding more and more and more and truly look into ourselves and ask ourselves – why are we not happy with our own photographs? Is the camera truly to be blamed?