OM Digital chief says they will announce a “WOW” product in abotu one year from now

Asahi published an interview with Chief Technology Officer of OM Digital Solutions Mr. Kataoka.. The key info here is that he said:

  1. They plan to launch multiple new products in 2021
  2. They will stick to MFT (of course)
  3. It’s possible they will make a PEN-FII
  4. There will be at least one product that will make you “WOW” (launch planed sometimes in 1 year)

I wonder what this WOW product might be: For sure it’s a MFT camera and I think it’s hard now to really “WOW” anyone. We already have super high rez cameras, 8K recording…what feature could really WOW you?

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The Sony A1 promises to be the one camera that can do everything the other Sony cameras can do: Superb video, superb photo at a superb speed. Is it worth the high price?