Ted Forbes: Hasselblad 907x hands on first impressions!

Ted Forbes:

The Hasselblad 907x and the new CFV II 50C Medium Format digital back are now out! Hasselblad were kind enough to loan me this system for a few weeks to shoot with – it is amazing. Specs are very similar to the Hasselblad X1D II, but there are two things that make this camera different. First are the ergonomics – this is very similar to the original Hasselblad designs from the 1950’s – early 2000’s, particularly the form factor of the SWC cameras. Secondly, it is modular so you can pair the back up and use it with any V-system Hasselblad such as the 500CM up to the 503CX. There is literally nothing else like this in any medium format system today. Fujifilm and Phase One make great cameras, but I think this is the most interesting product to hit the market this year. Its incredible.