TikTokkers, Youtubers, Instagrammers rejoice! Panasonic will soon announce a Full Frame L-mount cameras for you!

“Influencers” are the new cow to milk and that’s why Panasonic will soon announce a new Full Frame L-mount cameras made for them! The rumors says:

  • it’s a very affordable Full Frame camera
  • very compact to make it easy to carry it with you
  • no EVF…apparently tiktokkers don’t need that :)
  • fully articulating screen to see you face while say some stupid things :)
  • some extra special “influencer” features  (have no info about exactly what those features are).

Also Sony will announce a vlogger camera in late May, the ZV-E10II. I couldn’t care less about those kind of cameras but the truth is that they are selling hot. The Sony ZV-E10 is actually among the best selling cameras on Amazon :(

Anyway, I hope that one day Panasonic will also make “decent” Full Frame version of that beautiful LX100!

Stunning surprise: Fujifilm will make a digital T-X1 panoramic camera by 2028?

If there is one company that can think “differently” when it comes to cameras than this is Fujifilm. And there is now a fair chance that in 2028 they will launch a new digital version of the epic T-X1 panoramic film camera.

There is no information yet on possible specifications and sensor size. The original TX-1 could capture two formats: conventional 24×36mm format and a 24×65mm panoramic format. Perhaps the new digital version will have the same feature? Three lenses were made for this camera: 45mm f/4, 90mm f/4 and 30mm f/5.6.

And yes, this TX camera was made in partnership with Hasselblad. I don’t think they will make a partnership for the digital version this time?

via Fujirumors

Confirmed: Nikon Z6III to be announced within the next few weeks and new Hasselblad 25mm f/1.5 coming this week!



One of my trusted sources saw the camera and confirmed it’s coming soon!

Still no reliable specs tough…all we have are those “Weibo” specs:

Pixels: 24.5 megapixels
Processor: EXPEED7
Stabilization: 7 stops
Shutter: 1/16,000 sec
AF: 299 points
Video: 12-bit N-RAW recording 6K/60p & 4K/120p
4K H.265 10-bit MOV video, ability to upsample 4K FX to 6K or 4K DX up to 120p.
Burst: Up to 40 frames per second in FX format, 120 frames per second in DX format.
Viewfinder: new high-resolution 5.76 megapixel viewfinder.
Card slot: Supports CFexpress Type B and SD UHS-II cards
Battery: EL-15″ battery
High-Resolution Pixel Shift Photography
Easy-to-use multi-angle LCD screen
Shutter angle fine adjustment options, distinction between project frame rate and shooting frame rate
Support for 2.4/5 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth LE connectivity
USB-C fast charging and HDMI Type-A connectivity
Look inherited from the Z 8, smaller than the Z 8
Micro-logo on top (same as Z 8 and Z 9)
PASM wheel”


New 25mm f/2.5 will be announced this week according to How2Fly.


On May 10 Laowa will announce the new 100mm T/S lens for GFX and V medium format cameras:

Will Canon announce the R5II and another camera on May 15?

Canon might announce two new cameras on May 15. One could be the R5II while it’s unclear what the second camera might be. But according to Simon from ordinary Film maker there will be definitely no new R1. He reports this camera launch has been delayed due some issues on the prototype.

I hope the second camera is a new Canon vintage model…what do you hope to get?

Panasonic is rumored to announce a new Lumix Full Frame fixed lens camera in May!

There is a fair chance that in May Panasonic will announce as new fixed lens compact camera! We have no specs yet but it should be

  • Full Frame
  • way more affordable than the only player in this field, the Leica Q3
  • Come in different color variations

So this camera would fall right into the hype of fixed lens cameras and in particular unique spot: Much more affordable than the Leica Q3 and much higher image quality than the Fujifilm X100VI. Could it become a hot seller too?

I have no info yet about the possible specs although i speculate it will use the same S5II sensor. What do you think about this possible new fixed lens model?

Thanks L. for sharing this! Hope you can share more info soon!

First leaked image of the upcoming Fujifilm GFX100S II

Fujirumors has just released the first image of the new Fujifilm GFX100S II. The only visible external difference from the previous model is that the new model has Bishamon texture.

The new camera will be announced on May 16 along the Fujinon GF500mm f/5.6. The camera is priced around $5,000 while the lens costs 3,899€.