And it finally happened! Panasonic will launch the first Instagram friendly mirrorless system camera!

Today the camera world capitulated and Influencers have won the war.

43rumors reports the Panasonic G100 will be the world’s first Instragam friendly vlogger mirrorless camera. It means that when you hold the camera in vertical mode it will record video vertically too! The camera will have special modes and appropriate video size options for Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Nokishita leaked specs and added the full spec sheet:

Official press text:

Features That Make G100 Vlogging Ready
You’ll find all the camera features you need, right at your fingertips: a 3-inch free-angle touch rear monitor and advanced image stabilization, to ensure that you can shoot a clear walk-and-talk from any angle; to the Frame Marker, which enables you to quickly and easily check the composition in the camera frame; to the REC Frame Indicator, which helps you avoid time-consuming re-dos by clearly indicating when the camera is recording. Various popular aspect ratios such as 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 4:5, 5:4 and 9:16 are available, ready for every platform from Instagram to YouTube.

Amazing Audio and Video Performance
The Panasonic LUMIX G100 also features high-quality spatial audio recording, integrating OZO Audio by Nokia. The high-performance built-in mic is composed of three internal microphones (Surround, Front, and Back), which can be activated manually or automatically through the Tracking function to ensure clear audio whether you’re recording selfies, interviews, live events, or nature. When you’re ready to start editing, you can retouch, resize, crop, and more within the camera, or send to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-paired device with the push of a button via the LUMIX Sync app. For advanced videographers, the LUMIX G100 supports V-Log L recording.

Compact and Lightweight for Easy Handling
Compatible with the Micro Four Thirds system, the LUMIX G100 Mirrorless Camera is remarkably compact and lightweight, easy to carry even with a lens. Tripod grip makes it easy to hold the camera and connects with the camera via USB to start/stop video recording, release the shutter, and enable/disable Sleep mode. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in content creation, you will find the G100 the perfect camera for creating ready-to-share, gorgeously high-quality vlogs and still photos that bring your ideas to life.

What if…Sony will launch a $999 Sony A5 in Summer?

SAR reports that there might be a chance Sony introducing a new entry level Full Frame camera that competes with the $899 Canon EOS-RP. This camera will cost under $999 and could be named “Sony A5”.

There is no rumored specs, so we don0t know if it looks like an A6xxx or more like an A7 series camera. I would love this camera to have an unexpected and completely new kind of design but I cost savings are the main philosophy at Sony right now and I fear this will not happen :(


Olympus refuses to give up and will release a new MFT lens soon :)

You stubborn Olympus! You refuse to listen those reputable rumor sites narrating back in autumn that by January-March 2020 you would close the camera division. You should listen to the holy voice of the sacred Internet, the land of the rightful trolls and anonymous salvation army.

Olympus ignores these apocalyptic calls for the end of MFT and yesterday they registered a new MFT lens in Russia (the land of fake news so there might be hope MFT is dead for real?). The new lens is coded “IM022” and will be announced soon. It might be a new 100-400mm MFT but who knows, maybe Olympus will shut down the camera division next week right before the lens gets announced. In Youtubers-Influencers we trust this might be the case.

This sarcastic post is dedicated to all those influencers, youtubers, bloggers making their clickbait living by narrating the death of Olympus during the past five years :)

via Nokishita

Canon EOS-R5 will be announced on July 9

The Canon EOS-R5 will be announced on July 9. And we will finally get the full price info which for now is rumored to be something around $4,000.  Sony will announce their A7sII successor a couple of days earlier. But while the EOS-R5 will definitely record 8K it’s not sure if the Sony will do the same!

Stay tuned…this is going to be an exciting time :)

via CR twitter

Sony is rumored to launch the As7II successor and 12-24mm GM lens by end of June

After 5 very long years we might finally get this damn new As7III :)

The camera is rumored ot be announced at the very end of June along the new 12-24mm f/2.8 GM lens. There is no info on the possible specs yet but I don’t think it will have 8K like the Canon EOS-R5. Afterall the A7sIII is aimed at professionals and they surely prefer to have a high quality 4K video than crappy 8K.

Next two announcements: Sigma lens on June 18 and Sony press event (public?) on June 26

Sigma will announce their new 100-400mm E and L-mount lens and the 16/30/56mm F1.4 DC DN APS-C primes on June 18.

The bigger new is that Sony invited the press for an even on June 26. We are going to get the 12-24mm GM and likely also a new Sony A7sII successor. But it’s unclear yet of the press will have to sign an NDA or if the camera+lens will be announced to the general public on the very same day