The web goes frenzy on the Z7III: Some claim it’s not coming, some claim to know the specs…

New Z6III  at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama, FotoErhardt, WexUK

The new Z6III is a nice camera and that’s why some now question if a new Z7III is actually necessary. PetaPixel wrote that While the Z6 III Is Here, a Z7 III is Far Less of a Certainty:

The only way I can see Nikon can release the Z7 III is to change what photographers have come to expect from it. The only camera really “missing” from Nikon’s lineup is a video-focused system like Canon’s R5C, Sony’s a7S, or Panasonic’s S5 IIX.

On the opposite on Weibo people claim to know the Z7III si coming and is likely to have those specs:

– Accelerated FX-format 90.75MP BSI CMOS sensor
– Cross-pixel Super Pixel Package sensor mode with pseudo LPF (10.1M)
– Four image size selections: L/M/S/B (only L/B for RAW)
– EXPEED 7 processor
– Four-leaf button
– Easy-to-use two-axis multi-angle LCD screen, high-brightness EVF
– Optimized body grip
– 8-stage IBIS, enhanced gyro video electronic image stabilization
– Pixel shift high-resolution shooting
– Dual data stream AF system, updated AI focus algorithm and process, more powerful than Z 9 and Z 8 –
FX/DX-format 14-bit RAW mechanical shutter continuous shooting up to 14fps
– FX-format B-size 14-bit RAW electronic shutter continuous shooting up to 20fps
– HEIF/JPG electronic shutter continuous shooting mode: C30 (FX-B/DX-L), C60 (FX-B/DX-M), C120 (FX-B)
– High quality video sampling modes are 12K-FX, 8K-DX, 4K-FX
– 12-bit N-RAW recording up to FX 12K/30p and 4K/120p, DX 8K/60p
– Supports non-pixel-to-pixel N-RAW encoding
– Up to UHD 8K/30p and 5.4K/60p and 4K/120p H.265 10-bit 4:2:0 MOV video
– Supports 4K ProRes 422 HQ 10-bit MOV video up to 4K/60p, ProRes RAW encoding
– N-log2 with IPP2
– Precise shutter angle options
– Separation of project frame rate and shooting frame rate (S&Q in Codec)
– Two card slots, support CFexpress B, SD UHS-II
– Supports WiFi 2.4/5 GHz, Bluetooth LE connectivity
– USB-C fast charging and HDMI Type-A connectivity

My take is that nobody knows a thing about the Z7III and that all that this means is that it might be not coming any time soon.


Will Canon R1 and R5II both be announced in July?

CanonRumors is near certain both cameras will be announced in July. This is the summary from Asobinet:

  • Canon announced the development of the Canon EOS R1 on May 15, 2024.
  • We had hoped that, like with the EOS R3, new information would be provided leading up to the official launch. However, about a month has passed since the development announcement, and all we have seen are the images used at the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • We expect the EOS R1 to be officially announced around mid-July, alongside the EOS R5 Mark II.
  • We are receiving confirmation from various retailers around the world regarding when new product NDAs will go into effect. When this happens, major products are usually announced within 1-2 weeks.
  • This gives retailers time to conduct their due diligence and plan their initial orders, and also gives Canon Distribution time to set allocations for each retailer and third-party distributor.
  • Just because a retailer or distributor orders 100 units of a product doesn’t necessarily mean that will be the first shipment.
  • While we know the EOS R5 Mark II will ship in late August 2024, the Canon EOS R1 is still a bit of a mystery.
  • We have been informed that the EOS R1 won’t ship until November 2024 at the earliest, meaning a four-month delay between its official announcement and availability in retail stores. That’s still very much possible.
  • Canon bodies like the EOS R1 are generally rolled out to agencies and CPS first.
  • The EOS R5 Mark II will likely be more important to retailers than the EOS R1. We have a roughly 30 to 1 unit sales ratio between the EOS R5 and the EOS R3, clearly favoring the EOS R5.

Rumored Canon R1 specs and new leaked images


There are the rumored Canon R1 specs:

24mp CMOS BSI Stacked Sensor
Readout of about 2ms (Claimed)
Quad Pixel Autofocus
Intelligent AF tracking, it can track a specific target and ignore everything else.
16-bit Mechanical Shutter
14-bit Electronic Shutter
6K RAW at 120fps
Dual CFexpress Type B Card Slots
Compatible with CFexpress 4.0 Standard
USB-4 Port
Full Size HDMI Port
Eye Control AF II
$6499 USD (though this isn’t locked in as of yet)

CR notes from the leaked images:

There is a normal 3-axis flippy screen
There is a new M-Fn3 button on the top left (below the menu button)
There are four playback buttons below the display: playback, magnifying glass, dustbin, rating button
There is a LAN indicator light
There is also this interesting window beside the LAN light. We can’ speculate as to what it might.
The INFO button now is built into the vertical grip as well.
The Viewfinder is a lot bigger than the EOS R3. The EOS R3 EVF is 5,760,000, the EVF on the EOS R1 looks like it could get has high as 10,000,000 dots.
The Joysticks and AF Smart Control are included, as we already know.
The multi-shoe has a locking cap.
The memory card door has a lock.
The EOS R1 is far bigger than the EOS R3.
A mounting lug on the bottom of the camera for a wrist strap.
Battery Percentage on the top LCD, not just the bars we have seen on other Canon cameras.
The top button layout is the same as on the R3, with an added White Balance Button
On the top are also two new symbols near the M-Fn button and the LCD-light button in a blueish colour: according to Tony Northrup the gas-station-like Symbol is the FTP-Symbol which indicates a dedicated button for wireless transmission. The other one shows a crop-symbol which might be a sign for a integrated teleconverter
The ON-OFF switch on the side, is for controlling the vertical grip functions and was used on previous 1D-series Cameras, but is not built into the EOS R3.
The card slot seems just a little bigger than on the R3 to fit Dual CFexpress Type B cards.
The bottom shows us an HDMI logo, so it features full HDMI.
A diopter control is also built into the viewfinder.
The mode-switch is the same as on the EOS R3 and EOS R5.
Overall is the camera bigger, but especially thicker than the EOS R3, that also improves the ergonomics.
The battery voltage is something over 10V. While the EOS-1D Mark III and EOS R3’s LP-E19 battery runs with 10.8V. The EOS R1 appears to show 15v on the identifying sticker on the bottom of the camera.

via CanonRumors

First images of the Canon R1 spotted at the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco

Federico Basile has spotted the first pre production Canon R1 camera at the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco!

You can read the full press text on Explora but here are the key interesting aspects:

  • It’s going to use a new CMOS sensor (so no global shutter)
  • Uses a variation of the current Digic X processor of the Canon R3.
  • promises to have the best in class autofocus…beating the Sony A1 and Sony A9III AF system.
  • Will be field tested at the Olympics

via CanonRumors

Panasonic announced the new Lumix S9 compact camera with entirely new LUT ecosystem and APP

Lumix S9: Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, BestBuy, Panasonic US, FotoErhardt, FotoKoch, Calumet, WexUK, Panasonic UK.

Today Panasonic announced the new S9 L-mount compact camera. But what is interesting for MFT photographers is that they also announced a new, much improved LUT system. Something that definitely has the potential to compete with Fuji film styles. Panasonic made this How To video to show you the new features:

And here is PetapIxels review of the camera: