New Mitakon Creator 85mm f/2.8 1-5X Super Macro lens announced

It’s available for nearly all different mirrorlesss systems:

Zhongyi Mitakon 85mm f/2.8 1-5X Super Macro Lens has a wide magnification range (from 1X to 5X) allowing photographers to capture subjects at different sizes. Users no longer need to DIY or use any extension tubes to reach high magnification shooting. The lens is also designed to have one of the longest working distance for ANY super macro lens. The closest working distance at 5x magnification is 3.93” (10cm) and 10.7” (27.2cm) at 1x magnification. This working distance is so much longer than traditional macro lenses in the market. Photographers can now start shooting macro objects without getting too close and scare them away. The extended working distance also implies lighting can get to the subjects easier. It is also more friendly to use on video shooting. This new super macro lens also has a near telecentric performance which is a big advantage when it comes to macro image stacking photography or industrial usage.

The new 1x-5x Super Macro lens incorporates a 12 elements in 8 groups structure which delivers impressive resolution from corners to corners. The chromatic aberration is also controlled to the minimum (APO design). Weighing merely 1.65 lbs (750g) and 6.7cm long, it is a perfect companion for both wildlife or indoor lab shooting. It is relatively compact in its class which allows photographers to capture extremely fine subjects or patterns with different sizes. Greater magnification can also be achieved by stacking extension tubes or bellows. The high magnification is extremely useful for scientific purposes. The lens can only be used in macro distances and cannot focus to infinity. A 58mm filter thread is also available.

The enclosure of the lens is made of metal to strengthen its durability. Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE, Sony Alpha, Pentax K, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds, Fuji X mounts are available.

Sample Images

5 years warranty only covers the lens but NOT the accessories (i.e. tripod collar & LED light)

The best 2019 cameras according o Dpreview

Dpreview awarded the best cameras of the year. What’s noticeable is that there ain’t any DSLR in their list:

Best compact/fixed lens camera: Ricoh GR III
Best consumer stills / video camera: Panasonic Lumix DC-S1
Best entry-level ILC: Canon EOS M200
Best midrange ILC: Canon EOS M6 Mark II
Best high-end ILC: Sony a7R IV
DPReview innovation award: Fujifilm GFX 100
DPReview product of the year, 2019: Sony a7R IV

Olympus will announce a new MFT lens roadmap tomorrow and Sony will announce a new fast wide angle lens

A couple of lens rumors today!

1) Olympus will launch a new roadmap tomorrow at 14:00 London time. This includes the already known 150-400mm lens, a new 12-45mm f/4.0 lens and new tele lenses.
2) Sony will announce a new fast wide angle GM lens in very early 2020

No info yet about their new cameras. I am pretty sure tough that Sony will give us the A7sIII and A7IV in 2020 and Olympus the new E-M1III.

UPDATE: Announced today! this is the newly announced roadmap:

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Fuji X-T4 might be the jack of all trades: Has IBIS and will be launched by end 2020?

One camera to rule them all? This is what the Fuji X-T4 might will become! According to latest (and yet to be verified) rumors the specs will be:

  • X-T4 with IBIS
  • expect a T4 about 1/3 of an inch thicker, and about 5-6oz heavier
  • On a good note expect 6k60 and 10bit internal
  • anamorphic ratio
  • fully articulating flippy…essentially an S1H but APSc with Fuji color and obviously much smaller
  • release end of 2020

via Fujirumors

LOL: I just spotted someone using the Mamiya 7 at the Trump impeachment hearings

I do own two Mamiya 7 cameras and was therefore super surprised to see a journalist using the very same camera at the Trump impeachment hearings. If you can find out who this guy is I would love to see those photos once he has developed and digitalized them….which means it might  take weeks before we see those photos on  the web  :)

Note: Please resist from the temptation to make any political comments. This isn’t the place.