First great pre Black Friday deals on the Sony A6000 and A7II

Sony did NOT announce any new camera at Photokina and PhotoPlus (and this is weird). But to make up for this they are offering some super deals on current gear:

Sony A7II with 28-70mm FE and ton of free extras for $998 at Adorama, Amazon, BHphoto, FocusCamera and BuyDig.
Sony A6000 with two E-mount lenses and free extras for $598 at FocusCamera, Amazon, Adorama, BuyDig and Bhphoto.

The big news here is that the A7II basically cost less than $500 if you subtract the single value of the lens and extras you get in the superkit. How Sony can still make money with this remains a mystery to me :)

First BCNranking for October shows Canon EOS-R outselling the Nikon Z7 by two to one


BCNranking finally gave us a glimpse into the effects of the new Full Frame mirrorless war: The Canon EOS-R managed to outsell the Nikon Z7 by two to one. In Nikon’s defense the Z6 still has to start shipping and this is surely going to have a major impact.

The Sony FF mirrorless share dropped from 99,5% (0,5% is Leica) down to 67%. Canon owns 22% and Nikon 10%.

One more thing: APS-C sales went down and MFT sales fell even more rapidly. The Full Frame battle is making the first victims? Below you can see the share based ons ensor size. With Blue being APS-C, Red is MFT, Green FF and Purple other sensor sizes.

via Digicameinfo

New financial reports: Fuji doing ok, Canon not so ok and Olympus very bad

Let’s take a look at the latest financial reports:

Fuji (reports here):
Fuji is doing well with an increase in revenue reported on a year to year basis. The operating income is down -9,1% but this is due to increased advertising and R&D costs that should help boosting sales of their new products in the upcoming quartals.

Canon (reports here):
The revenue dropped by 5%. But Canon still expects to recover in the upcoming months due the mirrorless camera introduction.

Olympus (reports here):
Now they are really doing bad! They had a huge 9,2 million YEN loss and they had to revise the forecast and expect a year to year revenue drop of 13%. And it with Full Frame getting mainstream it will become even harder for Olympus to make money with their cameras and lenses. Maybe it’s time for them to move to FF or medium format?

The new Olympus E-M1X OMD camera will be launched in January and have a built-in grip to compete in the Sports Realm!

The current E-M1II vs the Canon 1DX (via CameraSize).


We are finally get a first glimpse on this new Olympus OMD camera that will be launched in January. From what we learned it’s clear this camera will feature the best tech available to Olympus. The goal is to make a High End MFT camera that can compete in the Sports Realm. That’s why the camera has a built-in grip. And this isn’t a rumor but a fact:

Today Olympus registered a new camera model with built-in grip at And the agency reports the exact size of the camera: E-M1X is 144.37 x 146.765 x 75.345mm. This is close to the size of the two Canon-Nikon sports cameras:
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II: 158.0 x 167.6 x 82.6mm or
Nikon D5: 160.0 x 158.5 x 92.0mm.

Sounds intruiging. Can this camera bring back enthusiasm in the MFT system? Time will tell…

via 43rumors via Nokishita

New YN450 Camera specs: Uses the Panasonic 16MP Four Thirds sensor

Youngnou shared some more YN450 Camera specs on Facebook:

*Support Android 7.1 operating System
*5-inch incell 1080P Multi-Touch display
*Support Canon EF DSLR lenses
*Panasonic’s M4 / 3 CMOS sensor ,16MP, equipped with Qualcomm 8-core processor
*Support 4K video recording @ 30fps
*8MP front Camera
*Support full Netcom 4G / 3G network data and WIFI connection
*With 3GB RAM+32GB storage built in and up to 32GB of expandable storage
*Support dual-MIC stereo
*Support GPS function
*Support 3.5MM headphone jack
*4000 mAh battery
*Simple-designed body, easy to operate.
*Built-in dual LED flashes
*Support RAW format

So it uses a Four Thirds sensor but supports EF lenses. I wonder what mount it uses!