This might be a year were we will NOT get any new medium format mirrorless camera :(

Fujirumors reports that there will be no new GFX camera this year from Fuji. And I think there is little chance Hasselblad will launch a new mirrorless medium format camera too. Pity, I would love to get this X-T styled medium format camera :(

Still we will get new lenses for medium format cameras. In two weeks Fuji will announce this new 45-100mm f/4.0:

Wild Canon EOS R Mark II rumored specs…

There is a veeeery wild rumor (or guess?) going around the web about the possible EOS-R II specs. So please take it with a huge grain of salt:

  • 32MP image sensor
  • IBIS (In Body Image Stabilisation)
  • DIGIC X (A different version than the CPU featured on the EOS-1D Mark III)
  • 12fps
  • ISO 100 – 51,200
  • 1 SD card slot
  • 1 CFexpress slot
  • No crop 4K video with DPAF (Dual Pixel Autofocus)
  • No RAW video
  • 5mp EVF
  • May get a new naming scheme

So while I doubt those specs are accurate it’s definitely true that Canon will release a lot of new camera and lenses for the RF mirrorless system. They are trying hard to outpace Sony to reduce their gap with the Alpha system.

Source: CR Via CanonWatch

Ted Forbes explains what “Sharpness” is

Ted Forbes:

This video is about sharpness in lens design and photography. Sharpness is something we actually measure. It is represented in MTF charts and its actually a very important element to understanding the characteristics of a lens. Sharpness is essentially contrast between areas of detail. More defined contrast indicates a sharper photo. If we understand the sharpness of a lens we can also see possibilities in bokeh, field curvature, astigmatism and some types of chromatic aberration.

Upcoming announcements: Fuji X-T4 in February/March, Olympus E-M1III in mid February, Canon High-Rez EOS-R and maybe the new Sony A7IV at the Cp+ show!

We are starting to get a clearer picture of what companies will announce in February ahead of the big Japanese CP+ Photo Show:

Fuji will announce the X-T4 and X100V in February/March
Olympus will announce the new E-M1III and 150-400mm PRO lens in mid February
Canon will announce the new High Resolution EOS-R camera
Sony might announce the new A7IV just to piss off all those of you waiting for the A7sIII :)
Leica will announce their new Monochrome camera

We haven’t heard anything yet about possible Nikon and Panasonic announcements…

Fuji is in for the battle: X-T3 successor to be announced in February/March

While some companies like Sony and Olympus are a bit “asleep” others like Nikon Canon and Fuji are speeding up their mirrorless release pace. Fujirumors reports that the X-T3 successor will be announced in February/March. This is only 1,5 years after the X-T3 announcement. No rumored specs have been spilled out by Fujrumors but I am sure we will not have to wait a long time for this.

Note: On the same day the new X100V will be announced too!

UPDATE of January 11: Sorry, misunderstood the rumor: The X-T4 will not be announce on February 4 but in sometimes in February/March. Misundertsanding happening because the camera codes are registered in Asia til February 4.