News roundup: DxO acquires Nik Collection, Macphun becomes Skylum and new Hasselblad X1D firmware update

Here are three industry news we didn’t report earlier because of all the PhotoPlus announcements:

1) The Adobe competitor Macphun changed its name in Skylum (MacPhun Blog)

2) DxO acquires Nik Collection assets from Google (Nikcollection).

3) Hasselblad X1D Firmware Update 1.19 released. New features:

Touch-pad selection of AF point
New setting: Live view in EVF only
Custom buttons
New setting: Max aperture (Lens bokeh)
Create new folder
Toggle overlay in Video Live View with display button

First JPEG side by side comparison:

So how does the new Sony A7rIII stuck against the best camera from the competition? Imaging Resource writes:

The A7R III has a crispness to the blues in the eye that the other two seem to lack, resulting in a sort of grey overtone from both the Nikon and the Fuji. What may be the most impressive is how well the new Sony FE 24-105 f/4 hangs with Nikon’s new 24-70mm and Fuji’s 63mm. 

I think that with exception of the Canon the other cameras are really pretty darn close. The biggest issue I see now is that it’s hard to justify the high price tag of the GFX. I think the difference will be more obvious once the GFX-100 gets released.

Sony A7rIII at Amazon, Bhphoto, Adorama, BuyDig, FocusCamera, Calumet DE, Wex UK. Sony Australia.
Sony 24-105mm at Amazon, Bhphoto, Adorama, BuyDig, FocusCamera, Calumet DE, Wex UK.

The Hasselblad X1D beats the Nikon D850 and is now the best ranked camera at DxO!

DxOmark tested the Hasselblad X1D sensor performance and it did beat all the rest of the camera crowd:

Image quality on the Hasselblad X1D-50c is outstanding, crashing through the 100-point barrier to become the highest-scoring commercially-available sensor we’ve tested. At 102 points overall, it also achieves either the best, or very close to the best results for both color depth and dynamic range. Combine that with its 50Mp resolution and mirrorless design, all packaged at a more realistic price tag, the X1D-50c starts to look like a tantalizing prospect.

That said, while its image quality is up there with the best, it’s not significantly better than other super high-resolution full-frame sensors, such as the Nikon D850 DSLR or the Sony A7R II, except in low light. So whether the X1D-50c is right for you may depend on your preference for shooting medium format, the flexibility of leaf shutter lenses for high speed flash sync, or other factors such as the range of available lenses and accessories. But for pure sensor performance, the Hasselblad X1D-50c delivers outstanding results and phenomenal image quality.

Get the X1D at Amazon or BHphoto.