Canon is rumored to soon announce the new EOS-R with 70+ Megapixels!

CanonWatch reports:

the upcoming EOS R will have a resolution “way beyond the Sony a7R IV“.

Form what we heard the EOS-R is definitely coming very soon (September/October). And I guess yes it’s no problem for Canon to beat the A7rIV. But their real problem is that the sensor tech is way behind Sony’s. I do hope they finally will have something that can come close to the Sony!

At last we will get a superb Video oriented RF mount camera….from RED :)

Newsshooter spotted a new image of the soon to be announced new RED Komodo cine camera. Canon surely gave them the rights to use this mount with one condition….4K should have a 2x crop! Just fooling you Canon :)

We don’t knwo what this cameras is but Newsshooter listed a frw things this camera is NOT:

  • It is not DSMC3
  • It is not a replacement for DSMC2
  • It is not 8k VV
  • It is not a Dragon or a Helium or a Gemini or a Monstro Sensor
  • It does not have an HDMI port
  • It does not use proprietary media
  • It is not a “module”
  • It is not under $5k, unless you own a Hydrogen.
  • It has no XLR ports
  • It does not have a fixed lens
  • It’s body does not weight more than 2 pounds.
  • It is not larger than 4 inches in any dimension.