Sony has two announcements to make: New compact camera by end of May and new FF gear by end of June

As reported on SAR Sony is finally going to announce some new products:

First we will get a new compact camera by end of May

And than we will get a new Full Frame camera and new Full Frame lenses (12-24mm f72.8 GM?) by end of June

Let’s see if Sony is able to get back some of the viral internet hype they have lost with the announcement of the Canon EOS-R5.

Fuji confirms the X-H2 is coming and that it will be different from the T-series

Mapcamera interviewed one of Japanese top managers Mr. Takashi Ueno. Fujirumors summed up the important info:

  • Fujifilm wants to continue with the concept of the XH series, which is different from the T series
  • the X-H series is not only characterized by IBIS
  • the X-H series is made very tough, has a large grip to make it better usable with long lenses, has a thicker magnesium alloy chassis, it’s more robust
  • All this makes the camera bigger and heavier, but that’s necessary to meet professional needs and maintain high specifications
  • Fujifilm would like to make the XH series a camera with a clearly different concept from the XT series
  • The Fujifilm X-H line is intended for users who have different shooting purposes and shooting scenes
  • The mere difference in design and operability does not make it possible for the X-H and X-T series to coexist. Fujifilm is currently studying these issues