Fuji interview: XF 8-16mm F2.8 will be released this year

Fujirumors spotted a new Thai nintyerview with Fuji. Here are the key info translated by Fujirumors:

  • X-T100 target on people who want to shoot good photos and have a viewfinder and also vlogging. Also a camera for travel shooting, family.
  • X-T20 a bit better high ISO senstivity thanks to X-Trans sensor. X-T20 is also overall a bit faster
  • X-T100 is faster than X-A5
  • the goal was to create the smallest camera possible. Hence no grip. But you can add it separately (comes included in the box).
  • the new LCD tilt mechanism allows the camera to be slimmer than when using a fully articulating screen
  • Sensor is Bayer, but processing is the same of Fujifilm, hence you have for example film simulation and overall very good IQ
  • 4K 15fps is a limitation. Maybe next generation will have upgraded 4K
  • Fujifilm has APS-C and Medium Format. MF can provide higher resolution, better dynamic range and better ISO. So Fujifilm thinks that the GFX system is much better than Full Frame. APS-C is smaller and lighter, not only cameras, but especially the lenses, such as telephoto lenses and brighter lenses.
  • Fujifilm GFX 50S expanded the demand for Medium Format
  • Fujifilm works hard to release XF 8-16mm F2.8 this year
  • strongest points of Fujifilm are color reproductions (image processing) and lens quality
  • Fujifilm strategy to grow in mirrorless market. They want to be different. In camera style and concept. Every camera model has a different concept.