MacPhun announces a new Lightroom competitor for 2018. It will work with the IR Library!

Short preview: new DAM module in Luminar from Macphun Software on Vimeo.

Today Macphun (Click here) announced that it will launch a Lightroom alternative in 2018:

“After recent Adobe news about Lightroom updates, we received a lot of questions about our plans for creating a photo manager, so we’d like to shed some light on this.
At the moment we’re working on the digital asset manager (“DAM”) which will work with both hard drives and cloud storage platforms. It’s going to be a perfect tool for organizing and managing images. Moreover, users will be able to run it along with LR library to compare both DAMs side by side and choose which fits them better.
The new DAM will be added to Luminar in 2018, and will be a free update to everyone who owns Luminar 2018. We’ll be releasing more details soon.
In the meanwhile here’s a short video about the new DAM from Macphun:
And several screenshots to take a closer look of what’s coming next:”


And now finally Sony: Press announcement on October 25 at 10am

In the past years Sony used to give us plenty of new cameras every year. But these times are over and also Sony has slowed down their mad product release cylce. This year we only got two cameras: The Sony A9 and the Sony RX10m4 (we don’t count the RX0 as a camera for the mass market).

But finally there is something more to be announced on October 25 at 10am in NYC. New A7 camera(s) coming?

via SAR