Panasonic announcement on November 8 and Leica announcement in late November

We will have two more announcement this month: On November 8 at 9am London time Panasonic will announce the new G9. Leica will announce a new system camera by end of November..

43rumors posted those G9 specs:

– It will have a 20.3 MP sensor without an AA filter.
– 80 MP mode combined from 8 images. Images are stitched together in camera (no need to run it through an external software). works with camera on tripod only (non handheld mode)
– 6K Photo mode,
– 60FPS AFS.
– 2 slots for SD card
– Magnesium body, freeze proof up to -10 Celsius degrees
– 3,680k-dot OLED LVF
– Rear joystick for focus points
– Top plate LCD
– Large buffer with no slow down
– available after Christmas

Don’t know if there will be any other announcement before the year ends.


8K Camera from XIMEA with 48 Mpix and up to 30 fps now released

This is an indsutry camera bbut it’s still intruiging to read the specs of their press release:

Muenster, Germany – newest models in the high-speed line of PCI Express cameras announced earlier are now available to order.

The well-known line called xiB already offers 4K and 5K models with 12 and 20 Mpix resolution and fast speed. With the addition of the new CMV50000 sensors from CMOSIS (AMS) to the xiB camera the 8K resolution is now available! We anticipate the initial stock to be low until the end of 2017 and production to begin in earnest early in 2018 – please get your inquiries in now!

This latest model, called CB500, is equipped with high grade 35mm, full frame, Global shutter CMOS sensor with 7920 x 6004 pixels resolution and ability to provide 8, 10, 12 or 14-bit crystal clear images. With the help of PCI Express (PCIe), this 48 Mpix sensor is able to reach the remarkable speed of over 30 Fps at full resolution.

The camera’s data and control interface is fully compliant with PCI Express External Cabling Specifications, which allows 20 Gbit/s and real data throughput of 1550 MB/s. In addition, fiber optic cabling can be used for data streaming direct to memory from distances of up to 300m without the expense of additional frame grabbers or special, complicated software.

The camera package itself is remarkably compact in size and power consumption – physical dimensions of only 60 x 60 x 38 mm and 175g. Its power consumption, reduced by design and components, can be as low as 9 Watt. Further enhancement comes from an integrated active lens interface compatible with Canon EF-mount. This allows remote control of aperture, focus and image stabilization.

Applications examples include: Flat panel inspection, printed circuit board (PCB) examination, persistent stadium and border security, wide area surveillance, 360 panorama, cinematography, instant replays, Virtual and Augmented reality (VR, AR), Sports imaging and broadcasting, motion capture and aerial or city mapping.