Canon believes “the camera market has generally bottomed out”

During their Q2 financial report Canon stated:

We believe that the camera market has generally bottomed out at its current size. In the future, the world of professionals and advanced amateurs will expand further, and we believe that the products will evolve to a higher level, and we will continue to grow as a whole. We will continue to provide single-lens reflex cameras as long as there is demand.

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Good news from Sigma: Their new Full Frame Foveon sensor will be “ready” end of this year!

The Sigma CEO released an interview and said the following:

  • We are still in development and are working on a prototype of a three-layer Foveon X3 sensor.
  • This sensor should be available later this year
  • The Foveon X3 sensor is not a versatile sensor and has disadvantages such as dark performance
  • But when the amount of light is widespread, this camera can produce very beautiful and wonderful pictures.

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Don’t worry: The Sony A7rV is going to be on market by October

You remember that company named…”Sony”? Yeah that company that since autumn 2021 didn’t announce a single new camera model. I bet you forgot by now it existed :)

Well don’t worry folks, the long silence will soon be over! The A7rV is definitely going ot be on market by October. Not sure yet when the camera will be announced…likely September? There will be also a new ZV APS-C model and a new E-mount cine camera. But this isn’t something you were looking forward to get I guess…

Casio now makes those kind of weird cameras for the medical business

Casio has long withdrawn from the digital cameras business and it is currently developing and selling digital cameras for the medical field only. A brand new patent discloses the design of the “colpo camera” that was displayed as a prototype back in 2021.

This is camera made for obstetricians and gynecologists. with LED lights having different filters. Funny thing or not?

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