To be announced soon: Sony ZV-E10II, new 16-50mm zoom and new 85mm f/1.4 GM II

Sony had a super slow start in 2024. But in July we should finally get three products:

Sony ZV-E10II

Sony E 16-50mm F/3.5-5.6 OSS II

Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM II

  • lighter, more compact and optically much improved successor of the current 85mm GM

The ZV-E10II and the kit lens will be announced on July 10. The 85mm GM I am not sure if it’s coming on July 10th or before/after that event (all I know is that it’s coming very soon too).

Surprise: Panasonic announced the new Lumix FZ80D superzoom compact camera

You can preorder the camera now at BHphoto (Click here). This is good news, because I thought the market for this type of superzoom compact camera was dying out. The other important news is that this is the third camera announced by Panasonic in the last 6 weeks. As you know, they registered three cameras in China in the spring. This means that there will be no more camera announcements for at least the next 2-3 months.

Chinese company Yes!Star officially released the new S1 film camera!

Yes!Star officially released the new S1 film camera and held a new product launch conference in Shanghai. The film camera is made of all metal, with replaceable film, equipped with a 31mm lens, a maximum aperture of F11, a built-in flash, and is compact and light, weighing only about 280 grams.

There is no info yet about pricing and launch in countries outside of China. My take on this is that film is on surge and I hope that aside of Pentax (with the great Pentax 17) also other manufacturers will launch new film cameras.

Two more Nikon cameras coming soon!

Chinese tracker E8M spotted a total of two Nikon cameras officially registered in China with the following codes:

  • N2216
  • N2312

Both should be new Z cameras that will be announced within 2-3 months. You can guess what models those are: Z5, Z30 or Z7II successor?

The web goes frenzy on the Z7III: Some claim it’s not coming, some claim to know the specs…

New Z6III  at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama, FotoErhardt, WexUK

The new Z6III is a nice camera and that’s why some now question if a new Z7III is actually necessary. PetaPixel wrote that While the Z6 III Is Here, a Z7 III is Far Less of a Certainty:

The only way I can see Nikon can release the Z7 III is to change what photographers have come to expect from it. The only camera really “missing” from Nikon’s lineup is a video-focused system like Canon’s R5C, Sony’s a7S, or Panasonic’s S5 IIX.

On the opposite on Weibo people claim to know the Z7III si coming and is likely to have those specs:

– Accelerated FX-format 90.75MP BSI CMOS sensor
– Cross-pixel Super Pixel Package sensor mode with pseudo LPF (10.1M)
– Four image size selections: L/M/S/B (only L/B for RAW)
– EXPEED 7 processor
– Four-leaf button
– Easy-to-use two-axis multi-angle LCD screen, high-brightness EVF
– Optimized body grip
– 8-stage IBIS, enhanced gyro video electronic image stabilization
– Pixel shift high-resolution shooting
– Dual data stream AF system, updated AI focus algorithm and process, more powerful than Z 9 and Z 8 –
FX/DX-format 14-bit RAW mechanical shutter continuous shooting up to 14fps
– FX-format B-size 14-bit RAW electronic shutter continuous shooting up to 20fps
– HEIF/JPG electronic shutter continuous shooting mode: C30 (FX-B/DX-L), C60 (FX-B/DX-M), C120 (FX-B)
– High quality video sampling modes are 12K-FX, 8K-DX, 4K-FX
– 12-bit N-RAW recording up to FX 12K/30p and 4K/120p, DX 8K/60p
– Supports non-pixel-to-pixel N-RAW encoding
– Up to UHD 8K/30p and 5.4K/60p and 4K/120p H.265 10-bit 4:2:0 MOV video
– Supports 4K ProRes 422 HQ 10-bit MOV video up to 4K/60p, ProRes RAW encoding
– N-log2 with IPP2
– Precise shutter angle options
– Separation of project frame rate and shooting frame rate (S&Q in Codec)
– Two card slots, support CFexpress B, SD UHS-II
– Supports WiFi 2.4/5 GHz, Bluetooth LE connectivity
– USB-C fast charging and HDMI Type-A connectivity

My take is that nobody knows a thing about the Z7III and that all that this means is that it might be not coming any time soon.


Blackmagic owns Adobe and promises no “AI training” will be ever done on your media

Blackmagic updated their Cloud Login page with this note about “No AI training”:

We acknowledge that you own your uploaded media. Blackmagic Cloud is not a trick to access your media for AI training. Your media is private and won’t be used to train AI. So you can work with security, knowing your ideas won’t leak publicly via AI.

Game Set Match for Blackmagic against Adobe!

via Diyphotography Tip by Hugh Brownstone Thanks!