First RED Hydrogen Prototype Hands-On video!

We can finally see more of the new RED Hydrogen system camera phone…I actually don’t know how to call it :)

Marques Brownlee just posted this exclusive first hands-on video:

This is how it compares with other phones:

And this the Hydrogen with a Triplet Lens module attached:

What Marques couldn’t show is the holographic feature. But RED promised to show a more finalized prototype in 1 month or so.

Overall this looks exciting and expensive!

Good news and Bad news on latest June camera shipment report…

CIPA released the June unit shipment report. There is good and bad news:

The Good news is that in June 2017 we sold far more cameras than in 2016. But to be fair 2016 was very bad also because of the Kumamoto earthquake aftermath.
The Bad news is that June 2017 still sold far less than in 2015.

To sum up, there is no more decline in the camera unit sales. But a real recovery is not to be expected.