Is Cp+ going to be the big event for Canon’s Full Frame mirrorless launch?


2016 is likely going to be the year where both Canon and Nikon will announce their first “PRO” mirrorless system cameras. According to Canonrumors Canon will “surprise a lot of people” at CP+. While he has no detail about what the surprise could be he speculates this could be a Canon FF camera.

I have not received any hint about a Canon FF mirrorless yet. But I am sure it would be good news if Sony will finally get some competition.

via CanonWatch.


Leica SL sensor DxO review: Best-performing Leica to date


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DxOmark (Click here) tested the new Leica SL sensor and writes:

Although the Leica Q’s sensor performance hinted at the direction Leica was taking, the Leica SL sensor improves on that. Such improvement might be only in some small way, but it is quantifiable. With impressive still capability surpassing that of many high-end DSLRs, and with access to Leica’s huge range of top-drawer optics with a range of optional adapters, the Leica SL is a compelling choice,  particularly for those who already own a number of Leica lenses. The Leica SL is not cheap, but then engineering at this level never is. Compared with the Leica M, there’s not much in it —indeed, it is even cheaper than a newer M-P at $7950, and that’s before taking into account the extra $570 for the Leica Visoflex EVF2. Given the advantages of the built-in viewfinder for focusing, particularly off-center, the SL may even be the better bet.

Leica has done a nice camera but it’s too bulky for my taste and price well…$7,450 at BHphoto. Nope :(


PEN-F leaked in all his very retro style!



Next week on January 27 Olympus will announce the new PEN-F. Here are all the images of the real thing and as you can see its a real retro styled camera. And despite it’s rugged design the camera is not weather sealed. At 1500 Euro with kit lens this is probably not going to be a hotseller.

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via 43rumors.