Next Stock of Fuji GFX cameras will ship out on March 30 in Europe

There is still no store in USA and Europe that has the Fuji GFX in Stock (Check: BHphoto, Amazon). The next shipment is due to start on March according to Calumet Germany. I am really surprised to see such a high demand for $6,500 camera. I am now seriously hoping Sony and others will make a medium format camera too. That way price may go down to $4,00 :)

And now some adapter news: Kipon annopunced a total of twenty adpaters for the GFX (Full info here). And this is the video showing the new Fotodiox GFX adapters:

Fuji is working on a new Top End APS-C X-Trans camera that will cost $5000

I really don’t know how much sense it makes but according Fuji seems to be working on a new $5,000!!! High End APS-C X-Trans camera. This would be Fuji’s first camera for professional sports and action photographers. The key on that camera seems to achieve maximum autofocus speed. But I really wonder if someone will spend $5,000 on an APS-C mirrorless camera yet. It will be hard for anyone to compete against the well established Nikon/Canon sport photography dominance.

via Fujirumors

Meyer Optik announces the new Trioplan 35 f/2.8 (on Kickstarter)

Meyer Optik launched their new Kickstarter project to finance the new Trioplan 35 f/2.8. You get th elens for $599 and it’s available for different mounts. Those are the specs:

Focal length: 35 mm
Aperture: 1:2,8, – 1:22
Angle: +/- 31,5°
Focussing Distance ∞ to 0,3 m
Clip on diameter:  41 mm
Filter Diameter: M 39 x 0,75
Size: Ø 61,5 mm x 50 mm
Weight: ca. 220g
Aperture blades: 12
Mounts: Sony E, Fuji X, Micro Four Thirds, Leica M

Full presentation with image samples can be found on Kickstarter (Click here).

Sony registered a new camera in China and it could be a new FF E-mount

Sony registered a new camera model in China (at ). The registration doens’t unveil any specs of the camera but the code uses is “WW361847”. The “WW3” prefix has been used inthe past on five of the six ccurrent available A7 cameras. So maybe there is a chance we are going to see a new FFE-mount camera soon. Usually it takes 1-2 months before a newly registered camera gets announced.

We don’t know yet if this is going to be the new A7III or the first model of the new Professional A9 line. About the latter SAR reports this

  1. The camera under development seems to have 2 models.
    One is high-resolution model around 70MP, and the other is super high-performance AF, super high speed continuous shooting, and super high ISO sensitivity model.
  2. The first model to be released will be the low rez and super high-performance AF camera
  3. I don’t know whether both models are released like α7, 7R or A9.
  4. Many professional photographers introduce Emount, and Sony receives many requests from professional photographers through PRO support. High-end Emount camera (probably α9) will become the camera in response to the demand of professional photographers.
  5. The camera with lower resolution sensor is very fast and has in its prototype stage shoots around 20 fps
  6. Estimated price range is $6,000