Look here folks: For the first time in four years camera market is not shrinking!

CIPA just plublished the camera shipment data for the months of December. Ans look here folks: After four years of continuous camera shipment reduction this is the first time I see that camera shipments in one month were better(!) than the month of the year before!

And now to two more interesting details:

  1. The graph here on top show the system cameras shipment. And in December the number of camera shipment were greater than in 2015 and in 2014!!!

2) Surprise: Even the December compact camera shipments were greater than the year before!

Finally it seems we have reached the bottom of the four-year long camera market crisis?

Debunking a fake news about Sony A7 strategy…

Just a quick head-up. A “certain website” wrote that Sony’s next A7 mark III camera will replace both the A7II and A7sII. I saw that “rumor” going aroudn the forums and social networks. This is just a heads-up to say that this rumor is 100% wrong. Sony will continue to keep the two lines well separated.

It’s unconfirmed yet but the Sony A7III is likely to hit the stores this summer. While the A7sIII will feature a somehow “improved” body design with larger body and dual card slot.

A good news from Hasselblad: The X1D-50c is now shipping in “larger quantity”

At last some good news from Hasselblad. The X1D is now shipping in “larger quantity”. But I wonder how many of those who preordered the X1D canceled their order to get the Fuji GFX