Nikon patented a 2-layer sensor which sounds perfect for a PRO mirrorless camera


Egami spotted a new Nikon patent which describes a new 2-Layer sensor. On top it has a phase detection autofocus layer and below the “normal” RGB sensor. This would allow Nikon to have advanced professional autofocus system on mirrorless system cameras.

Of course, we don’t long it will take for Nikon to make this new tech available on a production camera. Let’s hope this is coming soon!

Billy Luong and Makoto Oishi of Fuji: “future smaller GFX body is possible”


Luminous Landscape interviewed Billy Luong and Makoto Oishi of Fuji. Here are some key info:

  • The focal plane shutter design allows the GFX to be expandable. So the current lenses, whatever sensor technology comes down the road, will still be capable and that’s one of the key benefits of going with the focal plane shutter
  • Fujifilm is already talking with Adobe for support and that adapters are possible, even for leaf shutter lenses, made by Fujifilm or third-party manufacturers.
  • In future Fuji may also smaller GFX bodies

Fuji to announce two more new cameras after the X-A10: The X100F and the X-T20

bildschirmfoto-2016-11-19-um-13-25-41 bildschirmfoto-2016-11-19-um-13-25-20

The X-A10 which got leaked yesterday is expected to be announced next week. But here we are with another hint about the future Fuji cameras. Fuji registered two new models in China (Miit). Usually this means we can expect these to be announced within the next two months. My guess is we will see them at CP+ in early January. Fujirumors long rumored that Fuji will announce a X100F and X-T20 in early 2017.

via Nokishita .