First leaked images of the new Ricoh Theta SC


Digicameinfo leaked the first image of the new Ricoh Theta SC. And those are the specs:

– Japan announcement Date: October 13,
– Color: White Beige Blue Pink
– Imaging element: 1 / 2.3 (× 2)
– Number of effective pixels: about 14M
– Lens configuration, F value: 6 group seven, F2.0
– Still image resolution L: 5376 × 2688 M: 2048 × 1024
– Video Resolution L: 1920×1080 / 30fps / 16Mbps M: 1280×720 / 15fps / 6Mbps
– ISO sensitivity: ISO100-1600 (still image), ISO100-1600 (video)
– Shutter Speed Still: 1/8000 seconds -1/8 seconds, 1/8000 seconds -60 seconds (manual)
– Shutter Speed Video: 1/8000 seconds -1/30 seconds (L), 1/8000 seconds -1/15 seconds (M)
– About 1600 sheets recordable number (L), (M) 9000 sheets
– One of the available recording time of the video: up to 5 minutes or file size limit 4GB
– Video total recording time of: (L) about 65 minutes, (M) about 175 minutes
– Built-in memory: about 8GB
– Shooting distance: about 10cm ~ ∞
– Power supply: Lithium-ion battery (built-in)
– Battery life: about 260 sheets
– External interface: microUSB (USB2.0)
– Dimensions: 45.2mm (width) × 130.6mm (height) × 22.9mm (depth)
– Weight: about 102g
– Retailers Price: 32,800 yen (tax included)

Preorders started on the new Sony A6500 and the RX1005. Will they sell?


The preorders on the two new Sony cameras are now officially open:
A6500 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama. In EU at WexUK. PCHstore.
RX100m5 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama. In EU at WexUK. PCHstore.
New Underwater housing for all RX100 cameras at BHphoto, Adorama.

The question is…with such a high price tag will they sell them in any meaningful numbers?

Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki explains in honest and funny way why they will never quite making DP cameras!


If you watch from minute 5 you will hear Mr. Kazuto Yamaki explain in a very deeply honest and funny way why Sigma is never going to quit from their DP camera business. Mr. Kazuto Yamaki is really a great person and manager!

Thanks Lensvid for sharing this.!

Latest from the Fuji GFX: Ships in Spring…and has 16 bit???


Fuji confirmed at Dpreview that the new GFX medium format camera will ship in Spring. They also said all lenses will outresolve future 100 Megapixel GFX sensor cameras.

The swiss site Digitech interviewed a Fuji manager and he said the camera will have 16bit RAW recording. But I am not sure if the info is correct. Maybe he did a mistake and the camera has 14bit RAW as reported by Fujirumors.