Luminar Neptune has a new special artifical intelligence filter

MacPhun announced the new Luminar Neptune software (Click here). The big new feature is an “artificial intelligence” filter which does all the basic changes on your photos for you. You get $10 off if you use the checkout code “MIRROR”.

New feature highlights in Luminar Neptune:

Accent AI filter – Uses artificial intelligence to create stunning images with a single slider movement, tapping into the power of dozens of filters.
Quick & Awesome workspace – A workspace consisting of the Accent AI Filter, Saturation & Vibrance and Clarity filters. Perfect for achieving great results in a fun and easy way within seconds.
Plug-in integration with Creative Kit and Aurora HDR 2017 – Seamlessly access favorite features from Macphun’s other photo editing tools.
Brush, Gradient and Radial Gradient tools – Dramatically faster performance yields smoother selective editing.
Vignette filter – Addition of Vignette Styles, Place Center and Pre- and Post-Crop modes delivers even more flexibility to this popular photo finishing tool.
Memory management – Increased overall performance for large files and 5+ simultaneous open images.
User Interface changes – Extensive improvements to in-app animation and mode transitions make for a more pleasing editing experience.
Crop tool update – Ability to specify custom crop sizes bring the ultimate usefulness to cropping.
Local history – Provision for reviewing separate history while in Transform, Denoise, Clone & Stamp modes helps optimize editing.

Specs of the Sony A7III that is going to be announced in October/November

So, the next Sony FF E-mount camera will be the A7III. While the A7rIII and A7sIII are more likely to be announced sometimes in 2018. And SonyAlphaRumors shared the A7III specs:

– New 24 MP sensor
– First source said it hs “Same Sony A9 autofocus system without the 20fps feature”. Second source said it’s “improved AF system”. Hope they mean both the same thing.
– Touch Screen
– Joystick control
– 4K recording
– Launch this fall

Still no info about the (RX?) camera that should be announced shortly…

Sony will launch a new A7III, 135mm and 400mm FE lens this year!

We can be pretty certain this is what Sony is going to announce this year:

  1. Sony A7III
    – 24MP Sensor (not the same as the A9).
    – same A9 autofocus system without the 20fps rate
    – to be launched in October-November
  2. Sony 135mm f/1.8 FE lens
    -to be launched this summer
  3. Sony 400mm FE (aperture unclear)
    -to be launched this summer

It seems like the heavy stuff like the A7rIII and A7sIII will be announced or ship in 2018 only

via SonyAlphaRumors

Notice of Impact of Inappropriate Accounting & Notice of Revised Consolidated Earnings Forecast for the FY Ended March 2017

Oh no Fuji! The company discovered some “inappropriate accounting” in New Zealand and Australia. Today they released that statement (PDF here)

“[…] in addition to Fuji Xerox New Zealand Limited (“FXNZ”), an overseas sales subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. which is a consolidated subsidiary of FUJIFILM Holdings , Fuji Xerox Australia Pty. Limited, an Australian sales subsidiary of Fuji Xerox, also conducted inappropriate accounting similar to that conducted by FXNZ. As a result, the accumulated impact of the inappropriat e accounting regarding our consolidated subsidiaries on the “net income” on a consolidated basis of the Comp any for the past few years has become a loss of 37.5 billion yen from a loss of approximately 22 billion yen […]. Further, the accumulated impact on the “net income attributable to FUJIFILM Holdings” is a loss of 28.1 billion yen“

“Although sales in areas such as electronic imaging field of the optical device and electronic imaging business have increased, our sales and operating income has decreased due to a decrease in sales in the healthcare business and the document business.

At the same time, as a result of the review of the cross-shareholding, a gain on sales of investment securities has been recorded in non-operating income and expenses so there have been increases in income before income taxes, net income attributable to FUJIFILM Holdings, and net income attributable to FUJIFILM Holdings per share, which has resulted in a record high in the net income attributable to FUJIFILM Holdings.

Further, the impact on the amount in the consolidated earnings for the fiscal year ended March 2017 relating to the accounting problem at overseas sales subsidiaries of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. […] is minor.”

We don’t know yet if there will be any legal consequences of this “misbehaviour”.

via Fujirumors