Fuji has a major event in Tokyo on September 7. Expect X-E3, X80, XF80 Macro, the GF 45mm

Fuji is going to held a major “Fujikina” event on September 7. We can be pretty sure Fuji is going to announce some new stuff like:

1) X-E3
2) X-80
3) XF80 Macro
4) GF 45mm

via Fujirumors

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New MS-Optical History-Prot 58° 40mm f/6.3 Macro for Leica M

The new MS-Optical 40mm f/6.3 macro lens for Leica M is now listed on eBay (Click here).

Description via Japancamerahunter:

Miyazaki has been a very busy man lately. Not content with releasing a series of new regular lenses, he has also started working on the History Series of lenses.
And this is the fist in the series. The Prot 40mm 6.3, based on a classic design known as the Protaria lens formula which was designed by the legendary Rudolph Zeiss. I am still awaiting a full translation of the accompanying text about the lens.
This is a minute lens, weighing in at only 47 grams. it has a close focus of 60cm. 4 elements in 2 groups.
A fascinating little lens and something quite a bit different from what you usually see. A slower lens for a slower pace.