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Yes we can confirm: Samsung developed a ready to launch Full Frame mirrorless camera.

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A rendering made by a Nikonrumors reader

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Our very top Samsung sources confirmed they successfully developed a production ready mirrorless full frame system camera. They reported that Nikon is very likely to use that sensor now. While the camera design may change to suite Nikon’s needs.

I can also confirm the info posted by Andrea Georgia on DPreview forum is correct. She reports:

Over the last couple of months I talked quite a few times to a Samsung representative in Düsseldorf, Germany who told me repeatedly that he has indeed seen Samsung’s FF sensor at their German facility in Schwalbach, not mounted in a camera, he said, but on its own. In the early fall he was certain that Samsung was bent on giving Sony a run for their money and would enter the FF mirrorless market in the coming year, with the FF sensor ready for launch.

Then the rumors intensified and finally the news broke that Samsung was pulling out the German/European mirrorless market, much to many people’s bafflement given how mighty Samsung is, and how truly excellent their latest two cams and lenses are. Even with market stagnation etc. it didn’t seem to make entirely sense to simply stop the camera business. The rep and I kept talking and speculating who could team up with Samsung, Nikon or Canon, and he, as well as the photo store manager, repeatedly stated that Samsung’s FF sensor exists, absolutely, they said. Whether it’s the one that’s going to find its way into the new Nikon mirrorless cam will be remain to be seen, but I’m pretty sure that Nikon-Samsung will go FF with mirrorless, if the rumor is correct. I hope they keep APS-C, too, because the size, weight and cost savings are very substantial, and we shall see about lens mounts and system compatibilty. I think Nikon has filed some APS-C and FF mirrorless lens patents this past year.

Our Samsung sources have no knowledge of when Nikon will release the Full Frame camera. But they will soon share some details about it :)

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