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Yes we can confirm: Samsung developed a ready to launch Full Frame mirrorless camera.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-16 um 17.34.26
A rendering made by a Nikonrumors reader

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Our very top Samsung sources confirmed they successfully developed a production ready mirrorless full frame system camera. They reported that Nikon is very likely to use that sensor now. While the camera design may change to suite Nikon’s needs.

I can also confirm the info posted by Andrea Georgia on DPreview forum is correct. She reports:

Over the last couple of months I talked quite a few times to a Samsung representative in Düsseldorf, Germany who told me repeatedly that he has indeed seen Samsung’s FF sensor at their German facility in Schwalbach, not mounted in a camera, he said, but on its own. In the early fall he was certain that Samsung was bent on giving Sony a run for their money and would enter the FF mirrorless market in the coming year, with the FF sensor ready for launch.

Then the rumors intensified and finally the news broke that Samsung was pulling out the German/European mirrorless market, much to many people’s bafflement given how mighty Samsung is, and how truly excellent their latest two cams and lenses are. Even with market stagnation etc. it didn’t seem to make entirely sense to simply stop the camera business. The rep and I kept talking and speculating who could team up with Samsung, Nikon or Canon, and he, as well as the photo store manager, repeatedly stated that Samsung’s FF sensor exists, absolutely, they said. Whether it’s the one that’s going to find its way into the new Nikon mirrorless cam will be remain to be seen, but I’m pretty sure that Nikon-Samsung will go FF with mirrorless, if the rumor is correct. I hope they keep APS-C, too, because the size, weight and cost savings are very substantial, and we shall see about lens mounts and system compatibilty. I think Nikon has filed some APS-C and FF mirrorless lens patents this past year.

Our Samsung sources have no knowledge of when Nikon will release the Full Frame camera. But they will soon share some details about it :)

  • yudi_hilmawan

    I think panasonic need to join the battle of FF mirrorless camera.

  • MdB

    Samsung say otherwise. Clickbait.

    • Samsung UK in September:

      “Withdrawing from the camera business is not true and there is no official plan to stop production of cameras and lenses“

      Pity they did not tell the truth. Me Clickbait or maybe Samsung cannot share the truth until everything is official? You choose.

      • MdB
        • Patrick

          this reminds me of when a Fuji manager said: “We have absolultely no plans to replace the X100 yet”…. puff, 4 months later, the X100S came :)

          From my experience: never trust a Manager… they will deny rumors until the end ;)

          • MdB

            You’re in the wrong account again.

          • Patrick

            hm… surprised that FujiRumors reads (and comments) the rumor of the year? Cheers from Patrick :)

          • MdB

            Rumor of the year? Hardly! IF this were true it means two things:

            1. Nikon are not competent enough to deliver a bigger format mirrorless, despite all the rumour and speculation that they were releasing a new system next year (and causing all other brands to quake in their boots).


            2. Samsung didn’t have something people thought worth buying, so they didn’t make any money, ran at a loss for years and eventually admitted defeat and sold it to the one brand that technologically speaking cannot stand on its own.

            Yeah that is exciting stuff, CANNOT wait to see the lovechild of these two also-rans!

          • Mistral75

            I think you should take a break and get some fresh air.

          • Patrick

            ok… it’s just “one” of the rumors of the years… the real one is the Fuji Medium Format :)

          • MdB

            Wasnt that your big rumour last year? And maybe the year before that? Oh I am sure there is a skunkworks project somewhere, bit that doesn’t mean that thing is hitting the shelves. In fact t if anything Fuji just keep showing the world how Canon-like they really are.

          • Patrick

            sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong… this time, well, I’m right. But you’re free to think I’m wrong.

          • MdB

            Yeah well it doesn’t really matter does it, being correct I mean? Clickbait is clickbait.

          • Patrick

            hehe… right. and trolls are trolls

          • MdB

            Ha! Well maybe so, in your definition I am surely a troll, for disagreeing with your shoddy site.

          • Patrick

            no, you’re no troll… just a person that will be proven wrong very soon ;)

          • Mistral75

            Don’t feed the no-troll :’)

          • Patrick

            right, dude

          • MdB

            Oh cool, so I can buy a Fuji mirrorless MF camera within 3 months… Awesome ;)

          • MdB

            So soon I will be able to buy another Fuji camera that won’t be able to focus? Great news! Maybe they can jam the same hardware into 15 different shells again? And then we’ll get firmware update because they couldn’t figure out how to make a new one, or no one would supply them the parts to do so, so they bring out a ‘new’ version with some software tweaks and then ‘very kindly’ give it to ‘some’ of their existing customers, because hey! It’s the same stuff in a different box after all. Go Fuji you little winner! Oh PLEASE put those retro dials on there so all the new-old hipster photographers can marvel in using a camera ‘like the good ol’ days’… Except it doesn’t work so well really, so get them to add some other dials and fix the software so you can use them instead. But at least the retro dials will still be there, so you can feel like you are using a ‘real camera’ even though it still won’t focus ;)

          • MdB

            “Yet” means they plan to.

            Do you people not read so well (when I say ‘people’ I clearly mean ‘person’)?

          • Patrick

            No plans means no plans… when the manager said this, there were already dozen of X100 in the final test stage… and then the manager says: We have no Plans!

          • MdB

            *sigh* you are reading what you want to read and only getting to the first couple words and drawing a conclusion, “yet” is the important word. Read sometimes it might make the hash-job you call a blog more readable.

          • Patrick

            you know what MdB? I don’t remeber what the manager said. I just remember he strongly denied rumor (even after the X100 has been discontinued at some stores.)

            In order to simplfily it, I sad “we have no plans yet”… but he problably never said “yet”. He just said “no plans no plans no plans!!!!”. Dude, I can’t remeber the exact wording…. some years have passed now ;)

            MdB… it’s very easy. Wait and see…. but I wouldn’t be suprise if, at the end, the mirrorlessrumor admin says: “I told you”;)

          • MdB

            Yep, just twist it like you are correct, like you do on your website when trying to account rumours as being correct on your blog.

          • Patrick

            I’m notoriously a cheap clickbait rumor site, of course. I twist and maniplate everything. You’re right, you got me. Peace

          • MdB

            Yep! That is exactly what your site is. I don’t know how you and your site “became one” but it surely proves one thing, you can’t read or write, as I explained.

          • Patrick

            you’re right MdB. You’re 100% right.

          • MdB

            Well I’m glad we cleared that up. Now if you would kindly remove the fluro green text from your POS website and learn to use something other than Microsoft paint to do your little drawings you might just be able to reform.

          • Patrick

            and btw… I’m here as a guest, just like you. This is not my blog, and I never worte a line on mirrorlessrumros. I tell you, FR is waaay enough work. ;)

          • MdB

            That’s clearly true, because this site is somewhat readable unlike FR.

          • Patrick

            Asdmmle aslknnsa neooasd cnm okmmmoalewk, ?

          • MdB

            Still more readable than the forsaken mess that is FR.

          • Patrick

            that’s one of the kindest things I ever heard. thanks :)

          • MdB

            I can understand that you aren’t the kind of person that gets compliments very often, so that probably IS one of the nicer things people have said to you.

          • Shucks

            MdB, abortabort, Martin or whichever name you want to use, you always are so rude and get into fights. It’s time to chill out on the Internet. There is no need to be so argumentative.

          • Vanitas Foto

            Why not take it as a constructive critique of sorts, problem with how the site is displayed is that is not clean to read because of how you mix everything in a single post.

            If anything I would recommend you breaking the post in more post with the information divided in categories:

            1 post for news/rumors
            A different post for forum activity (either at the start or/and the end of the day)

            A different post for showcasing people’s photography from the forum.

            A different post for price alerts.

            This way is far more legible, if not it is kind of like putting a steak, salad, fruit, and wine in a blender and serving it as dinner.

            Mind you I’m not trying to make any offense to you, just giving an educated opinion on the matter :)

            You are enthusiastic and it shows in your post how passionate you are, just put some order in that pasion you have for your blog!


          • Patrick

            you’re talking of the miXed zones organisation?

          • Vanitas Foto

            Yep :) also it is better to break articled to be read by clicking the link “continue reading” than having them displayed at full, write an enticing lead in short description and then send them to read inside :D (like in newspapers websites or like in dpreview)

            You have a great site and content it just needs a bit of order to make it even better

          • Mistral75

            Same with Nikon still denying any interest in and projects about a 24×36 camera just a few monthes before launching the D3.

        • “Withdrawing from the camera business is not true”

          • MdB

            No “official” plans. Can you even read?

  • Eric Calabros

    It’s not a rumor, its a personal speculation, and I’d call it baseless.
    However I don’t know how Samsung can deliver FF sensor to Nikon as cheap as Sony does, while producing in much lower quantity

  • Marco –

    What about this:

  • Marco –
    • Mistral75
      • Marco –

        Facts? Those are different things.

        • Mistral75

          No, they aren’t. In September surfaced the rumour that Samsung was about to exit the digital camera market. Samsung UK refuted this in a statement answering a question asked to them by Imaging Resource (a scheme quite resembling what we have today with Amateur Photographer) and… one knows what happened since then: multiple announcements of Samsung terminating their camera business in various countries.

          • Marco –

            But there is (still) no evidence that they’ll terminate it all over the world. Again, those are different statements imi.

          • Mistral75

            Same here: they only refute selling out their NX technology to Nikon: ‘Media reports that Nikon is allegedly buying our NX technology are not true.’ What about an exclusive licence agreement or a procurement contract with an exclusivity provision?

            In addition, what would the spokesperson of a local subsidiary (Samsung UK) know, less than 24 hours after the first leak, about strategic negotiations taking place at headquarters and involving as few people as possible to maintain confidentiality?

  • drasko
  • Phil

    Admin: Do you know if the “successfully developed a production ready mirrorless full frame system camera” used the NX-Mount?

  • animalsbybarry

    When newspapers printed reports of Samsung camera factory closing it included rumors the plant was ready to reopen.

  • xomiao

    Andrea Georgia is a she..

    • Marco –

      Exactly. But mistakes are in the essence of rumors, aren’t they? ;-)

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    Hey MR, how much are you getting paid for spreading false rumors ?

  • Banjo Bill

    sexy cam, looks like my fuji ;)

    • Patrick

      wait wait wait… Fuji looks much cooler ;)

      • MdB

        It’s a Fuji with a Nikon logo.

        • Patrick

          right (or almost)… the Nikon logo is defintely a problem, compared to the seX-E1 ;)

      • Banjo Bill

        hehe ;) and smaller!

        • MdB

          Uhm, that is quite literally a silver coloured X-Pro1 with no VF window and a Nikon logo. “Smaller” indeed.

  • Robert Martinu

    I can’t help but wonder how much the little detail of “buying the cam division” vs. something akin to forming a long term or strategic partnership might contribute to the confusion…the latter interpretions would be much easier to digest.

  • Mr_A7s

    Healthy competition is good :)

  • Rick

    seriously .. both companies are publicly traded corporations.. do you really think that someone high up on the food chain is really going to leak significant information on a merger that has yet to occur to a unknown blog?

  • Jak se máš?

    Samsung DENIES that Nikon is buying their camera divison or sensors. – Amateur Photographer.

  • hexx

    whatever the truth is, there will definitely be some announcement at CES like every year, what’s the point of arguing? just chill, wait for xmas and then not long after we’ll all know

  • Funkandsoda

    The rumor from September will show to be false because Samsung will announce a partnership with Nikon on CES. They are leaving the European market at the moment to come back with new or old devices rebranded to Nikon. This would fit both official statements from Samsung and also explain the rumors and the back drawing from the markets.

  • Juurikas

    Sorry but Samsung has NEVER said they are stopping manufacturing cameras. They have never said that they stop developing and researching those.

    That Samsung is stopping NX1 shipping because NX2 is ready and the next 35mm sensor body doesn’t mean Samsung is done. Samsung just fooled everyone, got name up cheaply and will triumph to sensation with new models!

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