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TikTokkers, Youtubers, Instagrammers rejoice! Panasonic will soon announce a Full Frame L-mount cameras for you!

“Influencers” are the new cow to milk and that’s why Panasonic will soon announce a new Full Frame L-mount cameras made for them! The rumors says:

  • it’s a very affordable Full Frame camera
  • very compact to make it easy to carry it with you
  • no EVF…apparently tiktokkers don’t need that :)
  • fully articulating screen to see you face while say some stupid things :)
  • some extra special “influencer” features  (have no info about exactly what those features are).

Also Sony will announce a vlogger camera in late May, the ZV-E10II. I couldn’t care less about those kind of cameras but the truth is that they are selling hot. The Sony ZV-E10 is actually among the best selling cameras on Amazon :(

Anyway, I hope that one day Panasonic will also make “decent” Full Frame version of that beautiful LX100!

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