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Additional note on Nikon-Samsung rumor (partnership more than buy off?).

Just wanted to add a very important note:

The info I got is that Nikon bought Samsung mirrorless tech and entered a partnership on a sensor level. But I have no details about the exact agreement between the two. I don’t know if Nikon bought the full exclusive rights from Samsung (leaving Samsung with nothing) or if they “only” bought the right to use the tech and sensors. In that case Samsung would still own the right to develop their system (or working with Nikon on the same NX system).

Todays Samsung UK stated “Media reports that Nikon is allegedly buying our NX technology are not true“. If the statement is honest and correct it would not conflict with some of the possibilities I mention here:

  1. Nikon bought Samsung tech/sensor for their own system. Samsung still keeps the right to do whatever they want with NX mount. So while they did stop sales in Germany, UK and Canada they could for example still sell their cameras in some Asian countries.
  2. Nikon bought Samsung tech but will work with Samsung on the same mirrorless system just like Pentax did with Samsung years ago.
  3. Nikon bought the complete Samsung tech and rights to do their own stuff. Samsung will fade out NX and keep developing sensors and everything else for Nikon.

The Samsung sources I am in touch with will soon spill out some latest NX development (sensor and camera specs) that could be used by Nikon.

I understand the doubts of many readers on that rumor. But I have been told that it’s highly likely that Samsung will make a clear statement at CES. Let’s hope this happens and Samsung will clear their position the future of the NX system.

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