Hot rumor! Nikon bought Samsung NX mirrorless tech!


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Nikon acquires Samsung NX tech!
The past weeks we had long chats with our Samsung sources about the recent shut down rumors. And they told us the reason why Samsung is stopping the camera sales: Nikon acquired all the Samsung NX tech! That acquisition could (I said could!) be made public in January at the CES. As we have been told Samsung will have a major press announcement there.

What Nikon plans to do:
Nikon will use Samsung NX resources to launch their professional mirrorless system. It is yet unclear if Nikon will keep the NX mount or use an own new mount. That info is not accessible to our Samsung sources (it’s a decision that will be taken by Nikon). The “resources” we are talking about also include Samsung sensor tech, video tech and processor engine. Pro and Cons of the partnership can be read and discussed here on Nikon-mirrorless forum.

Nikon, Sony and sensors:
Samsung sources clearly told us it was Nikon priority to create a serious competition to Sony. And to do that they decided to buy the current Samsung NX expertise and enter a new sensor partnership. Samsung sensors are known to be as good if not better than Sony sensors. See the NX500 vs A6000 sensor score comparison at DxOmark (discuss at If that sensor tech will be used on the new mirrorless system only or also on DSLR cameras is yet unclear.

Summary: This is what happens:
1) Samsung stops NX sales
2) Nikon buys the current Samsung developed NX tech
3) Nikon will also enter a strong partnership with Samsung. Samsung will keep developing and selling sensors to Nikon.
4) Nikon will launch a new professional mirrorless system based on Samsungs acquired technology.

More details will be posted and discusses on a new Nikon mirrorless forum we just launched: Please subscribe there to get detailed news in advance. Also let us know in that Nikon Mirrorless Thread what you hope to see from Nikon. And vote if Nikon should keep the NX mount or not.

Stay tuned!

Some more discussion: Should Nikon revive the “old” FM desing style on their new mirrorless cameras?

  • Phil

    Hopefully they will stay with NX Mount

    Ps.: First ;)

    • Antonio

      Are you assuming a future Nikon mirrorless professional system will use a crop sensor?
      And what about Nikon’s lens compatibility policy?
      Will they leave customers that bought recent expensive released lenses only to option to use those ones via an adapter or switch to a new mount that most likely will make many of them thinking about moving to another brand

      • Phil

        Yes – I hope so.
        To use the pros advantage of an mirrorless system you need a new mount to make it more compact. Otherwise you will create a monster ala pentax k01.

        Therefore you will need a new mount and an adapter for DX lenses.

        And why not use the current NX mount. You would have a nice selection of lenses from start and with an adapter you can use your old glass.

        FF does not only have advantages…
        Maybe they are convienced that APSC will be enough for a small and light mirrorless system. Otherwise you could stay with DSLR…

        • I think it’s not mandatory that a mirrorless system has to be small and light. Actually I like the Leica SL size, and I’d like to have the choice of a bigger body, if it has to mount big lenses.

          • Phil

            Yes you are right. But why do not produce small and bigger cameras with the same mount like samsung did.


            1. Entry-Level without EVF.

            2. Midrange with EVF in Range-Finder design. Small and light. Godd for lenses like 10mm, 12-24mm, 16mm, 30mm, 16-50 PZ etc.

            3. Highend traditional DSLR design
            for better grip with S-Lenses. But a little more campact and ligther than current DSLRs.

          • Marco –

            It’s not about size, not only at least. Most is about legacy lenses. This is a huge benefit offered by shorter flange.

        • Hogwash: today’s most popular pro-oriented mirrorless cameras are all as large as traditional film SLRs. The Pentax was thick and boxy because it was designed to be that way.

          If Nikon wanted to make a mirrorless F-mount camera they could do it and it wouldn’t have to be any larger than an X-Pro 1.

          Thicker at the mount, yes, but that’s it.

        • Antonio

          Maybe you’re confusing the mount circle necessary to accommodate a certain sensor size with other issues.

          For instance, if you take Nikon lenses you realize DX lenses are smaller (more compact and lighter) than FX lenses besides both use the same mount F mount.

          Therefore, it seems the reason for the size difference doesn’t come from the mount and Sony can be another example if you look at their lenses for mirrorless cameras, with their new FF cameras using lenses with a new mount but this not preventing them from being larger than the crop system ones.

          Of course Nikon customers using FX DSLRs can stay with their present camera bodies (or new updates for them) but being prevented to use their lenses with new mirrorless cameras (or being limited in terms of speed due to converter adapters) would not be good for Nikon sales.

          You shall take into consideration that DX format offers advantages to certain professional uses where the crop factor can be important but that doesn’t mean it apply to everyone that prefers a larger sensor or to offer it Nikon needs to build the monsters you refer to.

    • Freddo

      Doubt it. If so, they kill the ability of making a FF body in the future. Sony E-mount has a throat diameter of 46,1 mm and that is already on the verge of being too small. Samsung NX-mount is 42 mm. Go figure.

      • Mike

        Nikon’s new mount will be 46-47mm just like Sony E-mount and Canon M-mount. There is a reason why these players chose that diameter.

        • Mistral75

          So why did Leica choose a 51mm diameter for the L mount (Leica T and Leica SL)?

          • Shallow-flange mirrorless: the wider it is, the easier it is to design for.

          • Mistral75

            Canon EF has a 54mm diameter and Contax N was even wider. Both are SLR mounts. The fact is, the larger the diameter, the easier the design of (i) very fast lenses and (ii) quasi-telecentric lenses.

          • Ayoul

            Encore plus vrai quand le tirage optique est très faible je pense ;)

          • Mistral75

            Sans plus.

          • Ayoul

            “Sans plus?” Du mal à te croire… Bref, peut-être pas l’endroit pour un débat en français.

          • Mistral75


          • Matteo

            Parlate italiano!

          • Così impari il francese ;)

          • Matteo

            Je l’avais dejà etudié a l’école… mais il y a 12 ans et je l’ai oublié un peu!

          • yugi

            Also why Leica chose 39mm diameter for M39 mount?

          • Mistral75

            I think those who could answer your question are all dead and buried…

      • lajdos

        42mm was and is m42 mount now go and figure. You also got a register distance that you can change. Sony done it with old minolta lenses. So in short time it is possible that nikon wil show imposible

        • Mistral75

          Some 24×36 mounts had even narrower throat diameters, including Contax C / Nikon S (36.5mm), M37 (37mm, Asahiflex), Leica thread mount (39mm) and M39 (39mm, first Zenit SLRs).

          • Robert Martinu

            A FF sensor has 43mm diagonal – anything narrower requires rays that are far off the opical axis, basically to undercut the throat. Which brings two problems: First even with lens ranges that make this approach natural the sensors require tricks to make use of such rays. Second we have the issue of naturally almost parallel rays coming from longer lenses.
            Basically a rehash of the retrofocus pains instead of a clean(plus maybe a working F adapter, for current Nikkors) start just to keep, well, what lenses?

        • Deep-throated SLR mounts don’t have to be as wide. Mirrorless must be in order to incorporate all the electronic, support, and lens elements so close to the sensor.

          • Mistral75

            Contax C / Nikon S and Leica thread mount were rangefinder mounts with short flange-to-film distance.

          • Not short in comparison to today’s mirrorless.

          • Mistral75

            Samsung NX: 25.5mm. LTM/L39: 28.8mm. That is comparable and much shorter than the SLR mounts (around 45mm).

          • lajdos

            The truth is that its probebly posible tu put ff to nx. Look at sony to close to sensor flansh and they have problems with creating a deasent wide angle lenses and fast standard zoom lenses. I doubt that samsung enginieres mised that designing the nx mount. So i think every one will by surprised when nikon with samsung ingeniers lunch a nx ff

      • Chris

        Nikon will certainly leverage its considerable lens lineup with any large sensor mirrorless camera, and they’ll surely go FF. The NX mount is dead.

        • lajdos

          Probably nikon wont kill the nx mount. Geting a second mount will make them money for them like sony, they will make a working adapter to prewent migration to other systems, or if nx mount wont by sutibol for them then they will create a different lens mount. But I think that if the creation of a ff nx mount camera wont be posible they rather go the fuji way and make a high quality nx lenses then make a mirrorles f moun system

          • Chris

            Nikon won’t sell more mirrorless cameras than its current DSLR lineup, why wouldn’t they leverage the massive user base that already own some 100,000,000 Nikkor lenses? Anything not continuing their commitment to the F-mount makes no sense. And NX isn’t large enough for FF, if Nikon really goes mirrorless they won’t leave higher margin FF bodies wide open to Sony.

          • peevee

            Mounts for APS-C and FF DO NOT have to be the same. Moreover, there is a clear advantage for them NOT to be the same but for APS-C mount to have shorter flange distance – this way focal reducing adapters can be built to use all the light a big FF lens gathers. Also, short flange on FF is useless with sensors with color filters (like Bayer) – sharp angles of light just lead to higher vignetting and color shifts, you’ll need to add this space to the lens to keep quality (for example, Sony FE 35/2.8 is bigger than Canon 40/2.8, Sony FE 35/1.4 is longer than Sigma “A” 35/1.4 and even Canon 35/1.4L II, while not able to hold a candle to either in optical quality).

          • lajdos

            Like i wrote befour the old m42 mount is also 42mm like nx and it covers ff so its not imposible to make nx mount for ff the only problem could be in flange distans but in nx its not so short so probebly it could be done. And as for the milions of f mount lens owners sory but you will have a choise you can buy a dslr or mirrorles and probebly you will get a adapter. Sory but buisnes is buisnes all manufacturers wand to sell cameras and lenses not only cameras. Sory but the truth is that nikon will give a f… that you have tons of theyr glas you alrady payed them for them and they will say buy more. Beside its not only the mount that they would get its: evf tech, sensor tech af tech procesors, lens, patents and much more. And the last thing that info is for now only a rumor and what you can do with the mount only the designers realy know what you can or can’t do with it. And last if a 39mm mount was enough for a range finder 42mm can be enough for a mirrorles camera

      • LittleCam

        What about the flange distance?
        Canon + Sony have both 18mm. Would be wise to chose the same, so Sigma and Tamron and Zeiss make the lens design only once and just adapt the mount-mechanics and change the electronic protocol.
        If Nikon decides to go for another flange-distance like 25mm, some of the Canon+Sony lens-designs will not be usable for Nikon. Then Nikon dies the death of having less 3rd party lens support, while Sony and Canon have.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Only flage distance needs to become bigger to support a smaller diameter.
        Sony screwed them selves over with the to short flage distance making lens design more difficult and expensive because they need bigger lens elements

        • Freddo

          That’s one way to see it. But a larger flange distance would have made focal reducers, helicoids, tilt/shift and smart electronic adapters harder to design. Sony picked a good distance IMHO. And if Nikon comes up with a new mirrorless mount, I’m pretty sure the flange focal distance will be around 18-20mm. But hey, if Nikon are as “smart” as you are, they might use a distance of 30-40mm, and that’s pretty okay for us who use Sony E-mount, since we will be able to adapt them to our cameras.

        • Freddo

          That’s one way to see it. But a larger flange distance would have made
          focal reducers, helicoids, tilt/shift and smart electronic adapters
          harder to design. Sony picked a good distance IMHO. And if Nikon comes
          up with a new mirrorless mount, I’m pretty sure the flange focal
          distance will be around 18-20mm. But hey, if Nikon are as “smart” as you
          are, they might use a distance of 30-40mm, and that’s pretty okay for
          us who use Sony E-mount, since we will be able to adapt them to our

    • myNameIsCondor

      Hopefully not. Less because of the mount itself, but the flange distance, which doesn’t allow the use of M-mount glass. A huge backdraw compared to Sony E-mount.

    • animalsbybarry

      Samsung made the mistake of using a mount that is only suitable for apsc, and not adaptable to other lenses.
      Now Nikon imaging is out of business because of that decision.
      Nikon will not repeat that same mistake.

    • gorilla

      Most likely not.
      I would sell it while I can if I were you.

    • Denny Limmer

      I do too….

  • Good! Now give me a mirrorless d4 and I’ll be happy!

    • lajdos

      Well i think it wont by far away. Take the Nx1 give it a ff sensor and you got a mirrorles d4

      • It’s not only a matter of sensor, it’s also a matter of ergonomics (size and handling) and responsiveness.
        I hope it will have a size bigger than current a7 series.

        • lajdos

          If the future nx ff will by nx1 ergonomy i think you will by satysfied.

      • myNameIsCondor

        Did you ever had a D4 in your hands? Just asking.

        • lajdos

          Yes and if i had to pick i rather picked some think like NX1 size and ergonomy + grip then the D4 but thats my choice

    • Kamen Minkov

      Have you had the need to shoot more than 300 images on a single charge? I suppose not.

      • Honestly, what do you know about me? When on assignment for Associated Press I use a Leica Q and a Canon 1DX: it depends on the assignment / event, but as example I tell you that during the Venice Film Festival I had the 1DX with the two batteies, one empty after 8 hours of use, and two other batteries waiting in the office just in case.

        • Kamen Minkov

          Judging from your previous comment, you’d be okay with a mirrorless. A mirrorless design would defeat the whole purpose of the D4. P.S. I got that you’re a show-off.

          • A mirrorless camera with a fast responsiveness as the Q (and as a D4/1DX) but with a size and handling that allows the use of bigger lenses when needed, that’s what I’d like to see (a friend of mine works for AP with a 1DX and a a7r, but the latter is slow and used only for portraits).

            I don’t show off, I mind my own business and act polite, even when “hidden” behind a screen.
            And I don’t feel entitled to speak for other people, even more if I don’t know them.

          • Kamen Minkov

            My point was that with a mirrorless, you’re either limited to a few hundred shots or you have to carry a whole bunch of spare batteries.

          • Then I’m sorry I misunderstood your comment.
            A bigger battery would improve the number of shots, and a bigger battery needs a bigger camera body: that’s why I hope someone will release a mirrorless camera with the qualities I’ve written above.

  • Roman Yarovoi

    I sold my Canon gear and bought Samsung NX500, I hope they will stay with NX mount and NX500 is impossible great camera!

    • I doubt Nikon would do that given the breadth of DX lenses available. On the flip side, DX lenses never really delivered the size reduction you get out of NX lenses. Assuming the rumor is true, they would need to address DX and NX compatibility somehow.

      I’ve got a few DX lenses and have been thinking about selling them off for an M4/3 body. This news makes me want to wait and see what happens.

      • Roman Yarovoi

        I have 16-50 3.5 – 5.6 and it’s very-very compact, enough compact for big pocket, and 45 mm 1.8 is more compact. At least should be adapter for NX lenses, because they are great, also 50-150 lenses got awards this year.

      • myNameIsCondor

        Believe me, they give a f*ck about NX compatibility. The customer base is just too small. They will do what’s best for themselves and what competes most effectively, especially against Sony.

        It may sound frustrating, but this is not about current NX users.

        • speedy fisher

          Exactly. If Samsung had enough of an existing customer base to worry about supporting, they wouldn’t be in the position of selling it all off.

        • peevee

          R&D is very expensive, and not certain to payoff in the shrinking market. They would be total morons to invent a new mount. NX for APS-C and F for FF are perfect.

      • BdV

        I think they actually got the money to buy Samsung from the sales of the 1 system ;-) So why would they suddenly decide to go full frame ahead?

    • Mike

      Nikon would have to be insane to stick to a mirrorless mount that doesn’t fit a full frame sensor.

  • lautpiano

    woosh, leaving canon in the gutter :) i can’t wait to see the 1st cams come to fruition! my guess would be not before next fall… also, yeah, what mount will they use… hard choice.

    • MdB

      Yeah! Nikon were so advanced in their plans of world domination in mirrorless that they had to buy the resources of another company to do it.

      • Jam005

        Good business sense. Have to think about your investors.

  • The Truth

    I guessed it right.

  • Darren

    One interesting question is if the Samsung NX Mount (diameter /flange distance) would allow to use / develop Fullframe sensors BSI made by Samsung of course??


    If not they can only compete against Olympus, pentax/ricoh, canon, fuji…., not rival sony fe mount ff (but hurt/compete agaonst sony sensors/department at least!).and it could be the reason to abandon the existing nx mount!!

    If they wanna really compete and wanna have a ff mirrorless system they need sompletley new mount (if technically the existing nx is not usable for this!)!

    Nevertheless, exciting news!!
    Major hurt for canon (but they have a lot /enough financial resources to answer !!!) but what about ricoh/pentax ??? This is a really hard hurt for them definetely!!

  • J.R.

    Where did all the rude & arrogant Nikon fanboys who used to talk trash about Samsung suddenly go & disappear? Even the Leica Q uses the Samsung sensor… try to guess why…

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      the rumor was posted 12 minutes ago, give them time

    • No, Leica Q has a TowerJazz sensor. 49% of TowerJazz belongs to Panasonic (51% is held by TowerJazz itself).

      • Bob Newman

        Not quite accurate. The Leica Q has a CMOSIS sensor. CMOSIS owns the IP. TowerJazz is an Israeli foundry company that fabricates sensors for fabless companies such as CMOSIS, and has been in the business for 10 years or so. Panasonic doesn’t own any of TowerJazz. Panasonic and TowerJazz have a joint venture called TowerJazz Panasonic Semiconductor Company (TPSCo) which is, as you say, 51% owned by TowerJazz and 49% by Panasonic. TPSCo’s main business is fabricating sensors to Panasonic designs for Panasonic and Olympus – however, since both Panasonic and Olympus seem to be transitioning to Sony sensors, presumably their business plan in the future is elsewhere. Their website claims a design win for a class leading DSLR camera. Since no DSLR currently available uses a TPSCo fabricated sensor, I’d assume this means the D5, since the Renesas fab line that Nikon used for the D3 and D4 sensors has been sold to Sony, so no longer gives them a Sony independent source. Nikon’s policy seems to be multi-sourcing – they don’t mind getting the bulk of their sensors from Sony, but they want an independent source as well.

        • Thank you for the accurate reply Bob. I simply wanted to say that Leica Q does not have a Samsung sensor inside (had a talk about that with someone in the high castle when I got mine).

        • El Aura

          Wasn’t Leica quite open about CMOSIS having designed the Leica M 240 sensor but refused to give any hints who designed/produces the Leica Q sensor?

    • El Aura

      I don’t know such people. I only know people that trash talk all mirrorless cameras and they don’t usually identify from which camera brand they come.

      • myNameIsCondor

        Right, I never noticed that too.

    • Paulo Moreira

      Here’s one Nikon boy that deserted the brand since the D300 ( I went mirrorless, but use the Nikkors) and I trashed Samsung for their lack of commercial vision.

      I think it is a very smart move from Nikon to have a second sensor supplier, even smarter for Samsung that will be able to get some of its money back following the NX-1 poor sales. Personally, I don’t think that there is a lot that Samsung has to offer in terms of patents that would interest Nikon very much. What I see is a way of getting the basis of a good camera in record time and for very little money. With the the right name, lens support, the NX-1 could have been a success.This is pure snobbery, but that’s how the world is. I always said that when Nikon and Canon reacted, they would lauch something to crush the likes of Samsung, Fuji or Olympus. There are great components in the NX-1, not just the sensor, the viewfnder is another great item. I am happy for Samsung, they are trying to salvage their business in an intelligent way, the Sony way, without the risk of camera making. As for Nikon, someone must have heard the alarm bells going off and they took the quickest and less expensive route, if anything of this is true.

  • Martin L

    If true, this is astounding news. As a long time Nikon F mount user, I hope their will retain this for backwards compatibility. In any case, this development explains Samsung’s exiting from the camera market.

    • Marco –

      Keeping f mount natively would mean a thick camera. Bad in mirrorless world.

      Much better: nx mount natively and an intelligent adapter to f mount for free with the camera.

      • peevee

        F-mount is fine for FF camera which needs a big grip anyway to be able to handle big FF lenses. Meaning the total depth does not need to be bigger.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Would be pretty sweet is this means a good fast f mount to nx mount AF converter

  • Slingers

    This is great news for Samsung and Sony but not for Nikon and Canon.

    Samsung gets to offload their camera division and sensors. Mirrorless gets legitimised by the big two and Sony with the current largest market share gains the most from this. Canon is now looking like its further behind in regards to mirrorless but importantly in mirrorless video will be behind Nikon. Nikon looks like they are clutching at straws.

    • Chris

      Canons cinema line is mirrorless and shoots amazing video. They already have the tech, it’s just whether or not they want to go down market. Hopefully this forces their hand.

      • bakanecko

        lol you don’t say, since when cinema videos camera using mirror. I know what do you mean though, but the flange distance is still SLR’s.

    • Jam005

      This is excellent news for Nikon investors. They have less retooling. Business 101. They own the fabs now. And the employees. Easy card to play. Just a little restructuring and adjustment of the model to fit the Nikon model.

    • Piotr Kosewski

      You’re missing the point completely.
      You think Sony has the largest mirrorless market share and Canon and Nikon will have to build it from scratch, so they’ll fall behind. This is so *not true*.

      At some point (possibly in 2016) C&N will replace their amateur lineup with mirrorless models (Rebels and D3000-D5000) keeping the DSLR lenses fully compatible. Almost instantly they will claim the top 2 places in the mirrorless world.

      The interesting thing in this rumor is that Nikon seems to be a lot better prepared for the switch. Frankly, they are even without Samsung’s help: Nikon 1 series is miles ahead of Canon M in terms of AF and general performance.
      If they switch quickly and Canon doesn’t, Nikon might increase their market share drastically. :)

      • Slingers

        I think you misinterpreted what I wrote. I wrote that Sony has the current highest marketshare. What is going to happen is Nikon and Canon are going to take mirrorless to the masses and Sony is going to benefit. The EOS-M is a good example as when it came out it took a big chunk of mirrorless market share but because it wasn’t priced right nor had the performance needed to compete with the other mirrorless it had to be heavily discounted. A Nikon NX-1 still has to compete with what ever advances Sony is planning to do in about 3 months according to their 6 month timetable. It will sell well but can it do better than Sony?

  • obican

    -Nikon acquired Samsung mirrorless system for free, in return they moved their sensor business away from Sony.
    -Sony’s sensor business is a separate company now anyway, so they’ll continue to deliver 36mp sensors for their D810.
    -Samsung NX mount will be made compatible with Nikon F mount via an adapter, which will stop pros from moving to Sony system.
    -NX mount won’t have a FF sensor behind it so it won’t hurt Nikon’s FF DSLR sales.
    -They’ll do a medium format system together and beat everyone’s high MP offerings easily.

    • Dewsy Sipos

      There is coming a Fuji medium format interchangeable system, so Nikon/Samsung will not be alone inthat segment (if they doing it)

    • myNameIsCondor

      You forgot one thing:

      – NX mount won’t have a FF sensor behind it so it won’t stop pros from moving to Sony system


      • obican

        Sports and nature shooters won’t care, they’ll prefer the x1.5 tc effect anyway :)

        • Lofote

          If you have an EVF you actually can always have 1.5x crop at all time and see it live in the viewfinder.

  • Sid

    As a Sony shooter, this is great news. Also it seems to make quite a lot of business sense to me…

  • The Truth

    Missing from your Pros and Cons is a dangerous scenario that happened with Sony in the past. Samsung f-d them up with TVs. That partnership cost Sony their place in the TV market. So, with that in mind, hopefully Nikon wouldn’t be f-d by Samsung.

    • LittleCam

      ILCs are not TVs. I never heard heard somebody saying:
      “I own a Sony TV and want a new one. This Samsung TV looks nicer than that Sony TV – but I will buy a Sony again because all my glasses and contact lenses will work only with the Sony screen”

      • The Truth

        While true, amateurs are not pros and they wouldn’t mind switching if they thought something was “better”. Unlike TVs, cameras produce stuff you show around and you walk around with your camera and you can show it off as well.

        The latter, I suspect, is another reason why Samsung just couldn’t move that much stock.

        • LittleCam

          Actually I wanted to say, if you have invested some money into lenses, you think twice before changing the camera-brand.
          Doesn’t matter if you are pro, amateur or enthusiast.

  • animalsbybarry

    Good move for Nikon

  • animalsbybarry

    Does anyone know if the NX mount is large enough for ff camera..????

    • Phil

      The corners a covered by the mount.

      But maybe the will find out to avoid this issue!?

      • peevee

        They would only be covered if flange distance would be 0. As it is, the diameter of the opening only limits the size of the rear element.

    • serdan

      why not use the existing nx mount ??

      Maybe it is not possible with ff bsi (sensors) format but what about APS-C H format comes really close to FF and i think this would perfectly match the NX Mount without any need for adjustments or performance issues??

      If not as phil already said they will may find a solution to make the use of ff sensors possible with the existing nx mount!!

      • eren

        Yeah APS-C H would be nice !!! Renaissance/revival of APS-C H!

        +1 vote

      • Braisim

        I’d say NX mount is dead. Otherwise Samsung would have at least kept it alive until the Nikon takeover.

        • wzw

          And how it is exactly dead? You proclaimed it? Samsung doens’t keep it avlive? Seriously, what is your comment about?

    • Mistral75

      Asahiflex M37 mount was 37mm in diameter and Leica thread mount was 39mm. They definitely were 24×36 cameras…

      • animalsbybarry

        I did the math and it is and it is too small.
        It will not cover the corners of a ff image.

        • Freddo

          Sony E = 46,1mm, Samsung NX = 42mm.

          • Ufupuw

            It’s not just throat size. The electronic contacts inside the mount are placed in such a way that makes FF impossible for NX system. You have to break compatibility with all current lenses by redesigning the contacts.

          • peevee

            Good, using short APS-C mounts for FF is insane.

        • Mistral75

          Except that the light rays emerging from the lens are not parallel to the lens’s axis, they form a cone.

          • animalsbybarry

            FF sensor + NX mount = not gonna happen.

          • Mistral75

            It’s your guess (and, as such, as respectable as anyone’s), not a fact.

          • animalsbybarry

            It’s not a guess …it won’t work…especially with long lenses.

          • Mistral75

            You shouldn’t be so categorical: there was an Asahi Kogaku Takumar 500mm f/5 in M37x1 mount and several long lenses for Leica rangefinders in LTM/L39 mount, including Telyt 400mm f/5, Telyt 560mm f/5.6 and Telyt-S 800mm f/6.3.

        • ipecaca

          You did it wrong then:)
          NX flange distance is longer than e-mount. Allowing for smaller diameter with same angle of incidence. Rear lens element does never extend to the full diameter of a mount.

    • peevee

      APS-C and FF mounts are better to be different so a focal reducer can be build and color shift would not occur with compact FF lenses (or the lenses would not need to be bigger to avoid color shift).
      NX happens to be also long enough so some kind of focal reducer could be build between NX lenses and Nikon 1 cameras.

  • Noncho Iliev

    If they maintain compatibility with NX, I’m ok with that move. If they don’t will a lot of unhappy NX users causing negative image for the future products.

    • animalsbybarry

      If there were a lot of NX users to be unhappy then Samsung would still be in the digital camera business.

      • Noncho Iliev

        You need a lot less unhappy users to flood the internet with negativism.

        • animalsbybarry

          Nikon will not be building Samsung cameras…they will be building Nikon cameras.
          Samsung will no longer be in the digital camera business.
          Whatever Nikon makes will not be a Samsung NX camera.

          • spam

            Agree completely. If the rumor is true then Nikon will incorporate some Samsung tech in their processors for video and maybe AF. I can’t imagine that they’ll need anything from Samsung’s optical or camera designs. But maybe they’ll use Samsungs sensors as a second (or rather fourth) source of sensors.

  • KJJ

    What tech does Samsung NX have that Nikon doesn’t already have? I thought the Nikon 1 AF was class leading? Lens patents? I mean, Nikon have never needed help from Samsung in that department, and all the older NX lenses are desperately in need of AF motor updates so have to be redone anyway. The only thing I can see is the sensor, but the rumor says Samsung is keeping that to themselves. Is it just a larger manufacturing base they are acquiring?

    • eater24

      the video codec is suppose to be very good , and the most advanced , i believe

      • Marcel Samson

        But the video codec is not owned by Samsung. So they don’t need Samsung to use that one, if I’m correct.

        Above rumor states the deal includes sensor tech btw.

    • Mike

      It is a business deal. Nikon takes over NX, then Nikon can use Samsung sensors.

    • Albert

      You mean like Nikon’s fantastic 4K video capabilities? You’re right they don’t need the lens patents, though the 16-50 f/2-2.8 would not be a bad addition. If you added the class-leading sensor tech, and developed it for FF as well… The purchase could easily save Nikon a ton of cash in research and development, to get into the market that much faster.

    • Mistral75

      – sensors, including BSI sensors, as an alternative source to Sony which happens to be an aggressive competitor on the ILC market
      – video capabilities
      – digital image processors, far superior to the Milbeaut purchased by Nikon from Fujitsu (and renamed Expeed)
      – and probably more.

  • Mike

    A logical step from Nikon. It is clear that they had a non-compete agreement with Sony, which is why Nikon’s mirrorless had to use 1″ sensors instead of something larger.

    We can therefore assume that all future Nikon cameras will have non-Sony sensors.

    As the NX-mount is too small to accommodate a full frame sensor, we can assume that Nikon will (finally) release a new mount.

    Nikon does not care about NX-mount. Nikon cares about being able to use sensor tech without non-compete clauses, just like Canon.

    And therefore we can also assume that Canon’s full frame mirrorless is also around the corner.

    • KJJ

      Huh… well that might explain the A6000-successor delays — ramping up the importance of introducing a new APS-C sensor that beats the NX1/500’s.

      • Mike

        Or they could just get it over with and add IBIS.

        Buying IBIS off of Olympus will prove to be a crucial piece in Sony’s success story.

        The key is: the Sony A7-series will see fierce competition from Nikon, Canon, and possibly Panasonic. Competition = lower prices and better products. I cannot wait.

    • Marcel Samson

      Or maybe the non-compete agreement was only for a fixed period. Can’t imagine Nikon agreeing to a non compete agreement until the end of time, honestly.

      • Jeff

        I think there’s usually a 6 month delay before non-Sony companies can release their products.

  • ttom

    Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax/Ricoh boom that will hurt….and Sonys sensor department a bit at least, sony getting new much stronger competition!

    Nevertheless it wont be easy for Nikon to make it really working and everyone (Nx mount uers, nikon f, dx, cx users etc.) gets satisfied….

    • Jam005

      Technology consolidation, (Fuji + Panasonic) (Nikon+Samsung)

  • Nikonland

    Admin to me this news sounds a bit strange. Are you really sure of its reliability?

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    It seems from now on, all NIKON products could be Made in Korea. instead of Made in China.

  • acuteangledotin

    I guessed it right too

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    I hoped Samsung buys Nikon DX line.

    • Nevercat

      Have you seen what Samsung did with Pentax? Thank god they did not buy Nikon!

      • Mistral75

        They never bought into Pentax, Hoya did -they were interested in the medical activities, which they have kept, and completely downsized the photo business by not investing before reselling it to Ricoh .

        • Nevercat

          You are right, but they worked together with Pentax, came with their “own” DSLR and dropped it when it did not sell as well as they hoped. Now the same with their own mirrorless branch. So I’m still glad they did not buy into Nikon as that could have been the end of Nikon in a few years! This transaction is a lot better for everybody (although I hoped that Samsung would have kept their camera business as it was a good contender the last year…

  • Chris

    This is great news if true. Nikon has the lens range the NX1 lacks and far superior AF tech. It also has better IQ than comparable Sony cameras using the same sensor, they know how to squeeze the most out of a sensor. Samsung brings faster processors and the new sensor.

    This should finally push Canon to take mirrorless seriously. We all win if this pans out.

  • Man, Nikon really went to an extreme to get 4k :). Premiere Pro finally has H.265 support, too.

    This is a great match–Samsung was missing lenses, which Nikon has tons of, and Nikon was missing 4k and software expertise.

    If this is true, I’d guess the Samsung mount is dead… because Samsung vs Nikon lens selection.

    • Marco –

      A nx to nikkor adapter could exist, the vice versa could not.

      • hexx

        if it will be nikon camera it will come with nikon mount

        • wzw

          Nope – no mirrorless with DSLR mount. There will be nikon F adapter, but mount will be new.

          • hexx

            Right and the mount will be Nikon mount as I said, it won’t be Samsung mount.

    • Ufupuw

      This is a rumor site, and the probability is very high this rumor is false. Japanese and Koreans don’t get along. Nikon is a Japanese company. Samsung is a Korean company. Both companies are publicly traded, If there were any discussion about any acquisition between companies of that size there would be hundreds of news stories about in major media.

      Don’t count your eggs, yet. This is a false rumor.

  • trooper

    A similar move would be wise for
    Ricoh/Pentax and Panasonic!
    Or Canon and Panasonic!
    Or Fuji and Panasonic!

    Olympus is out I think = 100% Sony someday, aleady belonging to sony to some extent 10-20%?? IBIS were sold etc.!!!

    Its mergers and acquisitions time to survive in the declining camera business:)!

    • umad?!

      no, olympus doesn’t belong to Sony. Most of the shares Sony acquired they sold again.

      But yes, competition would be great. Panasonic and TowerJazz seem to be working great together (and together with Fujifilm there is the organic sensor project) and Nikon seems to now get sensor from Samsung (since toshiba fabs were bought by Sony).

      So Sony has to put out great sensors at a good price. And since sonys semiconductor business is no separate, there probably won’t be huge “Sony only specials”. So sony Imaging (Cameras) can’t rely on just the best sensors anymore – they have to start producing good (overall) cameras. Guess that will be hard for them ;)

  • Jeff

    So when do you guys think Nikon will release its first “nx or whatever” mirrorless camera? If this deal has been in the making for a while, Nikon may already be working on it. Otherwise I’d say we’re 1-2 years away from seeing something.
    I doubt they’ll keep the NX mount so they will have to design an entirely new system and that takes time.

    • Jam005

      Before the 2016 Olympics maybe? dunno

    • Mistral75

      Photokina 2016 for an announcement supported by prototypes under glass?

  • Boston C

    At least Nikon D7000 series has a clear upgrading path w Samsung 28mp BSI sensor.
    As for new mirrorless cameras, it could be more like Panasonic/Leica type arrangement: selling the same cameras under different skin/brand. The fact Samsung withdrew from some markets but not others, makes me think there is also a territorial divide between the two for new products

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    Rumor is just rumor. I would wait until CES official announcement from Samsung.

    • Jeff

      And why is it Samsung that will make the announcement. Usually it’s the buyer that makes the announcement…
      The big news is not company B that sold, the big news is company A that bought.

  • Jam005

    Hot digigity! Hmm, I guess they don’t have to “retool” now . Or it will make things easier. Pretty good business decision.

  • Cosmin Munteanu

    So, the NX1 will become the D400 :-P …keeping the NX mount would be a good move, having already about 16 quite good lenses.

  • BdV

    Well, alright. Didn’t know Nikon had that kind of money. Anyway, OK, don’t mind if they do design a digital FM line, but don’t shape it like the DF. Taking the looks and works of the FM3A would be better. Or the Nikon SP. See if I can find a nicely matching W-Nikkor.C 1:1.8 f=3.5cm somewhere.

  • PH

    They have a real opportunity to do it right – design a mount from scratch. Short Flange distance with wide throat. The NX mount is a non starter, couldn’t even mount M glass. I’ll assume they’ll make an adapter for F and NX lenses. Canon annoyed alot of folks when they went from FD to EF mount, but that was, in hindsight, the right course. The Nikon F mount has been around for 60 years, but you really can’t use those first lenses on the current cameras and they’ve made so many incremental changes that some current lenses won’t work fully on older cameras. They need to just bite the bullet and come up with a solid modern standard for AF and aperture control. With a short enough flange distance, it should be possible to make an adapter with electrically actuated mechanical aperture control – have full functionality of those old lenses on the current cameras. Lots of possibilities – hopefully they’re forward thinking enough to just do it!

  • KC

    I honestly don’t believe the rumor. There is no reason for Nikon to acquire the Samsung camera business. What is more plausible is that Nikon and Samsung have come to an arrangement for Nikon to utilize Samsung sensors on new Nikon products.

    • wzw

      Nikon doesn’t have 4K. No processor to process it, no recording fh with 120fps, no 15 fps per second from 28mpix sensor. Why not to gte complete imaging pipeline

      • KC

        Exactly why they would utilize Samsung’s sensors and not acquire the camera business…

        • Mistral75

          Nobody but you said they would acquire Samsung’s camera business. The rumour is about Nikon buying the Samsung NX technologies.

          Remember what Admin write in a former entry: “Samsung camera business is dead. No doubt on it.

          • KC

            Reread my post!!!

            The IP may have some value, but there is no value at all in the camera business…

      • LittleCam

        Yes – they use it in a D7300.
        And it has fast AF in video / liveview mode.

  • vau

    I wish it was true. I’m sooo into a mirrorless FF that doesnt cost a fortune.

  • Ufupuw

    Why would Nikon do something so stupid? Samsung NX mount is not compatible with FF sensor (as the throat is too small) so Nikon will be stuck with APSC. They will never be able to compete against A7 series with NX mount.

    • wzw

      m42 is 42mm wide. Like Samsung. Are you saying that there is no m42 FF lenses or cameras?

      • Ufupuw

        It’s not just the width issue. See contacts inside the mount Not just that, Metabones publicly stated that they can’t build speedbooster for NX mount due to design of plastic/contacts inside the mount.

  • blp

    honestly, there is something about samsung that i dont really trust…. their products tend to look better on paper than actual use .___.

  • Мурад Клиторян

    Нихуя себе!

  • animalsbybarry

    Reports are emerging of people that have seen a new Samsung ff sensor.
    It is obviose that Nikon will want to build a ff mirrorless camera, so continued use of the NX mount is just not an option.
    Possibly an adapter will be made available.

  • if they only make a better focal length reducers. ff would be such an ease for cheaper price of an actual ff cameras. only metabone came close but the vignette and distortion. ouch

  • Denny Limmer

    Mixed feelings about this– for me, I switched from Canon 5d3 and Sony A7 + A6000 to Samsung NX1 and NX500. The NX1 has amazing pro build, perfect ergonomics, best interface / menu / controls, GREAT lenses, and my favorite DIGITAL FILM look! I shot soooo many Canon, Sony, and NX1 images side by side, and in lightroom + Photoshop, the RAW Samsung files are easily the BEST for color information and dynamic range, unbelievable. I like Canon colors, but limited information and dynamic range. Sony has the range, but peculiar color science (I come from film, fine art painting, etc. so I love being a “pixel peeper” for color.) And not to mention, Samsung’s 4K internal video is sublime….. An NX2, NX600 and FF Samsung camera would’ve been the dream….

    I’m glad Samsung will still make sensors, but for me, Nikon ergonomics always felt awkward, their interface / menus are confusing and frustrating, the lenses are fine, but they also had a strange color science even somewhat more difficult to work with than sony….

    This is so ironic since Samsung has WAAAAY more customers/fans/likes on their IG & Facebook pages…. sad, sad day…..

    btw if you like samsung you can check out my fashion and fine art photography on IG @dennyglow ***NSFW*** (all of it shot with Samsung NX1 + NX500)

    • Kamen Minkov

      They must’ve paid you for that.

      • Denny Limmer

        haha I wish!

  • Good news, clearly the Nikon brand is still very strong if not the top one in photography.
    Even though for the time being I will stick to m43, good quality/size/weight balance for me, especially with the panaleica 100 400 coming !
    But if I feel like moving to ff someday, that would be the perfect candidate :)

  • aeonsim

    Seems reasonable. If it happens as described then I’d suspect that Nikon will change the mount. If they go to something a little bit shallower then they could release a full electronic adapter to take care of the ex-Samsung customers and then do there own thing.

    One thing that I believe is certain is that the NX-m mount used for the mini-NX is completely and utterly dead, considering Nikon already has a better selling 1″ mirrorless camera system.

  • Peter Kelly

    “See the NX500 vs A6000 sensor score comparison”

    Not to burst any bubbles, but the A6000 is a full 12 months older than the NX500 which, in sensor technology is an eternity!

    That said, I have no reason to doubt the quality that Samsung will produce and it can only be a good thing to have competition. I’ll be very interested to see the fruit of this arrangement!

    • “is a full 12 months older than the NX500 which, in sensor technology is an eternity!”
      No it’s not, far from it.

      • yudi_hilmawan

        Yeah but the sensor in a6000 is based on Sony old FSI cmos image sensor meanwhile the sensor in NX1 and NX500 build upon the latest and greatest Samsung BSI sensor technology.

        It would be much fair to compare 2 different sensor that uses similar tech in it.
        Lets wait and see whether the Samsung BSI sensor still better than Sony BSI APS-C sensor.

        But when it comes to image sensor i believe Sony is better than Samsung that is why even they still prefer Sony sensor for most of their flagship phones.

        • wzw

          A6000 is also latest and greatest from Sony. Unless they released something new? I don’t see A7RII sensor rates notidceably higher than A7R sensor (or D810).

          • Peter Kelly

            That depends upon your interpretation of ‘noticeably’.

            I think that it exceeds the A7R sensor in almost every sphere is astonishing. Most importantly, it has demonstrably more resolution, better low light ability, and more focus points which make it a far superior product.

          • yaley

            Comparing ISO 100 it’s not, no. But from ISO 800 onwards it a full stop better!

      • Peter Kelly
  • james sutherland

    Even if these rumors are true, there is more to it than is being reported here. Samsung is not just going to wind down their camera division and ship everything off to Nikon. They’re not in the business of getting OUT of consumer electronics markets, they’re trying to make inroads. They’re not going to throw in the towel yet. Samsung is orders of magnitude bigger than Nikon – they make more profit than Nikon makes in revenue. If they wanted, they could easily buy Nikon. Not to mention the fact that Nikon is Japanese and Samsung is Korean – for Samsung, the optics in Korea of selling a business unit to a Japanese company would not be favorable. There’s also no way that Nikon is ever going to use the NX mount. So things don’t quite add up. Something’s missing here.

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    It should be opposite. NIKON should mentioned that they bought SAMSUNG. In the meanwhile,, Samsung says they have big announcement to say, which I believe, SAMSUNG BOUGHT NIKON should be the case. If Nikon has something big announcement to say, then Nikon should mentioned directly that they bought Samsung. Not through Samsung employee

  • Joseph

    While stationed in South Korea, the locals there would publicly voice their distaste for Japan. So the thought of a joint partnership/purchase by Nikon seems highly unlikely, at least in my eyes. I just don’t see this “rumor” playing out at all…

  • son chang

    Samsung’s out, Holga’s out, Mamiya’s out. It’s all happening at once. Consolidation in the shrinking camera market has been coming for some time. I fully expect one of Pentax/Ricoh, Olympus, Panasonic, or Fuji to be next by the end of 2016!
    And Canon is lusting for a buyout of Sigma ;)

    • peevee

      Canon probably needs Sigma the least. Canon’s sensors and processors maybe outdated, but their lenses are first grade, with some unique tech like DO and BR.

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    I would say Samsung bought Nikon. If Nikon bought all of Samsung camera, then pulling all of European market make sense. Because Nikon bought NX line and Samsung force to shutdown European market? It doesn’t make sense and I don’t think so. I think sales on NX1 camera in European market will make more profit for Samsung rather than partnership with Nikon. I think,there will be more even bigger annoucement from Samsung coming soon. If Nikon Bought Samsung NX, they should make important annoucement first. After all, this mirrorless rumor site is also not reliable.

  • Espen Braathen

    The storry behind the scenes seems to be that Samsung feels overrun by the Sony FF mirrorless success (and quality) and deemed it impossible to compete with an APS-C size system.

  • indieridlee

    we may see a 56mp FF mirrorless, and maybe a 56mp d8++ replacement also,28mp aps-c d400 will be great as well.. the only thing this buyout will work is to come out with a bang.

  • yudi_hilmawan

    Of course the sensor in NX1 & NX500 is better than the on on a6000 because it is a BSI sensor.
    But the question is whether Samsung sensor will still be better than Sony APS-C BSI sensor?

    No matter how good the Samsung sensor in NX1 i think Nikon prefer to get Sony sensor in a7R II.

    Even samsung it self prefer Sony sensor for their flagship phones to me it showed that Sony sensor still superior than Samsung sensor.

  • peevee

    Told you so.

    Nikon would be stupid to drop NX mount though, if they have acquired _everything_, they already have a healthy lens system with some unique stuff among mirrorless, including 16-50/2-2.8 and 85/1.4 (and 45mm 3D, probably not popular but certainly unique). But they also would be stupid not to reuse F-mount for FF mirrorless – even if it is going to be compatible with old screw-driven AF – there is enough AF-S lenses now.

  • Phil

    It would be great ! A great expertise in lenses and sensor combined plus a name to sell it !

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    to all those “hope they will save NX mount” – why are you retarded:
    1) why on earth Nikon would need a crop sensor mirorless mount?
    2) exactly the NX mount killed NX cameras, NX1 still is the best mirorless camera – but that was and is not enough for someone to switch over to system that has zero to none lenses – lens system is what makes people switch – NOT cameras!!!
    3) if anyone knows better that is Niknon who knows that lens mount is more important than cameras. dount they need 3-rd mount, esspecially now when their own Nikon-1 mount is more than questionable
    4) these rumors are false anyway – cuz nikon does not need a Crop nesnor and Samsung has not FF, but if they where true – NX mount is first one that nikon will kill (it is dead anyway – Samsunfg could not make any more clear – that they are pulling out and no more new products for NX line from them)

    • wzw

      Why do you say NX is crop sensor mount? m42, word most popular FF mount has the same diameter as NX. You cam out of nowehere, call people retarded and don’t have basic knowledge.

  • J-Man

    The main issue with keeping the NX mount is that Leica M lenses will not fit, that cuts off a large portion of the market that can effect the opinions of many others.

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    sorry you guys are just fake rumor site.

  • Kusan Biswas

    I don’t give a damn for NX mount. If it doesn’t natively take my Nikon FF lenses, I’m not for it. Period. I shall better stay with my Fuji(travel) and Nikon FX(general purpose) systems.

  • easyreeder

    Everyone is so committed to these old mounts. They’re good, but for manual focus. The limitations are too severe for af and sharpness (especially at 4k and above). For video, which Samung was obviously concerned with, a new mount is absolutely necessary. Pentax has nearly killed itself with the k-mount; they should have left it full frame and developed something new. The future is in new mounts, which are not only faster and sharper, they’re also equipped to communicate intelligently with the camera body. The old mounts will become, have already become, the manual option. Adapters cost under 20 dollars.

  • Marcelo Tezza

    It really does not make sense…
    If this is true NX mount will not be used and this would be more a kind of a price negotiation with Sony, to stand against the monopoly. Buying samsung would not make any sense because Sony today can probably produce sensors at a much lower cost and higher rate and still sells it lower than samsung. Samsung produced “the best” aps-C sensor, but much later than the Sony one, and probably used the last tech possible, while Sony always have cards on the other hand to show. I don’t think is really cost effective to have a fab of sensors for Nikon in the actual profit situation.
    I guess is lacking information from the trusted source to make me believe thats really beneficial to Nikon.

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