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Some disruptive Samsung rumor coming soon! Nikon, Canon and Sony fellow should not miss to read this one!


I have a 100% surprising and 99% reliable rumor coming soon. I am working on it right now and I will post it tomorrow at 12:00 London time.  Samsung readers should stay tuned. And so Nikon and Sony readers as this will probably be the most important news of the year (if not of the last couple of years).

I have to say I am honestly very surprised about the news I got from the highest Samsung level. Please subscribe our RSS feed, Facebook page and Twitter stream to not miss that specific and any other future rumor!

Stay tuned on MirrorlessRumors. You will be surprised!

UPDATE: Unlike reported by other sites there is no “Samsung(!) NX2” coming at CES.

P.S.: Samsung camera business is dead. No doubt on it. But from the ashes something unexpected and very different rises…

And in the meantime have some fun with this one:

  • Frankie

    Samsung is gonna make 35mm super bsi cmos sensors for sony and nikon cameras ;)

    • myNameIsCondor

      Someone will make sensors for Sony? Never heard that one before. LMFAO

      • Cinq1

        it could happen !!
        Nothing strange

        Who knew that renault would put their engine in a mercedes cars ?

        • myNameIsCondor

          What??? A Renault engine in a Mercedes? It’s getting better and better.

          • Cinq1

            Of course, what do you think !! :-)
            Many of the Classe C have a Renault engine !

            not a surprise for me. the 1.6L

          • myNameIsCondor

            Sorry for my ignorance. I have a bicycle only. So, I’m everything but a gearhead. I would never ever expected this. However, they use it in low end cars only. This is fairly new, because traditionally, there was no low end Mercedes for regular people.

            But seriously, Sony may use Samsung sensor in a low end Cybershot or smartphone if it makes sense economically, but in their mirrorless ILC? The sensors would be the only reason for me to buy a Sony mirrorless camera. The only reason!

          • jon

            Hi, the Samsung 28mp sensor in the NX1 has been lauded by reviewers for having the best APSC image quality. It is my hope that samsung carry on with the sensor business and compete with sony in this area. It is my hope that the upcoming Fuji Xpro2 may well have the Samsung sensor (wishful thinking). Cheers, Jon

          • MdB

            No, it is lauded by reviewers as having the best ‘mirrorless’ APS-C image quality or ‘hybrid’ APS-C image quality. Which isn’t exactly a lot of competition against the EOS-M3, X-T1 and closest A6000.

        • LittleCam

          I know PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) sells its ~100HP diesel engines to many other manufacturers. (incl. BMW Mini)
          Except Volkswagen – its diesels stinks in an own league :/

          • Cinq1

            Oh yeah. Renault.

  • BdV

    Disruptive even! I already like the rumor as it is now :-)

  • myNameIsCondor

    A rumor about an upcoming rumor? Interesting.

    • It seems it’s the trend lately..

    • OttoVonSchriek

      Maybe there should be a

    • Yeah, this is disheartening… I had appreciated mirrorlessrumors’s by and large, dekeing out of stupid rumours.

    • BdV

      It’s actually just an announcement.

      • myNameIsCondor

        I was actually kidding.

  • Frank

    Samsung buys Nikon and Sony. Rebrands all cameras.


  • myNameIsCondor

    Nikon will bring out a rangefinder (like Epson did long ago) with a full frame sensor from Samsung. With a modified M-mount, extended by electronic contacts. The camera can be used with AF (Nikon 1 speed, all new Nikon M-mount AFS lenses), or as a manual focussing rangefinder with any M-mount glass on the market.

    That would be the day.

    • Freddo

      I have my doubts about the rangefinder part, but yeah, a Nikon mirrorless with a brand new mount and a Samsung sensor is my guess. Initially in APS (NX1 sensor) but FF in the pipeline. We’ll see tomorrow!

  • Chris

    This site says they’re introducing a new mirrorless flagship at CES 2016.

    • myNameIsCondor

      What is this site? A rumor site or a kind of tabloid newspaper? Looks like a korean version of Huffington Post.

      • Chris

        Its some Korean news site, if you use translate it has business, economy, sports and so on. The front page has news about Samsung shuffling presidents.

  • Nick

    Most important new for Nikon and Sony users???? My guess is Samsung will start making sensors for Canon.

  • Jimmy Li

    “this will probably be the most important news of the year (if not of the last couple of years).”

    My guess is Sony, Nikon, and Samsung will joint venture on a new format with same mount ala Micro four thirds.

    • myNameIsCondor

      This is even more unlikely than my rangefinder guess. LOL

      • Agree, but it would be awesome.

    • Harry Hirsch

      M4/3 is dead sooner or later. Give it up.

  • animalsbybarry

    Whatever this news is if admin wants to be first and exclusive then releasing the news tomorrow is smart…before someone else finds out first.
    I suspect somebody is buying somebody else, but have no idea who is buying who.

  • No rules

    Samsung quit camera business and sell sensorbusiness to Canon

  • Sigurd

    This one was easy. Apple is buying the sensor technology from Samsung and at the same time entering the camera business.

    • stu

      Sensors are very profitable business due to them being included in phones and tablets nowadays. Samsung is probably more likely to offer making sensors, and maybe maybe some technology (sensors and mirrorless bodies).

  • LittleCam

    Samsung Sensor divison is sold to Nikon and Canon will buy the sensors from Nikon. Sony has no more customers and its sensor-division goes bankrupt?

    • Narretz

      Canon buying from Nikon, haha, next thing you are telling me they will create a joint mirrorless FF system.

      • LittleCam

        was the most stupid assumption I could make with the big 3 involved

  • speedy fisher

    Clearly Canon are selling their camera business to Samsung so they can focus on their core business of photocopiers and office printers.

    • lautpiano

      would lose them their well-deserved dinosaur reputation.

    • jar_jar_

      Thank goodness. It’s time they put Xerox fanboys in their place.

      • speedy fisher

        Xerox fanboys are so annoying. They don’t even come up with anything new, they just copy the same old stuff over and over…

        • humb

          same like cannon

  • Boston C

    Samsung will have the biggest booth at CES 2016, plus two smaller ones (right below the main ones in the map)
    They certainly don’t need to rent a lot of floor space or spent a ton of money to make the “we’re abandoning you” announcement…
    It’s very likely Samsung will announce a new RWB-sensor based camera; it’s possible they collaborate w another major maker.

    Also, it’s been rumored (not here) it will introduce the new phone that can be opened up into a tablet, w a fold-able screen.

    • stu

      Interestingly, the booth is directly next to Nikon too. Maybe Nikon will drop Sony’s sensors in the future and favor a closer partnership with Samsung (probably sensor fabrication and maybe but less likely some sensor technology and mirrorless bodies). That could be a win-win for Nikon and Samsung and a potential threat to Sony.

      • Boston C

        Samsung stretches itself too thin, it’d be great if it would focus on supplying sensors. But the system camera sensor biz may be too small for its appetite.

      • Chris

        Sony owns half the sensor market and can’t make phone sensors fast enough – demand exceeds their production capacity. Losing Nikon won’t impact them one bit.

        • stu

          I agree regarding the sensor business, Nikon uses other compagnies for sensor fabrication already anyway (such as Toshiba). What I meant to say was that this alliance could be a threat to Sony’s mirrorless camera if this results in a new line of Nikon/Samsung APS-C/FF mirrorless cameras.

          • Chris

            Nikon isn’t betting big on mirrorless because its current lenses aren’t functional on a mirrorless body. They’ve already teased the D5. They’re going down with the DSLR. Samsung supplying Nikon or Canon with sensors makes a lot more sense than a partnership between a Korean and a Japanese company.

          • CarlosMP

            You can use modern Nikon lenses on mirror less Nikon 1’s with the
            FT1 adapter, I would think the huge collection of Nikon lenses would outweigh the extra flange distance needed. A mirror less APS-C or FF Nikon would be very interesting.

          • BdV

            Mirror or not, it’s sony who can decide what sensor to sell to nikon, so that won’t be the sensor that helps the competition to release anything that turns their own products into the number 1 dud of the year.

            Whatever nikon is betting on, if they want to survive they need to worry about competitive sensors.

          • stu

            I agree with what you are saying, but that doesn’t make sense given the information given by the admin. I wouldn’t classify what you are suggesting as a “disruptive” rumor, nor as something unexpected and very different that is rising.

          • Harry Hirsch

            “makes a lot more sense than a partnership between a Korean and a Japanese company”
            Yeah, that explains the collaboration between Mitsubishi and Hyundai years ago. Not.

          • abel89er

            Toshiba is owned by Sony right now

        • humb

          one bit ,only that nikon buy 2/3 of sensors that earn $ .but only that

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      CES is about a lot more than just cameras and samsung sells more Consumer electronics than just cameras.

      • Boston C

        Did you finish reading my msg? I even mentioned the rumored foldable phabelet

        You prob missed the CES rumor posted a day before

  • lautpiano

    … samsung von teese…

  • alex

    Well if you read carrefully in the title the admin mention canon,nikon and sony. In the main text “And so Nikon and Sony readers as this will probably be the most important news of the year”. For me is simple > Samsung will provide sensor for Canon!!!!!

    • Narretz

      Then wouldn’t it be the most important news especially for Canon users? Could also mean that Samsung is going FF, as C, N, and So are the biggest three FF companies currently

      • That’s my thought also. (And I find these click baits/rumors of a rumor ridiculous, no offense here, it’s just that I face palm when I read these things, and I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking it’s not so professional, even if Admin needs to raise some clicks now and then..)

        • BdV

          In the meantime there’s a big smile on admin’s face and Mirrorlessrumors hasn’t been this active for months. Which is totally fine with me by the way.

  • Narretz

    Thanks for the Clickbait 101 course, admin!

  • Zaptor99

    Maybe they’re switching to M4/3?

    • Boston C

      Make M43 18mp sensor modules out of the NX1 sensor waffle will be great for Olympus, except the later is in Sony’s bind.

    • Harry Hirsch

      That’s regression, big time. Size matters.

  • Sylwester Pietrzyk

    Samsung mirrorless cameras business sold to Canon? It would make some sense..

  • Guest

    Obvious, it’s sensor business.

  • OttoVonSchriek

    So I imagine them making a field view multi sensor phone that eclipses the imaging capabilities of traditional cameras.

    • BdV


  • The Truth

    My guess:

    1) Sony bought their sensor and camera division.

    This affects Nikon as one of Sony’s key sensor clients.

    Chances are: Maybe. Sony just bought Toshiba’s sensor division.


    2) Nikon buys Samsung sensor and camera division.

    Nikon jumps back into mirrorless with tech “of their own” without having to do the hard work.

    This affects Sony for the same reason as above.

    Chances are: Plausible. Nikon gets a loan to re-invest in an emerging market tech.


    3) Sony buys Nikon who just bought Samsung. Sony becomes the stick in that tech kebab.

    • Jeff

      4- Samsung buys Nikon? ;)

      • The Truth

        You failed

        • Jeff

          Indeed! ;)

  • Chris

    Someone said it below, Canon moving to Samsung sensors. There have been rumors about Canon testing 3rd party sensors alongside its own for the next gen 5d/1d. Perhaps this is the big thing?

    • Judaith

      You watch your mouth when you’re talking about the walking dead !!!!!!!!!!! :-(

  • acuteangledotin

    There is only one way forward for Samsung and Nikon, to join hands where Samsung makes sensors for Nikon helping them capture the mirror less market and regain the ground lost to Sony. Clearly Sony isn’t interested in selling their latest high resolution sensors to Nikon, so this way Nikon moves forward and also removes its dependence on Sony. And Samsung does it again, hitting Sony at every opportunity.

    • Chris

      Going by past refresh intervals, the d810 successor is still a ways off, how is Nikon being denied anything? Nikon has the latest FF sensors. The A7rII was released in the middle of a development cycle.

      • BdV

        Yeah, but sony might be in a bit too powerful position for nikon’s liking.

    • You forgot: Sony sensors are a business all their own.

  • John Swamper

    Please tell me its not the folding tablet…

  • Funkandsoda

    UPDATE: Unlike reported by other sites there is no “Samsung(!) NX2” coming at CES. Notice the exclamation mark after the Samsung. This implies that there will be a NX2 with another brand name… So my guess is that Samsung bought someone else to release future cameras under the new brand name.

    • Jochen Römling

      Did they buy Nikon to replace the Sony sensors with Samsung sensors? That would explain why this should be the biggest news of the year.

      • That would give Nikon a very strong entry into the (large-sensor) mirrorless camera market…

    • Baseless

      They bought Hasslebad

    • Jeff

      Yeah I understood pretty much the same thing. There will be an NX2 but it won’t be named Samsung.
      But your guess is interesting. Samsung could be the buyer…I always thought the other way around.
      But who would they buy to make it a “disruptive” news?

      I’m still thinking Nikon is buying Samsung’s camera division, heck maybe even Canon but it could very well Samsung. I’m sure they have plenty of cash to make acquisitions.

      • Funkandsoda

        I was thinking why would Samsung go to CES and tell everyone that they have sold their camera business to xyz? They definitely wouldn’t do this… If they do a big announcement on CES then because they bought someone or because of a big partnership with someone else…

    • speedy fisher

      >This implies that there will be a NX2 with another brand name

      Sony buys out Samsung, switches out the mount and slaps an “a7000” label on the front of the NX2, calls it a day.

      • humb

        lol sony have 1 b loss ,samsung 14b earnings 1/4 q

  • Lapsus

    I really really doubt Samsung will sell its sensor division. This is (among other things) something they are very good at. And they still need sensors for their other devices (smart phones most prominently). Licensing intellectual property or shipping sensors to other companies… sure why not.
    But why Canon or Nikon? I’m not an expert but I guess both of them have (by now) invested a lot into mirrorless research and development. And both of them already have mirrorless APS-C sensors/cameras in their portfolios.

    • Jeff

      Well, seeing what both companies are offering in the mirrorless segment, I’d say they haven’t invested that much money ;)
      If Nikon buys Samsung’s division and switch to Samsung sensors instead of Sony, that could hurt Sony quite a bit as Nikon account for at least 30% of the market.
      If Canon is the one buying Samsung, then it wouldn’t hurt Sony directly as much but it could hurt Nikon in the near future and therefore, hurt Sony.
      So Nikon switching to Sony would be quite disruptive, Canon a little less so.

    • mugnatto

      You all are underestimating Samsung. To me it makes much more sense that it is Samsung that is buyng one of those companies. .

      • Lapsus

        You mean like in “samsung is buying mirrors”? :) The problem about buying a well established brand name is that you cannot simply put another sensor in there. You have to live up to the brand name… I’m not saying Nikon would be any worse off with Samsung sensors, but todays Nikon customers buy Nikon knowing they are buying first class Sony sensors. Nobody knows Samsung sensors…

        • I don’t think so. Aptina, Toshiba, Sony: take your pick, Nikon use each.

        • Ayoul

          The new BSI 28mpx sensor from Samsung is (apparently) the state of art. I’m perfectly satisfied with the 24mpx exmor in my D750 but if Nikon can put a BSI in the next gen, I say why not.

  • Mark Jenkins

    So the other sites are partly right… an NX2 will be released… just not under the Samsung(!) name. So now the question is who…

    • yaley

      Holga!! xD

  • mugnatto

    The question is: Should current NX lens(!) owners be worried or relieved?

    • Andrei

      Is there such a thing as “NX lens owner”? :)

  • Anonymous

    Chances are that they will release a new camera, it just won’t have the “NX” branding

  • Peter Kelly

    I’d have to agree with the idea that this story revolves around sensors, rather than cameras.

    Given that Samsung are pulling out of building cameras they will certainly want an outlet for their sensors, so Nikon or even Canon would be the obvious partner. I can’t imagine this will be a merger, or buy out, as it’s likely there would have been other rumours floating around the business world.

    The big question for me, though, is which company will be getting in bed with Samsung and does it mean a new mirrorless camera of that brand?

    All that aside, I’m still not sure it will amount to the most important change for years, but it could lead to interesting times!

    • mugnatto

      Would the author be this surprised if the story revolves only around sensors?

      • Peter Kelly

        It seems he was!

  • RodneyKilo

    Samsung gave it a shot and gave it some amount of time, and if it couldn’t make #3 or #4 in the retail consumer camera space in that time, might as well exit. Makes sense. No use being the little guy hoping for some future profit.

    On the other hand, Samsung’s commercial division could still manufacture and OEM sensors for other camera companies, just as Sony’s commercial vision does.

    I can see Samsung trying this latter approach for a while.

  • paul

    They will still make mirrorless cameras but go FF … for the nikon corportation.
    I think sony will no longer sell sensors to nikon.

  • Please, not another “surprise” ala Canon “see impossible”…

  • Darren

    My guess from the admins lines is that canon bought samsungs camera division/sensor department or a cooperation canon will get samsung sensors for their cameras!!!

    One evidence could be that the admin stated “And so Nikon and Sony readers as this will probably be the most important news of the year (if not of the last couple of years).”

    So Canon’s (readers) is missing…..;)

    This would be another very hard hit for NIKON……;)

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Samsung buys fuji

  • kg

    “Nikon, Sony and Canon fellow”… who is missing? Oly & Pansonic are well bound to m4/3, Fujifilm is rocking pretty well….so… Samsung buys Pentax! They do need a legendary brand name.

  • Dave_k

    I assume Samsung is releasing one or more full frame sensors and Canon will use them in their future cameras.

  • I’m going to have to play the monopoly card and collect all the stupid ideas in this thread. And I’m going to trade those ideas 2:1 thanks to my port, for sense.

    Which, come CES, will be in abundance.

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    my guess is galaxy s7 smartphone with aps-c size sensor technology.

  • CyrusK

    3. Nikon; do not think any interesting collaboration may happen
    Nikin has already 1inch mirrorless… Could not see them jumping againg to a 3rd mount

    2. Canon: high chances!
    Canon stopped development of the M and limits its base user
    Because they knew already they will own Nx mount (already on negociations long time ago)
    Especially in the text when canon is not mentionned vs sony and nikon
    (Except if it is typo)

    1. Sony: very high chance
    Rumors in sar reported A7000 with 28Mpx bsi
    Siny could aquire complete division
    And allow Nx users to use their old Nx lenses via electronic adapter (registry distance 18mm vs 25mm)… Giving them full functionality including af (as seen in a7rii)
    Only doubt: sar not already on this subject.

  • TinusVerdino

    Say hi to the new Nikon X-mount. What? Yeah NX-mount. Nikon’s brand new NX-2. Won’t they get into trouble with Samsung for that? Why No. Samsung bought them.

  • indieridlee

    samsung will buy nikon..will have a game changing aps-c mirrorless and dslr lineup.thats why no d400 announcement yet(maybe d400s/x also),this will also trikle down to the current V/S nikon cameras,as we may see a merging of that into the nx mini lineup. then on the compact side, we may see the newest evolution of smart android compact cameras..then a year or two you may see full frame flagships with samsung sensors 50mp and up.. this can be done,they proved it in the 28mp aps-c…hope all my guesses are 95% true!

  • He who knows


  • yugi

    It seems to that Samsung buys Nikon, and releases FF mirrorless under Nikon brand.

  • Eagle of MorningCalm

    I hear Nikon is working on aps-c mirrorless back while ago.

  • Mike

    Look, it is clear that Nikon has been staying out of the APS-C and full frame mirrorless market due to non compete agreements with Sony.

    So Nikon NX with Samsung sensors is very plausible.

  • Robert K.

    Samsung is launching an Android based neutral “Photo Box” with flexible sensor to be used
    with Nikon, Canon and Sony lenses;-)

  • J.R.

    Could expect Samsung to introduce a new category of Cameras that has a totally different form factor considering the definition of cameras & photography is now changing rapidly with everyone today taking high megapixel amazing photographs with their smartphones …maybe wearable bendable cameras with unbelievable connectivity & touchscreen, etc… Thus not competing directly with Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, etc..

  • azbest

    its all about sensorship

  • Don Wan

    Anyone notice Sony Alpha Rumors is now a blank page? Is that a hint? If so I have sad face. I just switched from Canon to Sony…….

    • animalsbybarry

      SAR has been working on thier site and went down for a couple of hours.

      • Don Wan

        OMG I almost had a heart attack. I mean it would be just my luck to have just spent almost 10K on an A7RII, A7II and a bunch of Sony lenses, to have the whole system vanish. (though with Sony’s track record this might still happen).

        • animalsbybarry

          SAR is not your system will not vanish.
          It has been down for a couple hours at this time for the last 3 days, so I simple expect they are making major changes that require downtime.

  • 홍준영

    i think that Samsung is likely to buy Pentax

  • Darren

    16 minutes left i cant hardly wait…hopefully the admin is right there on time!!!! ;)

  • Michael 958

    The news is that Nikon has bought the Samsung camera division. But the bigger news is that Apple is in secret talks to buy Nikon Corp.

  • hamishniven

    This is like saying I had a wank and it was good. How about it stop wanking and tell us the story.

  • R Leung

    I guess the 1% won?

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