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Some disruptive Samsung rumor coming soon! Nikon, Canon and Sony fellow should not miss to read this one!


I have a 100% surprising and 99% reliable rumor coming soon. I am working on it right now and I will post it tomorrow at 12:00 London time.  Samsung readers should stay tuned. And so Nikon and Sony readers as this will probably be the most important news of the year (if not of the last couple of years).

I have to say I am honestly very surprised about the news I got from the highest Samsung level. Please subscribe our RSS feed, Facebook page and Twitter stream to not miss that specific and any other future rumor!

Stay tuned on MirrorlessRumors. You will be surprised!

UPDATE: Unlike reported by other sites there is no “Samsung(!) NX2” coming at CES.

P.S.: Samsung camera business is dead. No doubt on it. But from the ashes something unexpected and very different rises…

And in the meantime have some fun with this one:

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