Nikon manager says that FF mirrorless is “something we are considering”

nikon 10-1due.663
Just a FF Nikon camera concept

In an interview with CameraJabber Jordi Brinkman, Nikon’s European Product Group Manager revealed a couple of interesting things:

  1. The Nikon 1 system isn’t dead! The lack of new products is only caused by the longer product life cycles than before
  2. When asked about the possibility of a Nikon FF mirrorless he says: “I’m not saying we’re announcing a full-frame mirrorless camera, but it’s definitely something we’re analysing a lot, looking at the market very closely; it’s on our radar.”

Last minute leak…this is the mighty Olympus E-M1II !!!

Today at 18:30 Berlin time Olympus will announce their new flasgship MFT camera. And in very last minute the first E-M1II image got leaked at 43rumors.

And here is once again the busy schedule for today. Stay tune on MR!

12:30 Berlin time Panasonic (G80, FZ2000, LX10, GH5 pre announcement, new lenses)
14:00 Berlin time Canon (nothing new to announce, they will talk about the already announced cameras)
15:00 Berlin time Sony (probably nothing new to announce. If there is something new than maybe the A9?)
16:00 Berlin time Nikon (mirrorless surprise?)
17:00 Berlin time Fuji (New medium format camera)
18:30 Berlin time Olympus (E-PL8, 25mm f/1.2, 12-100mm f/4.0, 30mm macro, E-M1II pre-announcement)