German magazine puts the Fuji GFX price at around 8000 Euro for the body only

Janosch from the Fuji GFX facebook group spotted that German magazine disclosing the price of the GFX body. They write this is “ca (circa)” price…whcih means it’s not the final 100% confirmed price. But I think this is really what the GFX is going to cost at the end when preorder will be available early next year.

New rumor roundup: X-T2 and X-T1 firmware, FS7II and E-M1II launch.

Quick roundup of the latest rumors:

  1. This week Fuji will launch a new firmware update for the X-T2 and X-T1 (details at Fujirumors).
  2. Sony will launch the new FS7II E-mount camcorder in early November
  3. Sony is also rumored to launch a new 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens within the next fe months (SonyAlphaRumors).
  4. Olympus will officially launch the E-M1II on November 2 (preorder start on that day and shipment start in early December)

Canon first FF mirrorless camera may be EF mount only :(


Canonrumors claims to have gotten a bit more solid info on Canons Full Frame mirrorless plans:

  1. Canon still has a long way to go before they launch such a camera. We can expect it at earliest in late 2017
  2. Canon is likely to launch a fixed lens FF mirrorless camera first
  3. If it ever comes the Canon FF interchangeable mirrorless camera is expected to keep the EF mount from their current DSLR line.

In short: Their DSLR cameras will get rid of the mirrorless and that’s it! Seems like Canon thinks the shorter flange distance and the new mount is not a feasible choice for them.

Future camera news roundup: E-M1II, FS7II, GH5, X-?

Quick roundup of new rumors:

  1. The new Olympus E-M1II will start shipping the first week of December. the price should be a little bit above the one of the Fuji X-T2 (43rumors)
  2. Sony is going to announce the new FS7II E-mount camcorder in November (no A7III folks!)
  3. New X-series camera will be announced in November/December (Fujirumors).
  4. The GH5 has 5 axis stabilization. Very strange Panasonic didn’t mention this at Photokina in the first place…