The exciting stuff that will be announced soon by Panasonic and Olympus: GH5, E-M1II, G80, 25mm f/1.2….


Sony is likely to “skip” the Photokina event, Nikon too, Canon may bring the EOS-M5 in November and Fuji will show a medium format camera prototype. That’s all we can expect from those companies at Photokina.

The good news is that both Micro Four Thirds companies, Panasonic and Olympus will definitely bring a LOT of exciting new stuff! So let’s check the updated list of cameras and lenses from both companies:

Panasonic GH5: 20MP, 4K without crop, 4:2:2 10bits recording on SD card! Ships in January 2017
Olympus E-M1II: New Olympus sensor (20MP?), 4K, dual SD card slot, handheld high-resolution mode (48MP?).
Panasonic G80: No specs on that yet. But it has 4K recording.
Olympus E-PL8: leaked many months ago it could be finally introduced at Photokina
Olympus 25mm f/1.2
Olympus 12-10mm f/4.0 PRO
Olympus 30mm f/3.5 macro

Still unclear what lens Panasonic will introduce….

Canon registered two new (mirrorless system?) cameras in Russia


The Russian public agency Novacert registered a long list of new Canon cameras. And according to Nokishita these two cameras should mirrorless sytem cameras:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-27 um 14.20.46

So one camera has Bluetooth and WiFi and the other not. Usually after that kind of registration it takes 1-2 months time max until these will be officially announced.


Tokina will launch a new FE lens line named “Firin”. Here is the leaked image of their first lens…

We all know Sony and Zeiss E-mount lenses are incredibly expensive. But this is really about to change. Rokinon announced their first two autofocus FE lenses. And now Tokina is joining the E-mount world too. They will launch a new FE lens line named “Firin” (what the heck?). You don’t believe me? Just watch the image below of their first 20mm f/2.0 Firin lens:
Gotcha? Say Hello to Firin!

New images of the Fuji 23mm XF lens leaked (with full specs)



XF23 (1)

  • Color: Black, Silver
  • Release Date: 2016 October 6 (Black)
  • Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 62,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Retailers Price: 53,500 yen (tax included)
  • Lens construction: 6 ten groups (2 aspherical lens)
  • Aperture number of blades: 9 sheets (circular aperture)
  • Minimum focusing distance: 22cm
  • Maximum photographic magnification: 0.13 times
  • Filter Size: 43mm
  • The maximum diameter × length: about 60mm x 51.9mm
  • Weight: about 180g
  • Low-temperature structure of the dust-proof and drip-proof · -10 ℃
  • In addition to the included food “LH-XF35-2” can be installed
  • It is also released “LH-XF35-2 (Silver)”

via Nokishita


XF23 (2)