What’s next from Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and so forth…

It’s summer time and there isn’t of course a lot of rumors now. But so far we know this is going to happen the upcoming months:

In July they will announce the new E-M10III with 20MP sensor and 4K video
By end of the year they will announce new lenses

They will announce a new entry level MFT camera in autumn
New 50-200mm Leica lens will be announced in autumn too

The A7III is coming around November
135mm FE and 400mm FE by late Summer

Zeiss will announce new FE lenses by end 2017

Samyang will announce a new FE prime lens by end 2017

Nothing new from Nikon. They are likely going to make a new start in 2018 with a large sensor mirrorless system camera

One more EOS-M camera should be announced by end 2017

they will finally make a pause on the X camera front :)  Some lenses will be released by end 2017 but we will probably have to wait til 2018 too see new X system cameras.

Plenty of FE lenses to be announced this summer by Sony, Sigma, Samyang and maybe Zeiss

We knew that 2017 would have been the year of lenses for the Sony E-mount system. According to multiple sources plenty of new glass will be announced the coming months. This includes:

1) 135mm f/1.8 GM by Sony
2) 400mm f/2.8 GM by Sony
3) 35mm f/1.4 FE by Sigma
4) Another Sigma zoom FE by end 2017
5) New Zeiss Batis lenses by end Summer early Fall
6) New Samyang FE autofocus prime lens this Fall

And there should be more lenses by Sony along the A7III launch in October/November.


Specs of the Sony A7III that is going to be announced in October/November

So, the next Sony FF E-mount camera will be the A7III. While the A7rIII and A7sIII are more likely to be announced sometimes in 2018. And SonyAlphaRumors shared the A7III specs:

– New 24 MP sensor
– First source said it hs “Same Sony A9 autofocus system without the 20fps feature”. Second source said it’s “improved AF system”. Hope they mean both the same thing.
– Touch Screen
– Joystick control
– 4K recording
– Launch this fall

Still no info about the (RX?) camera that should be announced shortly…