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Panasonic FF rumors…

This has been an exciting time in the mirrorless world and we still have some Zeiss, Sony, Fuji, Ricoh announcement ahead. But ther very single announcement that excites me most is the one from Panasonic on September 25.

It’s rumored they will launch a completely new Full Frame mirrorless system camera. We have no relaible info yet and here I am only going to sum speculations and low ranked rumors I found on the web:

– Very hybrid focusd camera like the GH series
– High Video quality performance
– Takes current MFT lenses with adapter (crop mode)
– Preorders will open in January and shipment start in March
– Sensor made by Panasonic and not Sony

I see the potential for this camera to be superior to the current Canon and Nikon offerings. But still, I think it will be very hard for Panasonic to gain customers on this new system. They would really need to WOW us a lot to win over people.


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