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Wild rumors about Samsung producing large quantity of Full Frame sensor

The NX1 still sells for $2,460 on Amazon

We know Samsung is capable of doing great APS-C sensor (just look at the NX1 camera). And many still wish Samsung will come back doing APS-C or FF sensors for other manufacturers. There is yet no evidence supporting that’s really going to happen. But there is a big discussion within the Korean Forum that attracted my curiosity. According to a user report Samsung is doing this:

  1. Samsung Electronics has just built a full-frame sensor in meaningful quantity. Those are not just an engineering samples.
  2. They will start mass production next year and plan to deliver them to Japan. But they did not mention a particular company. They plans to supply it to multiple customers.

O f course this is just forum talk for now and has near zero credibility. But I keep fingers crossed this will be true. it would be about time to get an alternative to Sony’s domination!

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