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Panasonic: 8k on MFT is complicated while 8k on Full frame is coming in 2020

L-rumors spotted and translated this new Panasonic interview posted by the french website Mizuwari. And yes there are some bad news for MFT and good for the future L-mount fans:

1) Panasonic’s first goal is to give current MFT users a possibility to step up into Full Frame.

2) There are some physical limitations with MFT that Panasonic wants to overcome with Full Frame. Panasonic had no doubt that theyr would arrive in full format one day or another, because technically speaking the 8K on Micro 4/3 is complicated, if not impossible.

3) Panasonic will keep the promise and announce an 8K Full Frame camera by 2020

4) The full format will not meet the expectations and needs of a lot of users who will choose to turn to Lumix, if only because of size and price. So, of course, again, we will continue to release Micro 4/3 lenses and cameras, and our 10-25mm f / 1.7 under development is a good example of this.

5) Already 8 years ago Panasonic was thinking about going Full Frame

I wonder what Olympus managers are thinking right now. Will they go Full Frame too?

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