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Sony says we got no problem making f/1.0 lenses but f/1.2 are economically more feasible

Oh yes folks, we are back talking about the mount size discussion. Nikon somehow introduced that viral argument that “Bigger is Better” when it comes to mount size and the web is full of heated debates on this.

It’s my understanding that yes mount size can give you in some occasions a little bit of advantage but that this is actually negligible and certainly not as remarkable as suggested by the Nikon marketing machine.

Sony manager Tanaka just gave a clear answer on that matter: No, mount size doesn’t matter! Sony would have no issue making f/1.0 autofocus lenses but the real limit here is economical and practical. Such a lens would be huge and very expensive. Mr. Tanaka said that f/1.2 autofocus lenses make much more sense.

My personal bet is that Sony will launch a 85mm f/1.2 FE lens to smack it into the face of Nikon marketing machine :)

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