Nikkei report: Panasonic quits low end camera business and release a camera jointly developed with Leica

The prestigious website Nikkei reports:

The company (Panasonic HD) said, “We have stopped developing new models that can be replaced by smartphones.” Production of existing products will continue for the time being, but in the future, the company plans to concentrate on developing high-end mirrorless machines aimed mainly at enthusiasts and professional filmmakers. We are planning to release a mirrorless machine jointly developed with Leica Camera, which we formed a comprehensive partnership with at the end of May, in about a year.

via Digicameinfo

Don’t worry: The Sony A7rV is going to be on market by October

You remember that company named…”Sony”? Yeah that company that since autumn 2021 didn’t announce a single new camera model. I bet you forgot by now it existed :)

Well don’t worry folks, the long silence will soon be over! The A7rV is definitely going ot be on market by October. Not sure yet when the camera will be announced…likely September? There will be also a new ZV APS-C model and a new E-mount cine camera. But this isn’t something you were looking forward to get I guess…