Mirrorless news roundup (with a new full frame mirrorless rendering)

A full frame Mirrorless concpet by Vladimir Markov (Click here to see more renderings).

The Wall Street Journal (Click here) wrote an interesting article about the mirrorless camera future.

A new colored case for your Canon G1X at DC.watch (Click here).

Sony NEX FS100 as a DSLR alternative – first impressions (EosHD)

Canon G1X video review at Photographyreview (Click here).

Canon G1X review at Neilvan (Click here).

X PRO 1 versus NEX-7 versus E-M5 at ThePhoBlographer (Click here).

Nikon 1 with free 16GB SDHC Class 6 Memory Card at Abes of Maine (Click here).

Blackmagic: A mirrorless camcorder with Canon EOS mount.

I like surprises and there was one at the recent NABshow. It is the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera. A mirrorless camera with native Canon EOS mount. For $2995 only you get a 2.5K sensor with RAW video recording(!!!) and 13 stops of dynamic range! And unlike the RED expensive cameras you don’t have to purchase expensive modules to make it work. it already has a huge LCD touchscreen and all necessary outputs. Plus it takes removable SSD drives (no proprietary cards like Panasonic P2 cards!).

I like when new companies launch revolutionary products when older conservative companies just try to bring as less innovation as possible to protect their market. As a filmmaker I cant wait to see the first camera tests!

Meantime you can preorder the Blackmagic camera at BHphoto (Click here).

Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000 announced!

Samsung finally announced the three enw NX cameras. The main new feature is that all cameras have Wi-Fi. Here are the links to some press releases (in different languages) and previews:

Press release links: Photographyblog, Focus Numerique, ePhotozine, Photoscala,

Hands-on and previews: NX100 hands-on photos at Photographyblog. NX20 hands-on photos at Photographylog. NX20 hands-on at Dpreview.

Preorders: NX20 at BHphoto (Click here), NX210 at BHphoto (Click here), NX1000 at BHphoto (Click here).

Leica M9 camera with Black and White sensor?

Latest rumors from our friend at Leicarumors are suggesting that on May 10th Leica will announce a sort of special camera with black and white sensor. It will have same M9 design but there are also extreme rumors saying that it will not have an LCD screen at all! Damn, how should we check the pictures we take? :)

The sensor has a very clean/noise free high-ISO capabilities and wild rumors say that this is actually a Sony made sensor.

Let’s see what’s coming on May 10th!

TIPA awards…as usual everybody wins :)

I always find these TIPA awards a bit…strange (Click here to see them). As usual every company wins at least one price. They created so many categories that is is almost impossible to not win something :)

Look at the four(!) mirrorless categories:
Best CSC Entry Level (Olympus PEN E-PL3)
Best CSC Advanced (Panasonic LUMIX GX1)
Best CSC Expert (Sony Alpha NEX-7)
Best CSC Professional (Fujifilm X-Pro1)

Didn’t know a camera can be for “advanced” users, or “expert” users or “professional” users. Somebody can lighten me up the difference?

E-M5 versus Fuji X PRO review battle!

If you still haven’t decided if you should go for the new Olympus E-M5 or the Fuji X PRO 1 here is the fully loaded review roundup! Of course instead of spending hours on pixel fighting and ISO charts you can also spend some minutes in your local store to hold both cameras in your hands. That helped me in the past to pickup the right camera! :)

Olympus E-M5: Federico Cabrera, Lesnumeriques (Click here for the translation), Focusmedia (Click here for the translation), DSLRcheck, Cnet US, Digitalrev, Digitalkamera (Click here for the  translation), DC.view (Click here for the translation), Itmedia (Click here for the translation), Photogenicweekend (Click here for the translation), Damian Mc Gillicuddy and Phototravelasia.

Fuji X PRO 1: Cnet, Pfflynn, Nikkei, Lesnumerique, DigitalJournalOfPhotography, Digitalkamera (Click here to read the google translation), Photoscala (Click here for the translation), Brandon Remler, Outbackphoto (Click here), Uniquephoto (Click here), RonMartBlog (Click here), SonyAlphaLab (Click here).

Goof Luck!

P.S.: My next camera should be a Full Frame Mirrorless. let’s see who will be the first to fulfill my dream!

Check price and specs by clicking these search links:
Fuji X PRO 1 at [shopcountry 100018].
Sony NEX-7 at .
Olympus E-M5 at [shopcountry 100170].