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Olympus is bleeding out money but is confident the next announcements will make it right!

All companies released their yearly financial reports. Some are doing well (Sony and Fuji), some are doing not so great (Canon and Nikon) but one company really did pretty bad in 2018: Olympus!

Their Imaging segment reported a -19% drop in revenue and 17,1 billion YEN loss. Olympus claims that the move of their factory from China to Vietnam has to take the blame for this. They also said that they will launch a lot of new gear in 2019 which they expect will allow them to meet their break even target for this fiscal year.

It’s rumored that Olympus will launch a new compact fixed lens camera within the next few weeks. But two more MFT cameras and some new PRO lenses are expected to be launched this autumn.

Olympuss confirmed multiple times that they won’t gor Full Frame and they wont go Medium Format. I hope they will one day not regret not having doing so…

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