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Rumors roundup: Leica SL2, Hasselblax X1D-100, Fuji GFX100, Canon 64MP camera, Sony A7sIII-A9II, Olympus E-M5III

Sshort roundup of the rumored cameras for the year 2019:

Leica SL2: coming the second half of the year with same Panasonic S1R sensor
Hasselblad X1D-100: To be on the market by the second half of the year and featuring the new Sony 100MP sensor
Fuji GFX100: Will be announced on May 23 (we know all specs about that camera)
Canon High End EOS-R camera: Probably features a new 64 Megapixel sensor and will be announced in autumn
Canon EOS-M500: Entry level APS-C camera coming this autumn
Sony A9II: To be announced in September and feature some revolutionary advancements (particularly on the sensor level)
Sony A7sIII: To be announced with or slightly after the Sony A9II
Olympus E-M5III: To be announced in late summer/early autumn and maybe featuring a new 32MP Sony sensor

Nikon may not announce a new Z camera this year. While it’s unclear if Panasonic will already gave us a glimpse about their new 8K GH6 camera in 2019.

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