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(High credibility rumor) The end of a rumor saga? Fuji X-PRO2 will finally be announced in January.

(High credibility rumor):

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-16 um 14.41.46

The current X-PRO1 with a photoshopped “2”. Yes, exciting change :)

Yes, the long painful wait for the new X-PRO2 is close to an end! The folks at Fujirumors got info from reliable source saying the camera will be announced in January. The major changes are expected to be inside the camera. The X-PRO2 will keep the original X-PRO1 design but (listen listen!) possibly feature a new Sony sensor! Will that mark the end of X-Trans? Probably not but Sony proved to make very high quality sensors and it would certainly help Fuji to use them to keep costs down. I can hear the lament of the Fuji folks on this :)

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