Rumors: New mirrorless camera and lens roadmap!


Dear readers, if you are currently planing your vacation this roadmap might be very useful for you! We don’t want you to miss any new product announcement! :)

That graph is based on current rumors we got from our sources. I think the roadmap is correct by a 85-90%.  As you cans ee there is a lot of exciting stuff to come! Stay tuned on our website!!!

Samsung exporting their CMOS to other companies. 18 Megapixel sensor ready. Olympus to buy Samsung sensors?

According to our insider sources Samsung is looking for export their new CMOS technology. A couple of weeks ago there have been a meeting with representatives of digital camera companies. Samsung showed them their last generation sensor. It’s a 18MPx CMOS sensor with 4K support. One of the present representatives was from Olympus. Samsung offered them a 16MPx 4/3 version with 1080p.

Another news. Samsung will start to supply other companies with the new 14MPx CMOS sensor for compact cameras.




One more Samsung prototype image.

Inside the video you can find even more prototype images! A user from the SLRclub forum find the ones you can see on top. They are not particularly attractive (but that’s just my personal opinion). The white model has the rounded design of the NX100 with a built-in viewfinder. The last line of camera shows a massive DSLR like body and a metal Leica X1 designed camera. Samsung, next time let’s take a closer to look to them!

Samsung talks about the future

There is an interesting interview at Samsungimaging about the NX future. But the most exciting news here is the picture I do post below:

Those are all camera prototypes from Samsung. There is Hasselblad styled camera, a camera with nice old style manual controls that looks like the Leica X1 leathered camera. Only the white model looks really ugly :)

Also Sony goes….pink!

So far only Pentax (with the Kr) and Panasonic (with the GF2) released PINK models. You don’t see them very often and they are also more expensive than the “normal” colored cameras. But now we just received that image of the upcoming new Sony NEX-C3 which we have been told will be available in Black, Silver and Pink! Confess, that’s the news you were waiting for ;)

See the Pink Pentax Kr on .
See the Pink Panasonic GF2 on .

E-PL2 vs GF2 vs NEX-C3 size comparison!

Amazing how small the NEC-C3 is. But I remind you smaller isn’t necessary better. Olympus is much thicker but this happens because they feature they very useful in body stabilization. But I am wondering how small Panasonic will go with the next GF3. Probably sooner or later we will see a camera with the size of the mount only :)