New Nikon and Pentax mirrorless rumors!

A long time ago we posted the rumor that Nikon would use a 2,5x crop factor sensor for their new “Coolpix Pro” mirrorless system. Now a second independent and well known externals source (Nikonrumors) confirmed that the system will have a 2,6x crop sensor (not 2,5x): “the difference between 2.5x and 2.6x is probably because of different rounding“. But Nikonrumros also got one more info: “According to the rumor, three new lenses will be introduced at the time of the mirrorless camera announcement: one wide pancake and two zooms.” To bad that the announcements have been delayed. As Thom Hogan said: “The electronics companies in Japan still aren’t sure what they will and won’t be able to produce in the near term.

P.S.: I know many of you will laugh at the “PRO” suffix for the mirrorless Coolpix camera. But you know…marketing rules the world!

One more news about the Pentax mirrorless system. Raphael Mabo (Dpreview forum) said that “If Pentax makes a mirrorless camera, it won’t be K-mount.” Sounds reasonable…

Samsung leaks a 300mm f/2.8 XF-ED lens on youtube

After Sony also Samsung decided to commit a leak suicide :)
The video you can see on top contains the picture of a new 300mm f/2.8 XF-ED lens. Certainly an intentional leak from Samsung and also not the first one (Click here to see the NX camera/lens roadmap” leak”). It’s called viral marketing!

That’s the lens:


Nice or not?

A reader noticed that: “the focus ring turns in the opposite direction to other NX lenses“.

Quesabesde: Nikon delayed the mirrorless announcement

According to sources from Quesabesde Nikon delayed the announcement of the mirrorless cameras because of the problems conected with the Sendai plant that has been shut down after the earthquake. Quesabesde doesn’t expect any new mirrorless camera (and No D700 and D3 replacement) before October!!!

P.S.: Nikon’s mirrorless system should be named “Coolpix Pro”.

Sony NEX-C3 manual leak and 30mm macro lens for NEX leaked too!

The czech manual of the NEX-C3 has been leaked…by Sony itself! On Sony czech website you will find username and password to download the NEX-C3 manual at the following link:

And the  30mm f/3.5 macro lens for NEX gets leaked to on Sony Service Canada (Check SonyAlphaRumors). And the lens gets a price on (259 Euro). Sounds like a Sony announcement is imminent!

Pentax confirms the imminent launch of two mirrorless systems???

Take it with a BIG grain of salt. According to the russian magazine Onliner (Click here) a Pentax company representative (name Anton Melnikov) commented on plans to produce mirrorless Pentax cameras. He said the first camera based on the APS-C sensor will be released in September this year. It is based on the K bayonet. The second mirrorless system is a compact camera with interchangeable lenses and the matrix 1 / 2, 33 inches.

Let’s see…

First images of the upcoming Sony NEX-C3.

Not only the NEX-7 but there is more to come from Sony…the Sony NEX-C3! It has 16 Megapixels but records still HD video only. The design also changed a bit and it looks more elaborated/rugged and in my opinion it’s a very nice camera. I still have no idea when the camera will be announced…