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Amazon Fuji X PRO 1 leak was a marketing trick? Real price much lower

An anonymous source just sent me this: “The X-Pro1 is going to be released at the originally rumored $1299. The brief $1,699.95 that was on Amazon was a marketing trick to help the real price seem even more attractive. That $1299 price includes the F1.4 lens kit :)
P.P.S. The X-Pro1 flash will be optional and has a cost of $299

Is he telling us the truth? If the prices he is mentioning here are correct than it might be. But I don’t know if that marketing trick was really necessary…if there was any trick. Because I still don’t believe Amazon did leak this for purpose!

P.S.: The Amazon X PRO 1 page is now blank (Click here to see a blank page…LOL).

P.P.S.: The full real specs have been posted a couple of hours ago:

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