Nikon financial report: In 2015 Nikon sold less cameras and less lenses.



Nikon publsihed their latest financial report and there are only bad news for the Imaging Business (video business + digital camera business):

  • The whole company sales and operating income reduced 4% and 16%, respectively, from the year earlier. Against the previous forecasts, sales posted a slight decrease while operating income was 8% higher.
  • Nikon sold less cameras and less lenses.
  • The sales volume of digital SLR cameras decreased, resulting in 11% sales reduction and 19% operating income reduction from the previous year. Partly because of the negative exchange rate impact, both sales and operating income did not reach the forecasts.
  • Yet, the forecast (for the Imaging Business) shows the sales reduction of 15% and operating income reduction of 23%.

The full PDF presentantion can be found here:

So far only Sony has shown a positive result in the Imaging Business. So Nikon isn’t the only company having troubles in the Imaging Business.


Two new Fuji rumors: X200 with same 23mm lens and X-PRO 2 firmware update coming soon


We got two small Fuji rumors:

1) Fuji is develping the new X100 successor. But reporst suggest that it will still feature the “usual” 23mm lens.

2) Fuji will release a new firmware update for the X-PRO2. It will fix many current bugs and add no new features for now.

via Fujirumors.