Big announcements: New Fuji and Panasonic lenses. New GH5 and GFX firmware update

We got plenty of new stuff to report today:

Leica 8-18mm
Panasonic announced the new Leica 8-18mm lens. You can preorder it here at BHphoto, Adorama, Panasonic and Amazon.
And there is also a new ZS70 compact camera at BHphoto, Adorama, Panasonic and Amazon.

Fuji GF 23mm and GF 110mm lens
Fujinon GF 110mm f/2 is now available for preorder at BHphoto, Amazon and Adorama.
Fujinon GF 23mm f/4 is now available for preorder at BHphoto, Amazon and Adorama.

Panasonic GH5 and Fuji GFX
The GFX got a new firmware update: “Fujifilm will release a free firmware update for the FUJIFILM GFX 50S later this spring, adding new functionality and improving operability. New functions include computer tethering via Wi-Fi and improved operability in exposure compensation and autofocus performance in difficult scenes.”
Panasonic announced the Gh5 will get a firmware update on April 24.

Fuji GF lens roadmap
On top of this post you can see the new GF lens roadmap. It includes Tele Converters and a Telephoto Prime Lens.

GF 110mm and 23mm to be priced at around $3,000

Nokishita (translation via Fujirumors) leaked the specs and pricing of the two new GF lenses:

  • GF 110 mm F 2 R LM WR
  • Expected release date: June, 2017
  • Suggested retail price: 359,500 yen + tax
  • Mass store sales price: around 350, 460 yen (tax included) – ($3,222))
  • 14 groups in 9 group, minimum 0.9 m, maximum 0.16 times, filter 77 mm, φ 94.3 mm × 125.5 mm, about 1010 g
  • GF 23 mm F 4 R LM WR
  • Expected release date: June, 2017
  • Suggested retail price: 339,500 yen + tax
  • Mass store sales price: around 328,860 yen (including tax) – ($3.023)
  • 12 groups 15 pieces, minimum 38 cm, maximum 0.09 times, filter 82 mm, φ 89.8 mm × 103.0 mm, about 845 g

These are the two next Fuji system cameras…

Fuji is really restless when it comes to launch new camera one after another. A part of the long time rumored new fixed lens X80 camera it really looks like Fuji will launch two more system cameras within the next 12 months:

1) Fujirumors confirmed they are going to launch a new Very High end X camera which will be priced between the $2,000 and $3,000 range. This camera has a similar X-T2 design but is the best video Fuji camera yet.

2) Fujirumors also reports the new X-E3 is coming too. And it will be a tiny bit smaller than the X-E2.

New images of the production ready Light L16 camera!

Lightrumors spotted four new images of the production ready L16 camera. They noticed those changes:

  • The flash used to be above the “Light” logo and it has now moved and is a dual-color flash
  • The laser focus assist moved a bit to make room for the flash and appears to be a solid color (not see thru glass any more)
  • The grip section is flat – earlier images had a very slight rise from the flat surface of the glass
  • There’s a tiny hole to the right of the Light name – probably the mic hole for video
  • On the left side (when facing the front), we see the attachment slot for the wrist strap – but there also used to be a plug slot there – it is now gone
  • We don’t get to see the bottom – this is where I assume the micro-usb port and the power adapter (unless they’re the same now) will be
  • We also don’t get any shots of the back?

And Capture.Light posted a couple of image samples too: