Nikkei reports that “Ricoh is facing its biggest crisis ever”

Nikkei reports:

Ricoh is staring at huge losses as the market for multifunctional printers, Ricoh’s cash cow, evaporates and its global sales network racks up high costs.

Ricoh will have to go through a cost reduction target of 100 billion yen ($912 million) for the three years through March 2020. And this means job cuts. It’s unclear how this will affect the camera business from Ricoh-Pentax.

Sony A9 overheating stress test (Spoiler: It does not overheat)

Imaging Resource made the ultimate A9 stress test and the conclusion is:

It is extremely challenging to overheat the A9. I say that as even though I was actually trying to make the camera overheat, I could not.

From what I read having slow cards is of course going to cause your camera to overheat a bit because the processor needs more time to clear the buffer. So please do use fast cards :)

Plenty of FE lenses to be announced this summer by Sony, Sigma, Samyang and maybe Zeiss

We knew that 2017 would have been the year of lenses for the Sony E-mount system. According to multiple sources plenty of new glass will be announced the coming months. This includes:

1) 135mm f/1.8 GM by Sony
2) 400mm f/2.8 GM by Sony
3) 35mm f/1.4 FE by Sigma
4) Another Sigma zoom FE by end 2017
5) New Zeiss Batis lenses by end Summer early Fall
6) New Samyang FE autofocus prime lens this Fall

And there should be more lenses by Sony along the A7III launch in October/November.


Luminar Neptune has a new special artifical intelligence filter

MacPhun announced the new Luminar Neptune software (Click here). The big new feature is an “artificial intelligence” filter which does all the basic changes on your photos for you. You get $10 off if you use the checkout code “MIRROR”.

New feature highlights in Luminar Neptune:

Accent AI filter – Uses artificial intelligence to create stunning images with a single slider movement, tapping into the power of dozens of filters.
Quick & Awesome workspace – A workspace consisting of the Accent AI Filter, Saturation & Vibrance and Clarity filters. Perfect for achieving great results in a fun and easy way within seconds.
Plug-in integration with Creative Kit and Aurora HDR 2017 – Seamlessly access favorite features from Macphun’s other photo editing tools.
Brush, Gradient and Radial Gradient tools – Dramatically faster performance yields smoother selective editing.
Vignette filter – Addition of Vignette Styles, Place Center and Pre- and Post-Crop modes delivers even more flexibility to this popular photo finishing tool.
Memory management – Increased overall performance for large files and 5+ simultaneous open images.
User Interface changes – Extensive improvements to in-app animation and mode transitions make for a more pleasing editing experience.
Crop tool update – Ability to specify custom crop sizes bring the ultimate usefulness to cropping.
Local history – Provision for reviewing separate history while in Transform, Denoise, Clone & Stamp modes helps optimize editing.