Insta360 will announce a new camera on August 28. And it records this amazing kind of videos…

Insta360 will announce a new camera on August 28. This is a camera you have to spin around yourself to take this kind of impressive videos:

360rumors reports:

It has a high-fps mode (at least 240fps or higher). When the camera is attached to a string and spun around with high fps video, you get the effect that you see here. It appears that this is a fully spherical high fps mode (not just a front lens mode).


Fuji financial report confirms the GFX sold extremely well

Fuji published the full Q1 financial results. There are three key info:

1) Instax sales are very strong in Europe and US. And particularly well for the Instax SQ10.
2) Fuji reported “strong sales” of the GFX camera
3) Lens sales are steady

The good news for Fuji is that the Instax business has ZERO competition and increasingly popular. This is probably an area were near dead filmmaker companies like Kodak could actually create something similar…