Future camera news roundup: E-M1II, FS7II, GH5, X-?

Quick roundup of new rumors:

  1. The new Olympus E-M1II will start shipping the first week of December. the price should be a little bit above the one of the Fuji X-T2 (43rumors)
  2. Sony is going to announce the new FS7II E-mount camcorder in November (no A7III folks!)
  3. New X-series camera will be announced in November/December (Fujirumors).
  4. The GH5 has 5 axis stabilization. Very strange Panasonic didn’t mention this at Photokina in the first place…

Wanna know how good the GFX and X1D image quality will be? Just look at those 645Z files and review!


You want to know what kind of image quality you will get on the new Fuji GFX? Just take a look at the Pentax 645Z reviews as it uses the same Sony 50MP sensor:

Review at PetaPixel:

The depth of field is beautiful. On smaller sensor systems the DoF drops off near instantly when using fast aperture tele lenses. On medium format you just get this beautiful roll off to the out of focus regions.

Ming Thein writes:

Does it have that ‘medium format look’? Well, given that such a thing is a property of both the angle of view, real focal length and aperture as much as the technical qualities of the recording medium, I’d say yes and no: it looks different from FF35, but not like full frame 645 (the CFV-39 has a 1.1x crop factor to 645). Remember, the sensor is 33x44mm after all.

Photographylife writes:

the Nikon D810 does look much worse compared to the Pentax 645Z at ISO 1600. In summary, the ISO performance between a medium format sensor and a full-frame sensor is obviously pretty pronounced and for a good reason – the larger sensor size does make a difference…

Studio Shot comparison at Dpreview:

And two more video review bt TCSTV and Matt Granger:

A classic lens is back: Leica announces the new Summaron 28mm f/5.6


Leica announced the new Summaron 28mm f/5.6 lens (official page here). Leica writes:

Through its combination of extreme depth of field, natural contrast, excellent rendition of details and visible vignetting, the lens gives images a unique character. Pictures made with the Summaron-M stand out from all others with a look reminiscent of analogue photography.

At the same time Leica also annoucned the Titanium version of the Leica Q.


Sony and Fuji will announce new products soon!

Fuji isn’t done yet! After the X-PRO2, X-T2 and GFX they will announce one more new camera before Christmas! All we know so far is that this is a X-series camera (Source: Fujirumors).

And Sony is also rumored to announce something E-mount in 2-3 weeks. But it won’t be a new A7 or the long time rumored A9 model. but rather something else (Source: SonyAlphaRumors).

I guess the product announcements from Fuji and Sony will be the last ones of this year.