A classic lens is back: Leica announces the new Summaron 28mm f/5.6


Leica announced the new Summaron 28mm f/5.6 lens (official page here). Leica writes:

Through its combination of extreme depth of field, natural contrast, excellent rendition of details and visible vignetting, the lens gives images a unique character. Pictures made with the Summaron-M stand out from all others with a look reminiscent of analogue photography.

At the same time Leica also annoucned the Titanium version of the Leica Q.


This graph shows you the decline of the camera industry :(

Infographic: Are Smartphones Killing Digital Cameras? | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

This week the Spanish website Quesabesde announced it’s closure due the declining revenues. The camera website simply did get no more money (via ADS) from camera manufacturers to run the website.
And the graph posted above by Statista shows clearly that the camera industry is facing a terrible time. Sooner or later more manufacturers will drop out the business just like Samsung did. I am wondering who is the next on the list…

Ricoh Theta SC annoucned!


Ricoh announced the new Theta SC and you can preorder it now at BHphoto, Adorama and Amazon.

Product Highlights

  • Record 360° Spherical Photos/Videos
  • 2 x 12MP 1/2.3″ Sensors, 14.4MP Output
  • Twin Lens System, f/2 Maximum Aperture
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps
  • Auto, Shutter Speed & ISO Priority Modes
  • ISO 1600 & Manual Exposure up to 1 Min.
  • Interval Shooting and Self-Timer Setting
  • HDR Composite and DR Compensation
  • Built-In Wi-Fi for Live View and Control
  • 8GB Internal Memory

Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki explains in honest and funny way why they will never quite making DP cameras!


If you watch from minute 5 you will hear Mr. Kazuto Yamaki explain in a very deeply honest and funny way why Sigma is never going to quit from their DP camera business. Mr. Kazuto Yamaki is really a great person and manager!

Thanks Lensvid for sharing this.!