ON1 Raw format to rule them all :)

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-27 um 17.06.37

ON1 just announced the new “ON1 Photo RAW” format. They write:

ON1 Photo RAW will be the first RAW processor released in more than a decade and feature a new modern RAW processing engine, tuned for today’s sensors and graphics chips. Combined with our current set of tools, ON1 Photo RAW will bring photographers the world’s fastest, most flexible, and easiest to use RAW processor and photo editor available.

The new RAW format will be available this fall for $150 (yearly subscription).

You can see all the presentation and videos at https://www.on1.com/apps/photo-raw/

Stronz Vanderploeg creates some buzz on the web: Should Panasonic go full frame?

Micro Four Thirds is a successful mirrorless system. But now it’s facing strong competition from Fuji and Sony. And in the near future Canon and Nikon will launch their FF mirrorless system too. So where should Panasonic and Olympus go if all major players are competing in th larger APS-C FF sensor market?

Stronz Vanderploeg suggests Panasonic should definitely go Full Frame with the next GH5 already! Watch the video above to hear his arguments…