Fuji financial report confirms the GFX sold extremely well

Fuji published the full Q1 financial results. There are three key info:

1) Instax sales are very strong in Europe and US. And particularly well for the Instax SQ10.
2) Fuji reported “strong sales” of the GFX camera
3) Lens sales are steady

The good news for Fuji is that the Instax business has ZERO competition and increasingly popular. This is probably an area were near dead filmmaker companies like Kodak could actually create something similar…

Future Mirrorless Nikon camera may comes with an extra “pellicle” adapter for Nikon F lenses

A newly released Nikon patent discloses their plans to make Nikon F lenses work on their future professional (Full Frame?) mirrorless system camera. A special adapter with pellicle and PDAF module could allow to use Nikon F system with the best possible focus system.

Basically this works like the current Sony LAEA4 adapter.That adapter has a semitransparent pellicle mirror that reflects a bit of light to the PDAF sensor. The downside is that you loose about 1/3 of a stop of light. But that’s negligible in most situation.

via Hi-lows-note.blog.so-net.ne.jp

New MS-Optical History-Prot 58° 40mm f/6.3 Macro for Leica M

The new MS-Optical 40mm f/6.3 macro lens for Leica M is now listed on eBay (Click here).

Description via Japancamerahunter:

Miyazaki has been a very busy man lately. Not content with releasing a series of new regular lenses, he has also started working on the History Series of lenses.
And this is the fist in the series. The Prot 40mm 6.3, based on a classic design known as the Protaria lens formula which was designed by the legendary Rudolph Zeiss. I am still awaiting a full translation of the accompanying text about the lens.
This is a minute lens, weighing in at only 47 grams. it has a close focus of 60cm. 4 elements in 2 groups.
A fascinating little lens and something quite a bit different from what you usually see. A slower lens for a slower pace.