Big Olympus/Panasonic firmware updates released!


MFT folks can enjoy the fact that Olympus and Panasonic both embraced the Fuji “kaizen” philosophy. This means the companies keep improving existent camera rather than focusing on replacing them with new models (read Sony).

The E-M1 and E-M5II got a huge list of new features. Check out at GetOlympus (Click here to read all details).
the GX8 and G7 got the Post Focus feature (

Well done! Now Sony let’s see if you will learn from it…. 😉

Samsung makes it official: Camera business is done in Germany.

The German got an official answer from Samsung saying they will no more sell cameras on the German market. Here is the original German text:

„19. November 2015
In Deutschland beobachten wir seit längerer Zeit einen allmählichen Rückgang der Nachfrage nach Digitalkameras, Camcordern und entsprechendem Zubehör. Wir müssen uns den Anforderungen des Marktes anpassen und haben uns daher entschlossen, Verkauf und Marketing dieser Produkte schrittweise auslaufen zu lassen. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Entscheidung, die nur den deutschen Markt betrifft.“

For now they say this applies on the German territory only. But I am pretty sure Samsung will soon announce they will quit the camera sales worldwide.


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