Sony will sell their best sensors to Nikon and other companies….

Last week Sony interview at Imaging Resources lead to think that Sony would not sell their best sensors to Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and other companies. In an updated statement the editor from Imaging Resource stressed to say that this is a misinterpretation and that:

If Sony were to somehow dial back specs in the sensors they offer competing camera manufacturers, other sensor makers would rapidly step in to fill that gap.

Nice! Free Lightroom plugin shows which focus point was active when the picture was taken

On Github you can find a free open source plugin for Lightroom (on Mac) that shows which focus point was active when the picture was taken. It currently works on MAC only and supports those cameras:

  • Fuji cameras
    • all recent X bodies (X-T2, X-T1, X-T10, X-Pro2, X-Pro1, X-A3, X-A2, X-A1, X-A10, X-E2S, X-E2, X-E1, X100T, X30, X70, etc)
  • Olympus cameras
    • (Should work on recent E-* bodies)
  • Panasonic cameras

Currently, 5 types of AF-points will be displayed :

  • AF selected in focus The AF-Point is selected and in focus
  • AF selected The AF-Point is selected
  • AF in focus The AF-Point is in focus
  • AF selected in focus The AF-Point is inactive
  • AF selected in focus A face was detected by the camera at this position

Full list of soon to be announced Canon-Nikon-Sony-Olympus cameras

Nokishita spotted a list of new camera registrations. The cameras are registered in Asia with certain codes to hide the camera name. But in some cases we already know what these are going to be. The probably biggest news for us is that Sony will announce a new Sony FF E-mount camera in April which I guess will be a new A7sIII:


    • DS126631
      • Digital single-lens reflex camera
      • SKU: 1897C003AA, 1897C010AA, 1897C015AA, 1897C022AA
      • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
      • Made in Japan (Oita)
      • Guess: High possibility of full size machine. Body only and 3 types of lens kit.
    • DS126671
      • Digital single-lens reflex camera
      • SKU: 2250C001AA, 2250C002AA, 2250C011AA, 2253C001AA, 2256C001AA
      • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
      • Made in Taiwan
      • Guess: The model name is different in Japan / USA / other regions. Body color is three colors? Black is only body and two kinds of lens kit. Other color is lens kit only.
    • PC 2329
      • made in Japan
      • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • PC 2335


  • PowerShot SX 730 HS
    • PC 2329 or PC 2335
    • Color: Black / Silver
    • Made in Japan (Nagasaki)
  • interchangeable lens
    • SKU: 2220C005AA
    • Made in Malaysia
    • Expected: EF – S 35 mm F 2.8 M IS STM


  • N 1546
    • made in China
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • N 1610
    • Made in Thailand
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • N16D3
    • Made in Indonesia ( Zakuti Factory )


  • WW 361847
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • WW 620081
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

※ One side is more likely to be a compact camera


  • IM005
    • Made in Vietnam
    • Wi-Fi installed
    • Battery: LI-92B
    • USB cable: CB-USB 12 (unreleased)

Is there no way to fit the large Sony 55x41mm sensor inside the Fuji G-mount?

As you well know the new Fuji G-mount has a 65mm diameter. I was wondering if that mount could actually fit the larger Sony 53x41mm sensor used by Phase One. But that sensor has a 67,5mm diameter (On the image on top see the blue rectangle area on the right). So it’ doesn’t look like Fuji could use this kind of sensors on their future GFX camera. Unless I am missing something  and maybe cutting 2mm has no effect?

So the question for you folks is: Do you know for sure the large 55x41mm sensor will NOT fit on a G-mount camera?

P.S.: The GFX is back in Stock at Amazon US.