Canon revises their forecast (good and bad news)

Canon revised their forecats and there is good and bad news:

  1. in Q1 profit was higher than expected (270 billion Yen instead of 255 billion Yen)
  2. But the company’s outlook on 2017 camera unit sales are gloomier, with ILC unit sales dropping 7% and compacts down 13%, working out to -9% overall.

About time for Canon to think how cool it would be if they would make a FF mirrorless system camera like the one designed by David Riesenberg? :)

via Dpreview.

What’s coming next? A new Olympus E-M10III and a new Sony camera!

Let’s try to distract the people from the ongoing Sony A9 news coverage :)

We know of two cameras coming soon:

1) Olympus will announce the new E-M10III within the next couple of months

2) Sony will announce a new camera in June. We don’t know what it is but the best guess is that this is a new RX camera. But it definitely is NOT a new A9r camera as reported as usual by some bogus rumor sites that never have been right once :)

3) Panasonic and Fuji will announce their next new mirrorless system camera after this summer!

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