Adobe accidentally leaks Nimbus “Lightroom in the cloud”

Adobe accidentally made a “nimbus” app download available to some Creative Cloud customers. French site MacG catched the leak and reports:

“This leak tells us something new: Nimbus users have 1TB of storage in the cloud. This is much more than the 20 GB usually offered to Creative Cloud subscribers.”

Nimbus is expected to be released as a Beta Version sometimes in late 2017.

After Panasonic and Hasselblad also Leica “dreams” about making a Leica-phone

Leica CEO Andreas Kaufmann told at CNBC that he would like to make a Leica-phone:

“I am not sure whether the company can do (this) … (But) one dream would be my personal dream: a true Leica phone,”

Leica wouldn’t bet the first camera company to make a photography oriented phone. Panasonic miserably failed with the CM1 and CM10 (no success on market). And Hasselblad recently launched their True Zoom

My advice to Leica? Forget about this :)