On Friday February 6 Canon will announce also a new G3x camera. It's rumored to have those specs:
20.2mp 1 inch back illuminated cmos
5 shot/sec
F2.8-f5.6. 25x zoom. 28-600mm zoom (35 equiv.)
3.2 inch touch screen
ISO 12800 expand to 25600
Full HD. 59.94 fps


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  • January 30, 2015 20:25, Claudio Franco said:

    600 divided by 28 is smaller than 24. I believe the correct equivalent focal length of this camera's lens is 24-600mm, don't you think?

  • January 30, 2015 19:02, Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson said:

    Nice to see Canon improve their cameras. Seems like the G3 will not be very compact but a versatile camera with 28-600mm focal length No word if it will have EVF. But nice to see Touch LCD. I just do not understand why Sony refuses to u...

CanonWatch leaked an info about a possible Canon-Sony partnership to develop a new 50,6 Megapixel sensor. One to be used for the Canon 5Ds and one to be used for the Sony A7rII. And today the image of the 5Ds leaked out via Digicameinfo along the sensor specs:

50.6MP full-size CMOS sensor
5DS R is a low-pass filter has been canceled
The body is magnesium alloy
Dust and water sealed
Dual processor DIGIC6
Regular sensitivity ISO100-6400
Continuous shooting 5 frames / sec.
High precision 61-point AF
150,000 pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor
Added “fine detail” to the Picture Style
1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting mode
Customizable “Quick Control Screen”
Time-lapse movie
Interval Timer
Bulb timer

Now we will have to see if the mirrorless Sony A7rII will have similar specs!


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  • January 30, 2015 19:40, Andrew said:

    Actually, that website is wrong. MIL cameras do have TTL viewfinders, they're just electronic. And the sensors aren't "almost" as large as a DSLR's, in many cases they actually are the same sensors used in DSLRs. This is true of micro four thirds,...

  • January 30, 2015 12:30, John Jagnow said:

    That tells the difference between cameras not sensors

  • January 30, 2015 12:29, John Jagnow said:

    Nikon uses the A7r sensor in the D4 what do you mean by the sensor is meant for DSLR

Canon will announce the new EOS-M3 next week and those could be the specs according to CanonWatch:

24.2MP sensor
Dual Pixel CMOS AF III
Automatic shooting modes
ISO 100-12,800 range
7 fps
Optional EVF


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  • January 30, 2015 07:38, Mk.82 said:

    Sorry but Nikon and Canon definitely have a mirrorless variants of their top DSLR cameras what they test and polish. They invest heavily to mirrorless research but they don't release or reveal anything.

    Why? Doing so would kill their sales a...

  • January 29, 2015 19:29, Jeff said:

    I don't own an EOS M so I can't say exactly.
    But from what I've read, the adapter doesn't seem to limit anything. There's no glass and it's pure electronics.
    I'm guessing the newer STM lenses may work better/faster than older glass but I'm n...

  • January 29, 2015 19:10, tecnoworld said:

    How is af through the adapter? I never tested one.

    P.s. dslr lenses are usually a bit bigger than mirrorless ones, especially at wide fl. With the adapter they get even bigger.

    Anyway I'm not negating that a good M camera from canon wo...

US readers can enjoy two great deals on brand new (and not grey imported) full warranty stuff:

Sony A7s sells for $1,999 only at NJaccessory on eBay (Click here).

Olympus E-Pl7 with kit lens sells for $549 at RobertsCamera on eBay (Click here).

Both are limited time/quantity offers!


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  • January 29, 2015 00:58, Jeff P said:

    The A7s is very clearly grey market (i.e., not a manufacturers warranty).

Digicameinfo and 43rumors spilled out all the info on the announcement date (February 5) and specs of the new E-M5II:

- The body is Magnesium alloy body
- The body is dust and water sealed with resistance to low temperatures (Just like the E-M1
- 16MP sensor (Same E-M5 16MP sensor)
- TruePic VII Image processing engine
- 5-axis camera shake correction (effective 5 stop correction)
- Video 60p full HD
- Video 24fps
- 77Mbps bit rate
- Touch 3 inches 1.04 million dot Vari-angle LCD monitor.
- 2.36 million dot EVF
- Camera in keystone correction
- Live Composite
- Wi-Fi built-in. Remote control from the smartphone
- Hi-Res composite shooting functions of 40MP (eight shots at 0.5 pixel step I to produce an image of 40MP)


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  • January 28, 2015 18:13, Stan Shore said:

    FotoAcute software will take several photos and increase resolution but the camera should be on a tripod.

    The E-M5 ii will take eight times longer to take eight shots; hand held this will push the stabilization system to it's limits or bey...

  • January 28, 2015 16:20, Adamant said:

    There is one remaining thousand-dollar question: Are the 40mp images just jpegs? I presume we won't get raws because of the amount of processing required. But uncompressed tiffs would be a game-changer. Jpegs are much less interesting.

Fujirumors is again sure that Fuji is developing a new larger than APS-C sensor camera:

Fuji is working on a bigger sensor camera. The source would like to specify, that the release of this bigger sensor size camera is everything else but imminent (so don’t expect it to come anytime soon). We are just in the early stages of its development. But, always according to this source, Fujifilm is already paving the way for its arrival, since some of the recently announced/released Fujinon XF lenses are already designed to cover the bigger sensor.

Would be nice to have a real Sony FE competitor! But for now even if the rumor is correct it doesn't sound like this will come within 2015 :(


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  • January 30, 2015 06:24, Johan Rastenberger said:

    You should consider that mostly photos are viewed on screens and a coming standard is 4K screens. They begin at 12 MP so 16 doesn't give you much room for cropping/adjusting. 16 is barely enough for the new iMacs.

  • January 29, 2015 15:55, ejpb said:

    And why suddenly all those extreme MP requirements? In 99.9% of the real world prints - even in somewhat larger gallery-alike formats - you’ll not be able tell the difference between an image that was made with a 16MP, 24MP, 36MP or even 50MP sens...

  • January 29, 2015 13:43, Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson said:

    There is not an X Pro2 out yet and folks still waiting Most all updates from Fuji recently have been very minor and mostly software Like the A-2. No new sensors or processors Seems like Fuji is being very conservative or strapped finan...

Just like the A7 also the A7r will be replaced soon. At least according to a highly trusted source. The new A7rII will have a new High Resolution sensor of around 50 Megapixels!

I don't know yet if the camera will be announced at Cp+ or 1-2 months later in Spring...


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  • January 27, 2015 19:08, wil said:


  • January 27, 2015 13:05, Bengt Nyman said:

    Close enough: 24*36/12.8*9.6 = 140.6 MP at FF

  • January 27, 2015 12:16, Jean Pierre said:

    Thanks Dimitry and sorry, I've forgotten. Well, with the correct math it comes more ridiculous. If that theory would be correct, then Sony never could/had made a 20MP 1" sensor!!! Naked or not .... we do not know all about the sensor technology an...