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Will Samsung announce an ultrsmall NX camera? NX1000 coming?

Within one month the new minaturization war “produced” the the (pictured on top) and the . And according to a new source Samsung will join the competition! Take it with a grain of salt until our trusted sources can confirm or deny the specs.

The source saw a poster of a new Samsung NX1000 camera. The poster had the script: “Small, thin and light… technology with a smart touch“. The camera that was described is a small NX DualView with a 4″ AMOLED touch screen and front 1.8” LCD, WiFi and UI SmartMotion.

A wonder if a camera can be small if it uses a 4 inch(!) screen. Unless it has no buttons at all on the back of the camera!

Sony NEX-C3 images, specs and price at .
Panasonic GF3 images, specs and price at .
Olympus E-PM1 images, specs and price at (not availale yet for preorder!).

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