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Weird rumors: Canon and Samsung to make Medium Format cameras?

I confess, I would love to own a digital “mirrorless” medium format camera a la Mamiya 7 ;) May those dreams will become a reality?

According to CanonrumorsCanon is having some interest in purchasing a medium format company. Apparently they’ve moved to the point of actually opening the companies books.“.

But Canon is not the only big company moving in that direction. Via
we learned that “A kind of noise caused by many large companies the agreement between the three incoming. The agreement will create a high-end photographers, photo artists and creators to create the new system.
Samsung, Schneider – Kreuznach finishing and Alpa is a big deal to create a photographic Association (SSA) to create the first fully digital, medium format camera system.
Samsung Electronics, Mr. President, Secretary Department of Justice Park said: “Each company in each of the consortium of professional and high quality system for the medium format of the sensitive components of the professional, we have completed the first medium-format CMOS sensor, and the first model electronic components. “
Schneider Optics CEO Dwight Lindsey said: “To our actual Alpa lens system will fit with the new system, we have taken the same mount, but we are working on a new formula for the optical system and fully electronic oriented. “
In fact, we do not have information, or in this new system will be published.

They are talking about a new system, MF cmos sensor and schneider lenses.

Let us dream….

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