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New Nikon patent discloses mirrorless camera with EVF

Nikon is continually registering new mirrorless camera patents. The lates patent shows clearly how the EVIL camera could look like. And those are the patent details:

* Patent Publication No.2010-161569
o published 2010/07/22
o filled 2009/01/07
* Problems
o At the time of lens desorption, useless thing invades the camera inside.
* Conventional technology and problems
o It make a protective cover.
o A lens end may come in contact with the protective cover.
* A patent of Nikon
o A Imaging Box
+ Sealing up space
+ It is formed by protective cover and OLPF, image sensor.
+ Rubber and resin are used for a connection of protective cover and imaging box.
+ Rubber and the resin are form of ring.
o It possesses a sensor detecting lens desorption.
o At the time of lens desorption, protective cover is pushed inside.
* The embodiment of the patent
o It does not have a mechanical shutter(only use an electronic shutter).

Source: Nikonrumors

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