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Very bad news: Samsung will really kill the NX camera system!

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The reliable Korean newspaper Asiae reports that Samsung will completely shut down the entire digital camera business. Developers personnel were moved to the smart phone or medical division. Samsung also stopped all marketing campaigns and the site (no updates since months).

At least for 2016 there will be no camera development of any kind. Maybe in 2017 or later Samsung could return with a new business plan. But for now I am now pretty certain Samsung is done with the NX system.

That is a very bad day. Samsung was the with Canon and Panasonic one of the few companies that like Sony can make everything in-house (sensor processor and so on). And their NX500 sensor even is the best at the APS-C DxOmark sensor ranking.

UPDATE: Also the Spanish magazine Quesabesde got the same “rumor”. Spanish and Portuguese stores report that Samsung camera contacts completely disappeared. And at least in Portugal Samsung itself confirmed they will not sell any NX camera anymore.

found via Photorumors.

  • M.A.C.

    “Samsung was the only company that like Sony could make everything in house.” And what about Canon? And Panasonic?

    • Agachart Sukchouy

      yeah,and can remove everything in house,look back all tech from Sony.


    • DrunkenRant

      “Sony could make everything in house” is now a false statement, unless you consider companies that are spun off and fully independent to be “in house”, which “in house” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      • MdB

        Ah no.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    As far as I know, there are two separate development departments inside Samsung, one for compact cameras and one for system cameras (not unlike other camera manufacturers). Do we know that the article is about the system camera division?

    • rumoradmin

      Yep, for both.

  • Anadrol88

    More cake for Sony !

    • LittleCam

      Good for Sony – bad for Sony customers.

  • Dominique

    How bad is this? They were finally on the right track with the NX1 and NX500!

    • M.A.C.

      NX1 was too expensive. A good product but too expensive. Very good cameras… but very few lenses. No third-party accessory. A brand known for its microwaves in the world.

      • Samsung is known world wide as a market leader, not microwaves. There are plenty of lenses for NX, and popularity in forums has skyrocketed since NX1. However, it has been almost a year with no news. My thought is they are maybe scaling back or seeing if they can shift markets? The problem is not APS-C as much as the fact that people buying APS-C cameras decided they don’t want to any more as they realize the camera can’t take the photos for them. APS-C is plenty good for almost any professional use these days, but those people generally buy full frame because they can, why not? I hope NX sticks around.

        • M.A.C.

          I disagree. Many professional photographers use Fuji system. So they are not scared about APS-C cameras. Some others use MFT system too.

          • I am not saying all professionals use full frame, only many. I have heard no shortage of whining about Fuji not having full frame. The NX1 actually drew professional interest, first Samsung NX to do that, which is why I would hate to see them go now. I shoot weddings with my NX1 and have since it was released. My point was the beginner and intermediate APS-C market sort of collapsed, leaving mostly professional and high quality point and shoot like RX100 and maybe cameras like Sony A6000, Samsung NX500, etc. There are fewer people today pretending to be professional photographers since they bought their DSLR.

          • MdB

            Pretty sure that X system / digital in general is still losing them money?

          • Djimd

            But fuji must stay in it or die. While Samsung can cut its losses and walk away

          • MdB

            And seems like they are. Great for those invested in big Ol’ powerhouse Samsug right?

          • revaaron

            That’s the key, I think. Still, it’s a shame. Nice cameras with a very nice UI.

          • junyo

            Per Fuji’s business statements, imaging is largely a prestige/hobby business for them, they make far more money in other sectors. So Fuji doesn’t have to “stay in it or die”. And their imaging business actually makes money, once you factor in Instax.

          • LittleCam

            If you are a professional photographer and you have the best camera one can buy, you might to have a problem if this camera is smaller than an EOS-rebel. E.g. weddings: people will look at you and think: “This guy is paid for taking photos – but my camera is bigger. I should get the money”

            I think this is the reason why many pro decide to go for the biggest body or at least get a battery grip to make the camera look bigger. It’s maybe not a quality issue at all.

      • Known for microphones.. I’ve never heard of a Samsung microwave, but plenty of monitors and phones and lots of other equipment, they’re not exactly a small business:

        • M.A.C.

          Open their site.. you’ll see in homepage wash machines, and microwaves! Not cameras! Ask in the street about samsung!!! Nobody tells you that is a camera brands! Try to ask to every housewife about samsung. And listen what they say (Mobile phones, wash machine, fruit machine, microwaves etc)! I know that is a big company! I’m not stupid. But we are talking about people see samsung! Not as camera brand! Also if nx series are good cameras!

          • I didn’t say anytging about people knowing Samsung as a camera brand, but they are most certainly not most known for microwaves. Phones first, then TV’s and monitors.

          • M.A.C.

            If you ask it to a geek, maybe. Try to ask to normal people! Housewives, old people, and normal people in the street. Before 2009… in which field samsung was known? And now many people still knows samsung as a good companion in the kitchen. It’s not have a good reputation in camera’s world. That’s the true. If you like technology, you know samsung as a monitor company. My mother doesn’t like technology, and she knows samsung as microwaves company or vacuum cleaner. If u are a geek, you know Samsung as the best SSD company or ARM chipset maker.

          • I’m not talking about 6 years ago. I’m talking about today. I’m fairly sure that today most people know think about phones first, then TVs and monitors when you ask them about Samsung. And it’s not like the people making their building, military equipment and home appliances also work in the camera department, so I see no negatives with Samsung making among others these things as well.

          • M.A.C.

            This is your opinion…. Try to ask to an housewife…. And you might know that here in Italy… nobody has samsung’s monitors. Lg, Dell, Acer and HP are the most sells and what you see in offices. So here nobody tells you about monitors. If you go to a mall you could see many many many home appliances made by Samsung! That the truth. And i’m talking about normal people. Not geeks.

          • I give up, but I haven’t changed my mind. But you realize the Samsung make the Galaxy phones and tablets, right? It’s not like they’re not well known. The same goes for their TVs. You can keep saying the same thing, the same thing that makes no sense, but I won’t be replying.

          • M.A.C.

            I know that samsung make many many things! But I know it! Not an housewife! That’s the point that you are not understand! U are talking about yourself. Not about normal people. What are u saying have no sense if not for a geek.

          • BdV

            Just admit that your comment about ‘known for microwaves’ could have been a bit more accurate.

          • M.A.C.

            Just admit that you don’t have sarcasm or sense of humor.

          • BdV


          • MdB

            So they make consumer electronics that don’t rely on an ecosystem of their own making. Cool. Ask someone to plonk down $5k on a decent camera system and you’d have to be ready to throw money away.

          • LittleCam

            My TV is Samsung, and one out of my 3 computer monitors is Samsung. My phone is Samsung and my next phone will be Samsung, too.
            Maybe Germany is different to Italy.

          • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

            yes it depends where in the world you live – some countries Canon owns when it comes to cameras – for example – I do think that if taken an average poll that most would know Samsung by their cell phones – then TV’s and now yes appliances – in the USA they are very much known for monitors and so is LG – although LG in other countries is only known for appliances – and other country;s not known at all :) I blame Samsung on poor advertising and marketing that they will not anymore support their camera business – I think they see the competition as to stiff and with better cell phone cameras and Canon mostly dominating the DSLR market and Sony the Mirrorless market that it just does not pay off to be in the mirrorless market – it is all about profits – but sometimes company;s for example compete like with automakers in areas that there is not much profit just for marketing and brand name advertising

          • Sakaphoto Graphics

            Go into The Home Depot or Best Buy and look at the appliances. Many have “Samsung” on them.

          • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

            I think around the world would first know Samsung as a phone maker – then as a TV or Monitor make – but yes in some parts of the world they have been making big inroads into the appliance market with good products

          • M.A.C.

            But this was not my Point. The point was samsung haven’t a good reputation as camera brand.

          • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

            true – and that is because of poor marketing and advertising on their part – they are a giant company – so could have done much better –

          • azbest

            on the other hand.. a washing machine and a camera look almost the same..

        • MdB

          They have anything pro grade (other than military)?

          • LittleCam

            Can the Galaxy S6+ regarded as pro grade? If no – is there another phone in the world to be regarded pro grade?

          • MdB

            Ah no. How about sat phones or specialised security phones? A Galaxy phone of any kind is a consumer electronics device.

      • Sakaphoto Graphics

        They do sell a lot of microwave ovens and refrigerators. I don’t see the NX1 as expensive but they don’t have many lenses, as they’ve been attempting to find a foothold and not thinking a lot about anything.

        • Beduin

          They have plenty of lenses. And good ones. Their lens system is better then Sony NEX’s.

          • Sakaphoto Graphics

            According to Adorama, they have 64 lenses available for the system versus 106 for Sony APS-C E-Mount and 41 more for the 135 Format FE-Mount. The numbers include third party items.

      • Zach Wagner

        I think you get a pretty incredible camera in the NX1, so I’m not sure it’s ‘too expensive’ if you compare it to the rest of the market. In many ways, at the time of its release, it was far and away the most technologically advanced camera ever made.
        Definitely not the most robust lens line, but not terrible either. And the lenses generally perform very well. Plus in my opinion some of the best cameras from a usability standpoint in the mirrorless world. I’m very saddened that Samsung is (supposedly) leaving the camera business. They just didn’t give themselves enough time after making the sensor/technology breakthrough on the NX1/NX500. You have to stick around and keep delivering quality products to sway consumers. Look at Fuji. Look at Olympus. Hell Oly almost quit, but then the E-M5 brought them back, and they kept making great cameras and lenses and they were able to stay going (at least for now). And Fuji just keeps giving customers firmware updates/improvements, showing their dedication to their consumer base. Samsung even started doing this with the NX1, releasing needed firmware updates, etc. But now they just give up? Too bad. I’ll miss them. But I’m sure many will not.

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        I agree with few lenses – but not sure if it was in reality very expensive – it had 4K video – 28MP sensor and loaded with features – the Olympus OMD EM1 and Fuji X-T1 and the Sony NEX7 started at $1299 – and none have 4K or a 28MP sensor and full Touch LCD etc – I think it was a matter of looks with the NX1 partially – it was not particularly good looking – did not have a true Mirrorless look – looked more like a DSLR – and with so many less expensive DSLR looking cameras of course it could not compete in price – but it certainly was more loaded that most all APS-C DSLRs – the other thing is just poor marketing – the NX500 looked a lot more like a mirrorless camera but by then it was to late – the previous models had not up to par with the competition – I think if they had just given themselves 2 more years – pumped out more bodies like Sony does and few more lenses – with the same sensor and processor then they could have survived –
        The NX1 also did not have the easy 4K file output – so that was something they needed to fix – the Panasonic GH4 is not great looking either and reminds one of a DSLR – but Panasonic had the right 4k output etc – and it sold for even more then the NX1 – but in many ways the NX1 had many specs that where better – so price was not alone the issue

      • Joe

        What APS-C camera shoots 4K and 28mp stills @ 15 fps for less than the NX1 ? Get a clue before you make a stupid post.

        • M.A.C.

          I don’t care about 15fps. I don’t use multiple shoots. So not to everybody cares about super multiple shoots. To a photographer doesn’t care about 4K. Maybe to a filmmaker. And it use h.265 codec. Unsupported yet by anyone. So u have to recode it in h.264 before you can use your takes. So… Before reply with a stupid answer… Think please! And I never said that is a bad camera.

          • Joe

            Wow, how am I watching my h.265 4K NX1 videos right off the UHS-II SDXC card on my PC with 4K monitor now if it’s not supported by anyone ? So you don’t care for video then get a cheap Canon DSLR for a few hundred bucks and quit posting stupid sh*t that the NX1 is over-priced when it has the highest resolution of any 4K consumer camera.

          • M.A.C.

            Are u using final cut or davinci for editing? They not support h265. Or u just watch them? With VLC? It is different. For 1500 euro I buy a Sony a7II and it full frame. Or a Fuji. Megapixel are not all in photography. For me it is overpriced. While. For 500 euro you can also buy a nx500. And u have the same sensor

          • Joe

            I use EditReady from Divergent Media to convert h.265 to h.264 on my Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro X for editing. I also use a Sony VG900 full frame camcorder, 36mp A7r, Panasonic GH4 along with my NX1 with 16-50 kit lens plus using many types of DSLR lenses with adapters . I like h.265 because it takes only half the space of h.264 on my UHS-II Lexar 2000x SDXC cards. The NX500 is a best buy for a 4K camera with 28mp APS-C sensor but I prefer a good EVF.

          • M.A.C.

            Oh.. u said that u didn’t need to convert h.265 in h.264 like i said before… and now u say that u did it!!! Strange! Who is writing stupid post? H.265 is the future, but not the present. it is pointless right now!

          • Joe

            If you are too clueless to use h.265 then stay stupid.

          • M.A.C.

            Bye bye

      • Povilas S.

        talking Bull*** expensive ? as the sony or canon is 2x expensive and less features in camera … dont undestand what are you talking about :D yep not that much of accessory but still it is cheap.

        • M.A.C.

          Sony, Canon, Fuji and Nikon APS-C cameras are cheaper! A6000, 7DmkII, X-T1 or D7200. And only now the price of the NX1 is decrease. And only the canon one is more expensive right now. So.. i cannot understand you! The launch price of the NX1 was higher than the 7DmkII… Now u can get FF system like 6D, Sony A7r less than 1200 euros. The same price of the NX1. But FF cameras!

          • Povilas S.

            I understand that you talking from photographers perspective… just because if 120fps 1080p / 15 fps/s burst and internaly 4k with best AF filming in the market…. non of thous cameras you mentioned have it … so I dont get why you comparing them cameras to NX 1 …. and the is more fetures what NX 1 is better … but I think People defending theyre camera systwms because other eco systems is better developed thats it :) as for only foto I agree with you … But as both video and foto it cant only beat the sony low light …

          • M.A.C.

            I’m a photographer and i’m talking about photo cameras. I use 3 different system and 4 different brands. So i’m not fan of any brand. If you are going to talk about cinema.. well. i prefer blackmagic. With same price i have 2.5k cineRAW. Not everyone want high speed framerate. And u talk about AF in movie… well. Moviemakers use MANUAL focus! ALL cinelens are MANUAL! So.. as u can see there are a lot of choice around.

          • M.A.C.

            And if u talk about videos… well you must know that it records with h.265 codec. Great codec. I know it is the future. But now is UNSUPPORTED by ANY most used video software like Resolve DaVinci or FinalCut. So.. why i should buy a camera that i have to recode overtime my takes? Loosing quality of course.

  • S.Yu

    Hmmm, it is a bad day. Less pressure for Sony to move forward.

  • The global site still has all their camera-related stuff up. Might be better to just wait on an official announcement; it may simply be that they’re retracting from certain markets, not shutting down their camera business altogether.

    • MdB

      Yeah I can see them retracting from the Korean market :p

      • The Korean portion of the Samsung global site still works for me.

        Similarly, despite what the Korean newspaper’s article seems to imply about the site being closed, it still works for me also.

        Thus I still think it’d be best to wait for a proper, public announcement by Samsung on the matter.

        • MdB

          Didn’t the article say it hadn’t been updated? Rather than closed.

          • I can’t read Korean so I’m using Google Translate, but this is what I get out of that:

            Samsung’s camera microsite ( and Facebook accounts (#samsungcamera) after each opening in June and August The closed state.

  • hexx

    Couldn’t care less to be honest 😉

    • Roy

      When I don’t care about something, I generally don’t read the corresponding articles, much less make a conscious effort to flaunt my lack of interest in the face of those who do care.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Should have been FF or MF.

    APSC is dying. Lenses aren’t much smaller. M43, even 1″ wins on size and quality is good enough.

    FF is getting cheaper and will be the new standard.

    • Noncho Iliev

      Can you point a pancake like Samsung 30 2.0 for FF?
      APS-C is still sweet spot for many.

      • Click Station

        Aaaactually there’s the 40/2.8 (Canon). It also has a prettier bokeh than the 30/2’s shaggy bokeh.

        • Noncho Iliev

          I have them both and like them both. But 2.8 is not 2.
          And what about Samsung 10 3.5 fish and 16 2.4?
          What about Canon’s 22 2.0?

          • Click Station

            Eh, it’s FF so 2.8 is kind of like APS-C’s 2.0 anyway :P

          • peevee

            2.8 on FF is more like 1.8 on APS-C.

        • Dmitry Anisimov

          maybe. but 40/2.8 STM is almost *TWICE* as heavy as the 30/2.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Not saying there are no compelling lenses. im sure that lens is awesome. But if you want a small system, there are increasingly high quality very small systems and even point and shoots, like the RX100 series.

        If you want to squeeze out every punch of high ISO, higher resolution IQ, then APSC isn’t going to be able to keep up. And for me, the size benefit isn’t nearly as obvious in MOST APSC lenses.

        • Noncho Iliev

          I have a good quality 6400 ISO night pictures from NX500. I don’t think such High ISO is limiting 99% of the photographers.

        • To be frank, most photographers aren’t good enough (or don’t have need) to really benefit from anything larger than 1″ or 4/3″ anyway. APS-C is good enough for most pros, however Sony and others made compelling full frame cameras at an attractive price point and has been extremely profitable doing so (costs a lot less to make an A7RII than a D800, but pricing is similar).

      • Atle43

        Yeah, maybe, for me it falls between two chairs. mFT for small size, FF for the beste quality, APS-C delivers neither.

        • Noncho Iliev

          What about APS-C for size and medium format for quality :)

          • MdB

            There is a bigger difference between APS-C and 135 than there is 135 and cropped (645Z) MF.

          • LittleCam

            +1 :)

        • Mike


        • MdB

          APS-C was always a stop gap when sensor production was very costly. Now it isn’t and it’s reason to exist is solely for those on a tight budget to claim some pretend superiority. It is now a completely pointless format.

          • Mk.82

            So is FF.

            4/3″ for the compact hiqh quality still / video work (from fine art to art galleries, news, sports etc) and then pseudo-MF for bigger prints than 40″ that are viewed less than 40″ distance.
            There is no place for APS-C and FF.

          • MdB

            Yeah that 80 year stop gap, tell me when it’s finally over ;)

            M43’s is for people who really just don’t understand… Well anything.

        • Mk.82

          4/3″ for best small size and best lens category for majority.
          FF for fanboys who doesn’t know what they want.
          PhaseOne, Pentax 645Z or Hasselblad for best quality hunters.

      • MdB

        Canon 40mm f2.8? Voigtlander 40mm f2? Voigtlander 35/40mm f1.4 M? Pentax 40mm f2.8? Do I need go on?

        • Noncho Iliev

          Yep, wide and autofocus?
          On which FF cay you use Pentax 40 2.8 currently?

          • MdB

            Err what? You said what FF lens like 30mm, I listed a bunch and then you want to make amendments to your statement because you know you were wrong. Ok how about Sony 35mm f2.8? The 30mm Samsung users hold on to as some point of amazement, where it really isn’t anything special. Sorry about that.

          • Noncho Iliev

            Sony is 800$ larger and a stop slower for 3 times the price of the Samsung. Oh, I was wrong to like APS-C obviosly :)
            I have no more questions.

          • Mike

            The Sony can be had for $500-$600 if you look around, is the exact same equivalent F-stop, is significantly sharper and has significantly less distortion.

            I’d rather have the expensive-yet-excellent Sony Zeiss, over the cheap-and-mediocre Samsung.

          • MdB

            Hahaha! Yep and keep making excuses. You came out claiming no one can make this type of lens for FF because it’s an APS-C ‘advantage’ and then keep back peddling and coming up with other excuses. Enjoy your dead end 30mm, I’d rather spend $600 on the Zeiss and actually have something I can use it on.

      • Mike

        Easy… in similar focal lengths and similar equivalent apertures:
        – Canon 40mm f/2.8

        – Voigtländer 35mm f/2.5 Skopar
        – Voigtländer 40mm f/2.8 Heliar

        And the Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 isn’t too far off either.

        • Mark Jenkins

          Are those all pancakes? How do they compare in size and weight to the 30mm pancake? The only acceptable equivalent I’ve found in size and weight is with M43. The ones you listed seem bigger, while the Sammy nearly makes my camera pocketable at a great focal length.

    • Ayoul

      It’s not a problem with sensor size… I think that the problem was more the form factor of their camera. If you want an EVF –> reflex like. If you want a compact body –> no EVF. They should have released an a6000 like, XE1/2/T10 like. It never happened.

    • Although APS cameras are still strong sellers, I agree – that market is shrinking and will continue to do so (and is maybe already ‘over-serviced’).

      I’m sure Full Frame will remain, that 1″ and/or M4/3 will be the smaller alternative, Will Fuji be the next to withdraw?

      • QM

        If this is true then Samsung will never and I mean never earn the trust of those who invested in NX1 system, and pros who considered it. To cut and run in one year because they did not make enough money is short sighted at best and insanely stupid. Did they really think people would toss out thier Canon, Sony and Nikon gear overnight? The NX1 won all kinds of awards, no small feat when you are up against brands that have been in the business for decades. Keep making it better. Unleash video specs like 10 bit 4.2.2 in camera. Lower prices on S series glass. Offer a codec option you can actually edit right now without transcoding. Don’t be stupid Samsung, go after pro video market. Already NX1 blows away every Canon DSLR in video except for 1DC. Ditto Nikon. Sony is another matter, they have gotten thier act together. But Sony has to protect high end line like F5 and F55. Samsung could easily produce an F5/F55 competitor for 1/4 the price. They could dominate, they have the money behind them. Instead, it appears they are stuck on stupid…

      • azbest

        if fuji x-t2 is a lot more affordable than x-t1, im willing to support them. problem is that in this high price obsessed world things are not as affordable for the large non-professional lot as they would wish. and then lenses for the price or multiple the price of one camera itself. so we can look and dream, but bot buy out the product line, lol.

    • Mk.82

      FF is dying. Less FF cameras are being sold than APS-C and 4/3″ cameras. Even 1″ cameras are growing in sales.

      Only Sony fans hype is going but the FF sales are dropping.

      What is going to happen is that 4/3″ is going to be next standard, FF is shrinking to smaller part and it gets replaced by the pseudo-medium format like Phase One for serious quality freaks.

      FF doesn’t offer anything that 4/3″ can’t offer, when Pana and Oly gets their super telephotos out!

      • Bhima

        This is simply not true. Medium Format is still prohibitively expensive for most AND they are fickle beasts when it comes to getting good results with them. Like it or not, Full Frame offers a good balance of IQ along with responsiveness/good control. Medium format does not… it only offers the IQ.

        Full Frame is likely starting to bleed into APS-C sales and I think that trend will continue as manufacturers continue to lower the pricing threshold for a full frame camera. Once Canon/Nikon release a sub $1,000 FF camera, APS-C will begin to diminish even further.

        4/3″ may grow a little, but I see the larger growth potential in the future with 1″ ILC cameras (not the ones available today since they are sorta crap).

      • MdB


    • LittleCam

      If I summarize your comments (in other forums):

      APS-C quality is not much better as m43?
      APS-C lens-size are almost as big as FF?
      and IBIS for APS-C is as big as for FF?

      So APS-C is not a compromise between m43 and FF, but it bundles all the weaknesses?

  • Andrew

    I hope they sell all their tech to Canon, Fuji or another serious player. Sony has had a huge advantage after aquiring Olympus tech. All the Sony attention is giving me Sony fatigue

    • MdB

      What did they acquire from Olympus again?

      • LittleCam

        the formfactor

        • MdB

          Ah they both look like SLRs being made for the last 80 odd years. They certainly didn’t need to ‘acquire it’ from Olympus.

  • johnny

    Making NX not Leica M adaptable is a bad move for Samsung.

  • CN

    Rumor site…. take with a grain of salt.

    • MdB

      Well respected national newspaper… It is probably correct.

  • 3D-Kraft

    Hope, they will return with a FF system using a new mount (that allows to adapt M-mount lenses).

    • MdB

      Yes what they really need is a fourth mount in one decade ;)

      • 3D-Kraft

        The existing lenses can’t be used on FF anyway, so that would be a good moment to skip from the existing mount, which in my opinion was a design fault.

        • MdB

          Yep and people will surely flock to it knowing full well it will be a dead end in just a couple years.

  • Boston C

    They should sell the NX sensors (cut down the size) to M43 camera makers who are not real competitors. It’d be a great 20mp M43 sensor.

    • MdB

      That sensor would not be 20MP.

  • Pavel Mašek

    Strange is that this is 1 month old official statement from Samsung:
    “Withdrawing from the camera business is not true and there is no official plan to stop production of cameras and lenses. Samsung continuously analyzes the varying needs and requirements of consumers in each market and region very carefully. However, we do not officially comment on rumors or speculation.”

    • Mk.82

      “there is no official”…

      That is the crucial part.

      Samsung gave an OFFICIAL statement that there is NO OFFICIAL PLANS.

      • BdV

        Exactly. They didn’t deny it.

        • Roy

          “Withdrawing from the camera business is not true” sounds like a denial to me.

          • BdV

            Many interpretations are possible, even for this part of the statement.

          • Roy

            I’d like to see them explain theirs while maintaining a modicum of credibility.

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      There didn’t seem to be much of a plan to offer cameras, either, but that’s the problem–no plan.

    • LittleCam

      If I was a Samsung CEO, I would have stated this in order to sell more cameras:

      “We plan to stop our camera business in two years. The NX1 and NX500 are our last bodies and no more lenses will be released. Support ends in 2016.”

      • MdB

        How would that sell ‘more’ cameras?

        • LittleCam

          see – now Samsung’s statement makes sense :)

    • Maybe that was a vain attempt to continue selling the existing models. “No plan to stop production” may be true, but conspicuously absent any indication about future development.

  • Mark Jenkins

    Not really accurate reporting here. They are likely not dissolving NX. If anything, it’s a restructure with a possible moratorium on new products for a little while. Sounds like they are just prioritizing and adjusting their business strategy accordingly. I could be wrong, but I think they ultimately keep at least their NX division alive.

  • TeddyBear

    Samsung is back to washing machines huh.

  • Iim

    Apple doesn’t make cameras Samsung realised it was a dead end. …… The smartphone rules all

  • Always thought the NX1 was a great camera with an impressive quality in video and the lenses were enough, but for people with shelves full of Canon stuff it was a difficult move. Even more if you shoot also video. Pana, Sony and Canon can share lenses between their videocameras (well, Pana with JVC and the AF100) and their photo bodies. I hope it’s just a regroup and counterattack.

  • Andrew

    I think / hope Canon will release the EOS M(NX2) and some re-mounted Samsung lenses.

    It’s probably wishful thinking, but I believe Samsung will want to get some return for all its investment in R&D. Canon is probably the company that will get the most value from this deal and would have the most to lose if they don’t catch up quickly.

  • gorilla

    They should partner with Canon and call their cameras Canon EOS-S.
    It will sell.

  • Bo Dez

    This is really sad

  • Daniel G

    Samsung NX the new Panasonic 3do, Nokia N-Gage, DX without Chyna

  • Peter

    Well if this means fire sale of NX1 with 16-50 2.0-2.8 lens I’m in….

  • man

    The sales aren’t there. Consumers use phones and Pros will stick with what they know.. At least Samsung was smart to figure it out quickly.

  • Richard Swanson

    Samsung are no doubt very good piece of kit. I just can’t see myself carrying a camera with Samsung on it.

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    I said this months ago – and read then a statement from Samsung dancing around the question – but basically saying no at the time –
    Yes this is horrible news – and I am glad that I did not invest in Samsung gear – but such a Giant as Samsung – could not compete in the camera business – shows how horrible their marketing department was – they had the tech know how – awesome LCD and Touch – a great Sensor – very familiar with processors etc etc etc – If Fuji can hang in there for crying out loud could not Samsung ???? So this means less competition and higher prices – and will ensure Sony’s further dominance in mirrorless – although I have very mixed feelings about Sony’s interaction with consumers and prices etc – that is where I see Fuji for example do much better although a much smaller company – I suspect that Sony will gobble up Olympus camera division in few years – making even for less competition –


    Samsung has become a global powerhouse similar to Sony. They invested a tremendous amount in the TV and phone business to become a market leader. Unfortunate for everyone is that the camera business as a whole is tanking and Samsung doesn’t quite have the BRAND name recognition as Sony. Sony has one of the very top brand names out there right up with Coca Cola. Based on this and Sony being in the camera business longer, Sony will sell many times more cameras than Samsung. It’s been said that Sony is losing money or may even be on the verge of corporate bankruptcy, but it appears that Sony is indeed “all in”, possibly as a partial victim of and intoxicated by, their own success. Apparently Samsung is “sober” enough to know when enough is enough. It’s a shame, since they appeared to be on the verge of greatness in the camera business.
    In the early 90s, the Japanese went into a recession that they have not fully recovered from and seemed to have “plateaued” some time ago. I wonder, could the Koreans be quickly headed for their plateau?


    Samsung has become a global powerhouse similar to Sony. They invested a
    tremendous amount in the TV and phone business to become a market
    leader. Unfortunate for everyone is that the camera business as a whole
    is tanking and Samsung doesn’t quite have the BRAND name recognition as
    Sony. Sony has one of the very top brand names out there right up with
    Coca Cola. Based on this and Sony being in the camera business longer,
    Sony will sell many times more cameras than Samsung. It’s been said that
    Sony is losing money or may even be on the verge of corporate
    bankruptcy, but it appears that Sony is indeed “all in”, possibly as a
    partial victim of and intoxicated by, their own success. Apparently
    Samsung is “sober” enough to know when enough is enough. It’s a shame,
    since they appeared to be on the verge of greatness in the camera
    In the early 90s, the Japanese went into a recession that
    they have not fully recovered from and seemed to have “plateaued” some
    time ago. I wonder, could the Koreans be quickly headed for their

  • Yoda

    What is this? click bait?. Someone over at imaging have already said this is not true a month back. They’re obviously getting out of the point and shoot business side of things. Obviously someone at Mirrorlessrumors is getting paid off by one of the big companies for this so called scoop. Bit scared that Samsung might dominate the market with quality cameras at a fair price point are they?.

    Official statement from Samsung
    “Withdrawing from the camera business is not true and there is no
    official plan to stop production of cameras and lenses. Samsung
    continuously analyzes the varying needs and requirements of consumers in
    each market and region very carefully. However, we do not officially
    comment on rumors or speculation.”

  • John Raymond

    Funny thing is that up until yesterday at the Photo Plus NYC show Samsung was promoting the NX1 full force, and I mean full force. I asked around about the demise of the NX1 system and they laughed. Not true, but publicity is publicity and it sparks interest on the brand. Apparently the rumors are not true. Maybe the competition is feeling itchy? Perhaps. And the H265 debate? Remember AVCHD’s beginnings? I do. The story just repeats itself. By next year most of the NLEs will support H265, starting with Adobe Premiere by the end of this year. The NX1 qualities and capabilities for stills and video? Absolutely remarkable. Up there neck and neck with the best of the competition.

  • BrianSmiths

    Finally a nail into a coffin! These bustards should have closed long time ago. They jus tcan’t compete with Canon or Fuji or Sony. They are good for microwaves and phones (not even that, since apple is way better).

  • peevee

    They have JUST released they first and only good competitive camera (NX1 – sorry but NX500 with cropped video and small battery and no built-in flash and no viewfinder at the price of a6000 does not qualify). And 16-50/2-2.8 is the best kit zoom in class. They only made a mistake with 16-50/2-2.8 kit pricing – when the kit costs $2800, it is WAY above APS-C buyers’ budgets and above FF kits like 6D+24-105, D610+24-85, A7/A7 II… they should have priced it competitively, like Sony A77 II with 16-50/2.8 in a kit for $1500-$1700.

  • James May

    Why is this bad news?

  • Roger Bersch

    In Brazil the cameras disappear from the stores. I bought my nx 3000 for BRL 759, this is only USD 200, and my 30 mm lens for BRL 370, only USD 97. NX300, 300m and nx30 is having a excelente price, less than US, that’s a thing is not usual, we always pay more for same thing. I hope they don’t stop selling cameras, the nx system is a success here because the price was amazing. Sorry for my poor english.

  • Enzo Indulgenza

    So 2016 will be a good moment to buy a recent nx camera like the 500 or the 30 XD

  • purplegang

    Oh No!

    Most people my age remember where they were when Kennedy died (In grade school). I remember where I was when the Commodore Amiga died (on a plane coming home from Vegas).

    I just dumped all of my Canon Gear and switched to Samsung NX. I have two NX500 cameras and was in the market for one more and two NX1s.

    The fit and finish of the NX500s isn’t nearly as good as the Canon 70D, but I shoot mostly video and the 4K material looks fantastic.

    I’ll still buy the NX1s and NX500 and a few lenses, but three years down the road I’ll have to get something else.

    I’m in my basement studio now, drinking vodka and Vernors. “Is the NX Really Dead?”


  • tauta

    I think this is just a rumour. In the US they just recently had “ditch the DSLR” promotions

    I think it would be very evil of them to do this and then abandon the NX line …

  • Karpatsky

    Samsung photo/video defection?

    At CES 2016 there was big announcement about Samsung “genius fridge” with cameras inside, doing everything but eating your food.

    Noticeably absent was anything about Samsung line of NX series of cameras, with rumors flying around that Samsung is abandoning the cameras, that they are disappearing from the stores, no resupply.

    If true, this might go down as a “Dumbest decision of century” after warm acceptance of NX cameras and lenses by photo/video community.

    When I saw ad proclaiming “NX1 – A whole New Dimension of Detail, with stunning 4K UHD video capabilities…..” I figured this is a perfect tool to migrate to new heights of video/photography that upcoming technology is heralding – major move from printed media to video/visual experience.

    I realized that new wave of TV sets with their size, resolution, 4k or 8k UHD, 3D capabilities opens up whole new way of capturing life around us. Perfect photos and videos can now be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs. I was excited and got NX1 with bunch of lenses, very impressing. Then NX500 followed for casual and travel shooting. Then 2D/3D lens, Gear VR glasses, drone for aerial shots. I see this as a perfect match of capture and display gizmos made by Samsung – huge, progressive, reputable company, that is beating dinosaurs like Nikon, Canon, etc. Add the advances in memory, gizmos, processing software, all at now affordable cost – watch out Michelangelo, here I come!

    And then?….and then?….

    Rumors on the blog sites start flying that Samsung is pulling out of camera business, lenses and NX cameras are being discontinued in the stores, or maybe sold to Nikon?

    Huh? (or WTF?)

    I am not prophet, but I grew up with film and dark room stuff, lived through shoulder video cameras, welcomed digital stuff, to finally see the incredible potential for the new generation of equipment. Being robotics and communications design engineer, I can see the potential and direction where the technology is heading. I can’t believe that the smart heads at Samsung would decide to dump the NX and future lines in place of what? Smart Fridge?

    The reality is that Samsung managed to produce promising line of displays and recording equipment and could cream the competition by offering complete solutions for UHD, 3D, VR, glasses TV….. but seemingly decided to scrap their “new Dimension” ?

    There a lot of people disenchanted, some are dumping their gear, some are holding on in hope of having unique and advanced tools that might become rare collector’s items.

    I hope that the rumors are not true and Samsung decides to continue this pioneering line of cameras and gadgets. If they need some advice, ideas and assistance by devoted users, I am sure many of us would be willing to contribute. With demonstrated capabilities and huge manufacturing base, Samsung could be the king of the media hill.

    On behalf of NX and SmartTV aficionados I ask you to reconsider, beef up service department and continue to expand the media business.

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